“Kish Mier En Toochas” – Those Four Words the Bases Of Case Against Shomrim Six


Pual Levi Huebner

Kish Mier En Toochas!!! (Click)

Elie Poltorak…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

Yossi Stern…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

Yaakov Prager…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

Leib Skoblo…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

Chanina Sperlin…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

Dov Hikind…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

All those who were happy, justifying, excusing and rooting together with the Mossrim…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!

All those [same Mossrim] that were upset that the Shomrim Six were acquitted…

Kish Mier En Toochas!!!


5 Responses to ““Kish Mier En Toochas” – Those Four Words the Bases Of Case Against Shomrim Six”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    To those readers that don’t get the above post, soon you will.
    Those who were in court the last days know what I’m trying bring out.

    Kish Mier En Toochas!!!
    Kiss my ass!!!
    Kiss my ass!!!
    Kiss my ass!!!

  2. john doe Says:

    Chanina messira Sperlin ran for chjcc on a platform of having connection with politicians….those who know who to push to have those he don’t like persecuted and prosecuted…….In thE yEAr of 1998 Dov hikind was charged and indicted along with some rabbi’s and it was alleged that the rabbi’s gave hikind what amounts to bribes which hikind would then help their “chesed organizations” Funny luck he has, as the rabbi was convicted of GIVING hikind the bribe money, though hikind was aquitted of RECIEVING the bribe money somehow the lawyers and prosecutors said that it made sense, if they say so i guess they know better. Paul the moisser goy huebner is now ordering and yelling at judges that they “MUST” give him 144 how many zero’s go in a million?
    why? thats just what the judge asked. Btw where and who does paul the moisser wife beater child abuser run too when his wife stops getting turned on by the beatings and throws his ass out the house? I’ll think about it….mabey i’ll let everyone know…..Yossi stern plain and simple loser, no amount of quotes he gets into the papers is going to change that…..leib skoblo…..doesn’t even deserve mentioning his entire family is ashamed of him…..saw his wife literally looking half dead at a clinic awhile back……bruises were a dead giveaway….to all those others mentioned above leave your name and number so I can laugh at you and laugh hard when these moissrem cease to need you and make watever is yours theirs and leave you to die in the dust or send you on a one way ticket to……Let all kiss these fuckers kiss my ass.

  3. antimesira Says:

    U.S. Attorney Is Considering Indictment Of Dov Hikind

    Jury Acquits Assemblyman Hikind of Corruption Charges

    Did Hikind Mossier, did he throw the blame on the other guy, after all hes “friends” with chanina sperlin?

  4. steingard Says:

    Is it true that the DA in his summation tried to Takka make the case about one of the Shomrim Six saying “Kiss my ass” 4x and therefore should be found guilty?

    Are we ever going to see the transcripts?

    P.S. Before you tell me off about coming to court and seeing for myself, I would like to state for the record that I did indeed show up more then once. I could not be there all the time, I do have a job.

  5. shmiras case for peace and making a deal Says:

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