The Young Generation Is Sick And Tired Of The Chaninas And Spritzers Of The World Bulling, Threating And Intimidating Us


Tuesday, December 29, 2009-

5 Arrested at New Square Protest

NEW SQUARE – Police say five men were arrested and charged with trespassing Monday after refusing to leave a Washington Avenue synagogue and yeshiva. The men, along with hundreds of other residents, had gathered outside the synagogue to protest some leaders of the Hasidic community in New Square.

A few protesters who did not reveal their identities before speaking to News 12 say the demonstrations are against the alleged “terror” they face from so-called extremist leaders. The protesters say leaders have restricted who can worship with them and other aspects of daily life.

One man says the leaders impress upon residents who to vote for and watch people behind the curtain in the voting booth.

Click here to view the video mentioned in the news cast.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Battle Continues in New Square

The comments below do not necessarily represent the views of this site.

From the author: “In an attempt to silence the opponents, the security personal came 45 minutes earlier than scheduled, when the yeshiva was full with students some of them still learning. Right behind them was the police. They hand-picked 8 yeshiva boys between ages of 17-20 from the crowd while leaving the building. Some of them weren’t even told to leave. This was a shameful act of the so-called community leaders in new square, playing the legal system for their own personal gain. And the police department should have known better. Shame on you! When you decide you are stupidly chasing the FBI out, and when it’s for your own personal gain you call the cops to arrest innocent yeshiva boys for no good reason! Do you know there are plenty of reasons to lock some of you people behind bars for years?”

We here in Crown Heights are also sick and tired of people like Chanina Sperlin, Yankle Spritzer, Yossi Stern and the whole gang of thugs terrorizing, intimidating and in many cases having us arrested for simply not complying to your rule of law. We never choose you as our leaders, STOP telling us who and how we must vote. STOP representing yourself as our leaders to politicians and STOP using this self made leadership to have us good, family, hard working residents arrested and prosecuted.  The people have spoken, your not wanted and your not loved. Why are you still trying to impose yourself on us?


3 Responses to “The Young Generation Is Sick And Tired Of The Chaninas And Spritzers Of The World Bulling, Threating And Intimidating Us”

  1. Dictatorships Says:

    All dictators are the same.

    They are self appointed leaders whom are not loved and just impose themselves on the people.

    We need to organize like in N.S. and take back our community.

    Enough with the bulling, intimidation and Messira!

    You can’t buy love. you can’t demand respect, you have to earn it.

    Advice to Chanina Sperlin and co.: Love and respect wont come from forcing and Messira.

  2. chanina out!!! Says:

    that’s the way to go with these communists

  3. Chanina the bully Says:

    “What would happen if Mrs. Clinton bypasses the Council and reaches out to less confrontational Jewish leaders in Crown Heights? “My community is solid,” Sperlin boasts. “Anybody who wants a meeting comes through me. If it’s another Jewish activist, he comes to me.”

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