The Defense Calls Paul Huebner


Let's Get Ready For Some Testilying

WIS was just informed that the  Shomrim defense team will call Paul Huebner as a witness. After the testimony of  the five bochurim the defense would like to ask Paul some questions of their own.  Several witnesses testified that Huebner played a key role in the 749 blood libel. Just as WIS had predicted in previous articles of Huebners involvement in this case. One witness testified that Paul advised him for over two hours on the phone prior to testifying.  They all placed him at the hospital that night. Some could not remember if Paul filled out the reports for them or they filled them out (?). What is for sure is from what they testified it is very clear that Paul Huebner and the shmira mesira orchestrated and conducted this vicious mesira blood libel on the Shomrim 6.

WIS will inform the public as soon as we get any further detail on the exact date Huebner is to testify.
This is the day we are waiting for says a member of Shomrim. The day we the whole community will come to see and hear how this mesira came to play.

WIS request that all of you show up to court on that day to see the Nazi  Huebner testify.


4 Responses to “The Defense Calls Paul Huebner”

  1. huebner is just a POTZ Says:

    Leave this family to destroy themselves.

    Paul is spending thousands of dollars on fancy clothes but his kids look like

    Very poor. Paul eats in restaurants and his kids gets leftovers from spilman.

    His young daughter is pregnant with a house gusts mashichist tzfaty baby.

    And bnos menachem no longer wants her in the school.
    I guess we should wish Paul the Nazi goy should have aggravations from all his kids

    Like he caused all the families that their love ones are on trial for his blood liable.

    And we all wish Paul the Nazi goy should be yechi very fast and YIMACH SHEMOY

  2. court goer Says:

    The mossier on the stand claimed that they only know that the lawsuit is 1 million dollars. not getting to wheather that is true or not.
    Does that mean that Huebner was going to keep a Hundred million and forty three for himself, and only give (between the four mossrim) a measly million?

    Does he take his fee from the million he is giving the mossrim?

    Huebner: A mossier and Ganev. A ganev ripping off mossrim.

  3. MSh Says:

    I can’t wait, please inform us of the date this mamzer ben nidah will be called by the defense. Trust me he’ll fall apart if the lawyers do a good job on him and that’ll be the end of this whole farce of a case.

  4. Change of plan Says:

    I guess it was decided not to bring him.

    If you ask me thats great, he already did damage to the case, why give him a chance to even attempt to fix it.
    All the information about his involvement is already crystal clear from the testimony of the mossrim till now.

    Beside theres also a civil case
    and theres also the Bar association etc…

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