Four Are Convicted Of Arson For ‘Favor’


Is one allowed to except blood money or any money that was obtained by illegal means for Charity?
Is a politician or political group allowed to except donations from blood money?

What the Hell are these ARSON post about you ask?

In time you will find out. Meanwhile, heres a hint…

The Apple Does Not Fall Far From the Tree, One Mossier Brings Another

When I’m done you will finally understand why there are some ‘felons’ out there who are so eager and waiting and in some cases making it happen (Mesira) to call others (as many as possible)  by the same label.

For after all, If “everybody” is a ‘felon’ then they or their fathers are/were Tzaddikim, because were all in the same basket.

Arson for Hire, The Men Who Are Burning New York


7 Responses to “Four Are Convicted Of Arson For ‘Favor’”

  1. Eli Says:

    I’m not sure what this means please explain

  2. Eli Says:

    I can’t wait..

  3. fire fly Says:

    is this going to be about the fire fly?

  4. Sperlin Says:

    this is how the sperlin family got so rich, its from blood money.

  5. antimesira Says:

    It would not be so far fetched to say that Chanina Sperlin and co. were responsible for the Messiras on Moshe Rubashkin which ended up with Reb. Moshe going to jail.

    I was shocked (searching on line) to find more then one site totally dedicated in destroying Moshe Rubashkin. Rest assured that these mossrim used what they wrote on line against Moshe in court, I believe its called assassination.

    Anybody or entity which does good things is automatically a target of Chanina Sperlin, Yankle Spritzer and co. they will with out mercy mosser you even if it means putting you in prison.

    Chanina Sperlin father was a felon who was arrested and indited for being part of an ARSON ring. Thats why Chanina Sperlin is trying to make everybody else a felon. The Sperlin family try to make as if their father was a Tzadik etc… They make his Yartzit some big event and post on line etc…

    I hope WIS will finally expose who Chanina Sperlin is, where he comes from…Where the money originally came from (how they got rice) etc…

  6. antimesira Says:

    By the way…Here are those sites about Rubashkin.

    The reason I am posting the links is..
    1. The damage was already done. This is to prove how they set him up.
    It is known that when the community wrote letters to the judge (before the sentencing) in support of Reb. Moshe, these thugs and mossrim wrote to the judge all the hateful thing you read on these sites.
    When witnesses in support of Reb. moshe came to testify on his Character, the prosecution started to ask them about things they read on these sites, and asking how can you say good things about him if….

    2. Notice the dates, they are much before WIS started. So when they come crying with crocodile tears foil and complain about WIS, just point them out to these site. Sites that caused a good man to go to jail.

    3. notice the language and style its written in, kind of reminds you of the shmira mesira hate or maybe its the way all in mature, and brainless hateful people write.

    It’s no secret that chanina Sperlin and the shmira were and STILL are behind the Shomrim Six mesira. We know that he was openly involved in the Mesira on the Hershkops with the box. Now in the shomrim six case he managed to keep himself off any documents. Hearing the Detectives testimony of the arrest and everything that preceded, I and you would as well, be 100% sure that Chanina Sperlin used his Political power to get this mesira done. If you followed everything that followed (the case and all), I mean who else?
    [Rumor has it that a site about the case will be starting soon. I sure hope so].
    How far fetched would it be to say that perhaps Chanina Sperlin and gang of mossrim could have had a big part in the Rubashkin family downfall?

    Until the mossrim don’t feel the sting themselves this will never end!!!

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