We have just received word that the mosser Paul Levi Huebner is going from school to school in Boro-Park in search of a new school for his 14 year old daughter that is rumored to be pregnant!

Sources in Bnos Menachem told us that they were scared to throw Huebners kid out of their school because of what he would do, massering on the school and holding them ransom, so they were relived when they young girl started showing signs of a baby belly and choose it to be the excuse to throw her out.

We were told that the girl was in her fourth month and has recently gone for an abortion and is now searching for a school in Boro-Park where they don’t know the Huebner family, but when asked about her past schools they were warned what kind of family they are and not to take her.

So far we were told that other schools in the community are being pressured to throw out the Huebner kids from Crown Heights Mosdos for fear that the Huebner kids will infect their children with the hate and low moral values that family stands for.

update: so it seems that there is some proof to this, EVERYONE has been talking about it, and EVERYONE knows that its true! a new low for the huebner family!



  1. Phil Says:

    Doesn’t this all make sense? First, Preger supervises and videos Stern’s pilegesh Leah Kleim getting impregnated by her own brother and now this?? Is anyone surprised that Huebner’s daughter would be a slut at 14? The apple never falls far from the tree. Fraud, incest, statutory rape, assault….the list goes on and on. When are you people going to say enough is enough and toss these scum from the community??? Wake up, people….you’re children are watching!

  2. yankel Says:

    where can I see the kleim video?

  3. Phil Says:

    The Kleim video has been taken down, along with her former blog,…so it cannot be seen anymore. I got this information directly from her step father, Reuvain Russel Oren, also the father of Kleims, step brother, Avrohom Yisroel, a/k/a “Frum Luby Bochur” his internet alias, the father of her unborn child. You can google most of this information but for an up close and personal take on things; why not ask the main participants? or better yet Yossi Stern and Yanky Prager, the producer and videographer? I am sure they will be happy to share their work with you. They seems very proud.

  4. Josh Says:

    Ok – this is a new low.

  5. Phil Says:

    Josh…where’ve you been? you didn’t know kleim had yossi sterns name tattooed on her arm, like a holocause survivor had a # tattooed on his arm. its a story i heard right from her step fathers mouth on the corner of kingston and montgomery. if it didnt come out of his mouth, and he wasnt crying as he told it i would not believe it either. to think that his only child, his son, would impregnate the step daughter he raised since she was just a child is unfathomable. The fact that it came at Stern’s urging and Pregar’s participation is sickening. These are married men…these are men who allegedly are protecting our community….isn’t there something wrong with this picture? wake up people! all of the participants in this sick mess need to be put in cheirem, NOW!

  6. hey people!!! Says:

    this is just lashon hara!!!

  7. pissed off Says:

    Such a not nice lie.


    I know the kid and you don’t have to torture her cuz of her father.

  8. Seriously Says:

    To Pissed off…..WIS likes to cause pain to little children!

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      on the Target, could not have said it better.
      Who Is Shmira, who are involved in shmira, what is shmira about?
      evil people who like to cause pain to little children and do mesira.

  9. whos everyone? ;) Says:

    I just got to meet “everybody” now you introduce “everyone”?

    is everybody related to everyone?

    No proof or evidence beats “everybody knows” and everyone knows”, ask the shmira/mishichistim they use it all the time as evidence and prove of fact. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  10. pissed off Says:

    Yes it’ true that she no longer attends Bnos Menachem – ask the principal – she wasn’t kicked out!

    Pregnant, really? Do you have the pregnancy test with you?

  11. lmao Says:

    hhahahaaha…lmaooo…shes 16…and pregnent? lmao funniest shit i ever heard…haha esti ur pregnent? lmaooo haha put a pic!!

  12. awacs Says:

    B’Sha’ah Tova! :-)

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