The Apple Does Not Fall Far From the Tree, One Mossier Brings Another


Chanina Sperlin the political driving force behind the arrest and prosecution (blood libel) of  six of our hard working, families whom volunteer for the good of our community (knows as the Shomrim Six). As already mentioned on this site, this is not his first Messira in general and more specifically not his first (and last) Messira against these individuals.

We all remember the Messira with THE BOX. Shomrim six case was to finish what Chanina Sperlin started

“No matter how fast you run, your past will always catch you.”

What’s the difference between a rat and a squirrel?
Shmira Mesira and Chanina Sperlin
From The Inbox (The bigger picture)

We got a Rat Problem… Let’s Get Rid Of It Together!


Click the rest of this entry to see what would have been had Chanina and the shmira succeeded in this viscous mesira/blood libel.

Chanina Sperlin and family donate to Shomrim custom made prison suits in honor of their father


10 Responses to “The Apple Does Not Fall Far From the Tree, One Mossier Brings Another”

  1. Chanina the bully Says:

    Every dog has his day
    Chaninas day is almost here.

  2. Eli S. Says:

    Come on, how low can you get, the man is already in the next world, leave him alone, some respect for life please!!!

    • antimesira Says:

      Ma Zaro Ba’Chaim Af Hu Ba’Chaim!!

      The 6 human people whom just went through a trial that could have put them in jail are NOT dead, they are very much alive, they have mother, fathers, sisters, brother, nephews and nieces. Some are Fathers, husbands etc… ALL six are out standing, working members of our community, without any past history of any criminal acts. What Chanina Sperlin and co. tried to do to them and just b/c Chanina Sperlin did not succeed it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen (it does not get erased). As they say “it’s the thought that counts”. There is also the fact that this is NOT over, the DA office is still coming after Shomrim strong, there is the lawsuit etc… ALL this is Chanina Sperlin and the Shmira (yossi stern, yanky prager ang leib skoblo) doing.

      A mossier you must take to the depths of hell, even if you have to go in with him (how else are you to go to the depths).

      In other words:


    • in other words Says:

      leave chanina alone, he has every right to hurt other, ill pretend to care about dead people.

      I wounder who ‘eli s’ could be, could he be a friend of chanina?

      Many people got hurt, dies and left homeless from what chaninas father did and his son is following his foot steps.

  3. C.H. Says:

    Funny but not funny uniform.
    I guess it’s true what they say
    “a picture is worth a thousand words”

    I must point out a mistake…
    Had this been a Chanina pick, it would have been yellow with red and blue lettering to match the moshiach/jihad logo or flag.

    For those whom were in court will get this one…
    it would also have shomrim patches on the knees of the pants. Made especially and exclusively for shomrim, being that they are the only people on this planet according to what the DA wanted the jury to believe that wear patches on their pants (?).

  4. Crown Heights the home to RATS Says:

    Daily news learns that crown heights is the top spot for Messira.

    WIS was right.
    WIS wrote about this and even had this posted month ago.

  5. alter Kaker Says:

    I remember this like yesterday, his trial dragged out for years and years and he died before sentencing in 1995.

  6. someone Says:

    Every dog has his day, and chaninas day will come. He enclothes himself in the righteous cloak, but al he is, is a pretender! but one day it will all be exposed! b/c lies cant live forever, like it says ” sheker ain lo raglayim”. But i got to give it to chanina he puts up a good pose, he comes to 770 like 12:00 everyday, then he makes his minyan which he usually is chazan, while he is chazan he davens loud so everyone can hear him stuttering, and he puts up this pose of a ” groise oived”, but its ok, because thats all you really have! and if someone is goind to come and say well chanina does a couple of good things here and there, I would tell him on such people we say ” lo miduvshecha v’lo miuksecha” which means dont give me youre honey and dont sting me either!

  7. Bugging the Rebbe Says:

    How about the story that happened years ago, when chanina bugged the Rebbes room! what chutzpah! and yet he is a so-called self-proclaimed community leader! on this the Gemarah says ” oilam hafuch raiti” which means I have seen an upside down world! when you have people like chanina representing us! beside the fact that the way he speaks is a totall disgrace! chanina doesnt represent me, not yesterday,not today, not tomorrow!.

  8. Person Says:

    They dont get it! the more they come after shomrim the more successfull shomrim becomes! despite having the so-called community leader – chanina on their side, and having put a banner proclaiming that ” hey look at me im here too” and a whole lot of propaganda, shomrim is just growing! but I guess when u hate so much, there is no logic involved, it makes you go crazy! like it says in ” ethics of our fathers” that jealousy, and desire, and honor drive a person out of this world! and shmira is guity of the three aforementioned ideas: 1. they are jealous of shomrim 2. they desire what shomrim has 3. they want honor and respect. but just like it says regrding the jews when they were enslaved in egypt, that the more the Egyptians oppressed them, the more the jews grew, so to here, the more shmira messira that takes place, and no matter how much propaganda is spewed out, shomrim will get stronger and stronger! and shmira will only be able to lick their own wounds.

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