Op-Ed: Bad Apples


Sent in to WIS by reader

המוסרים והאפיקורסין מישראל היה דין לאבדן ביד ולהורידן עד באר שחת מפני שהיו מצירים לישראל ומסירין את העם מאחרי ה

“Is it true that one bad apple spoils the whole bunch??”

What I have noticed is that one bad piece of fruit, apple, oranges, plums in general any fruit will cause others to follow suit just by contact. One apple with a brown soft spot touching another is a chemistry reaction, that apple too will in short time (unsure how much) also start to follow suit. The Oranges become soft then a white residue within days the next orange has the same thing!

You will also notice apples that rot on a tree, the bad apple touching another will cause that one to go bad also. During apple season if you know of a tree, find one that is bad especially side by side with a good one and watch it for the week you will see that it too will begin to rot. I notice this on our apple tree in the garden!

Yes it’s true, it does not happen over night but will happen within days!

It’s always best to go through the basket of apple checking for the bad one. Remove it and rinse the other down and wipe completely dry. This removes any residue from the bad apple, this I do for all fruits when I find a bad apple…

Once that apple begins to spoil, it feeds the bacteria (or fungus) to be able to spread to other apples. Yes, the only solution is to remove the other apples from the barrel and wash them . . . if one knows that a spoiled on is at the bottom. This is why folks use this as a metaphor of social interactions: one person with anti-social ideas, left alone with others, spreads those ideas until much of the others (much of the group) is also filled with untested, unverified, unproven, but anti-social ideas.

THIS, THIS AND THIS is very good, uplifting and inspiring. Talking and encouraging love to one another (Ahavas Yisroel) and increasing in learning of Torah is always good.  Using the example above with the apples. Imagine you find a rotten apple in a basket full of nice fresh apples, what would you do? Obviously throw it out (to save the rest). Now, imagine someone came to you and suggested that instead of throwing out that rotten apple you add more fresh apples. Vda’l.

A friend of my father called the organizer of the “Urgent Kinus”  and asked him whether the agenda for that night had something about the Mesiras that are taking place in Crown Heights daily.

The responds he received was  “I know of the terrible Mesiras that are happening, but we don’t want to offend anybody”.

Now what does that even mean? He does not want to talk about Mesira because he will offend who, the Mossrim? For G-ds sake, you want the Mossrim to get offended. He wasn’t asked to mention any names, just talk about Mesira (how big of a sin it is etc…), if someone in the crowed would get offended and leave (“Al Rosh Haganav Bo’er Hakova”-“The hat burns on the head of the thief”) , that just great, that’s what we want. Perhaps he will go home and think about what hes doing.

[The Rambam these days, for those learning 3 chapters a day is discussing the laws of stealing and robbing etc… This past Shabbos a member of my Shul started reading the Rambam in a load and exciting voice. I immediately asked him to be quit. I simply explained to him that there might be some Ganovim (crocks and thefts) sitting in Shul that might get offended by him talking about them].

If the Mossrim don’t end up totally destroying us from the inside out, our political correctness or better yet, our misplaced self righteousness will.

The second event which I watched on-line almost got there. One of the speakers kind of touched (38:50-41:20) on the issue, but didn’t really say what had to be said*. My conclusion from that event was that people (community leaders, Rabbies, Masspiyim and Rosh Yeshivas) are simply scared.  Scared to look  under the dark and scary bed and call out the monsters (so to speak). So instead they cover it up with speaking about “Ahavas Yisroel” and doing good etc… which is very good for a Chassider Farbragen. But when you make a community gathering to speak about whats going on  and what you can do, you speak (also) about what we can do to strengthen and you  speak about getting ride of the weaknesses (the rotten apples).

We, the people that actually show up, listen and take to heart, could add and add in good things (“If good is good is better not better?”). The bad guys, the Mossrim, who did not come or don’t care about anything being said and for-sure about any of the positive, are still out there.

As a result of the good people being high on love, the Mosser  gets a bigger pass, after all now you (the good guy, who means well) is high on misguided  “love”, you don’t want to hear what you perceive (from the holy place you stand) as negative and in fact now anybody talking about the Mosser becomes a “negative” person. And the Mosser is happy like a pig in…. nobody tells him a thing.

[What I do find strange is that the fact that the  same person high on “love” will use this misguided love to tell off another that speaks the truth about Mossrim (and any wrong behavior), with statements like “wheres your Ahavas Yisroel”….”Must you speak about that now”…”your full of hate”…”what would the Rebbe say”…”why speak about these things at all?” etc… these same people won’t do this to the actual Mosser/bad guy whose actually causing harm to other Jews. Making true the statement: “Those who are kind to the cruel will end up being cruel to the kind”].

By the way, who are those people making those foolish statements (of misguided love)? Who are those justifying and excusing the Mossrim and the Mishichistim (usually the same people)?

They are either Mossrim or Mishichistim themselves or they know somebody (family/relative or “close” friend that is). They can’t bring themselves to admit that maybe their father, mother or bother etc… is wrong (a evil person or crazy), so they must justify and excuse for them. Why must they do that (justify and excuse), because, if they are wrong (evil or crazy) and I’m close to them, then I have a responsibly to do the right thing and stop the wrong they are doing. Now I don’t have the courage or the strength to do the right thing (I’m a coward), but I’m a good person (how can I not do the right thing?), maybe perhaps, you know what, their not so bad after all. Problem solved, now you don’t have to do anything after all nothings wrong. You swept everything under the rug, you pat yourselves on the back, it’s all good!

Hamavin Yovin, those who want to understand will and everybody else, the justifiers and excuses, the other rotten apples, it’s time you get taken out of the basked with your Mossrim friends.

* He did read a very powerful Rambam and following the advice of the third speaker that night of personal responsibility, I take from that that each one (who cares) will go learn this on his own. Not everything has to be spoon feed to us.

Added: Guiding Others


7 Responses to “Op-Ed: Bad Apples”

  1. person Says:

    very nice, very well said. more of this in the future please.

  2. moshiach now Says:


  3. john doe Says:

    Rotten Rotting huebner

    Today the 29th of january paul the mosser greedy goy huebner was again in court continuing his organized mesira……

  4. Shomrim six Says:

    Ive come to learn that when a person justifies or excuses a wrong act (in this case Mesira), he usually has a horse in the race. This justifier or excuser has either Mosserd on a fellow Jew in the past (or in doing it now) or has a family member who is doing it.

  5. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Justifiers here Justifiers There (VIN) justifiers everywhere.

    All this really means is that there are RATS everywhere. Mesira is spreading everywhere.

  6. Who Is OMG? « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] he definitely has a horse in the race,  WIS has already written about such people. “By the way, who are those people making those foolish statements (of […]

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