Quote Of the Day: Acudus – True Unity


“What would I do for my brother? How much do I love him? How much is he loved?

If I had to, I would take a chance, refusing any plea deals, and sit six weeks with my brother through a long and treacherous trial with the possibility of G-d forbid getting jail time. Now, wait a minute, I did do that.”

“They say if you want to know who a person is, just look who his friends are. Gadi Hershkop has five friends who were willing to risk their very own futures to help each other. That says a lot about Gadi himself. Gadi Hershkop is just as innocent as his five friends sitting there with him. Gadi deserves nothing more then to walk away from this without a single blemish.”

(Source: from comment on Op- ed: A Parents Plea, ch.info)


5 Responses to “Quote Of the Day: Acudus – True Unity”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Every Shmira member should ask himself or take a look around and wounder, would anybody of my “friends” do this for me, if i got in trouble who would still be with me, who would protect me?

    I will remind you what happened to a ‘friend” of your named Yitzchok Shuchat. He did get in to trouble and your so called “heads” gave him up, feed him to the dogs for a piece of plastic.

  2. ben Says:

    “Gadi deserves nothing more then to walk away from this without a single blemish.”

    amen, amen, amen!!!

    We pray for him everyday!

  3. anon Says:

    going to court i was zocher to see this unity for myself, if only there was more of it.

  4. kool Says:

    Somehow the Klipa/Sitra Acher tries to take these positive actions and deeds and try and fail to make them negative.

    a little light pushes away a lot of darkness.

    so let them throw as much darkness as they want. we see how far its getting them.

  5. Hayom Yom 23 Tavet Says:

    Groaning by itself won’t do a bit of good. A groan is only a key to open the heart and eyes, so as not to sit there with folded arms, but to plan orderly work and activity, each person wherever he can be effective, to campaign for bolstering Torah, spreading Torah and the observance of Mitzvot. One person might do this through his writing, another with his oratory, another with his wealth.

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