Innocent Till Proved Guilty


In America and in all democratic country you are innocent until proved guilty.

For over two years this case has been dragged out. we read and heard a lot of things. One website writes for Shomrim while the other writes against, were does the truth lie?

The jury has been picked and the case is on for trial. Several witnesses took the stand and swore under oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The now famous video has been played over and over in court. Now it’s up to both the prosecution and the defense to prove their guilt or innocent.

What did happen in 749 that night? Who orchestrated it? Who is responsible? And who should be held responsible?

For over 10 years Yossi Stern and Yanky Prager have been trying to bring down Shomrim. Through the years they Masered on countless members of Shomrim.  Members of Shomrim were arrested several times by Stern and his gang on false charges. Their homes and businesses were subjected to Mesira.

From the moment Stern heard about the fight at 749 he put his gang to play. He immediately sent Leib Skoblo and Ezra Hecht to 749. Once they arrived they started screaming at the police to arrest the Shomrim members. Skoblo even showed his auxiliary badge to help convince the police. When Skoblo was unsuccessful he then called for back up.

Soon after Yossi Stern ,Yanky Prager and Levi Huebner showed up to 749. Stern with a pen a pad handy immediately started to take names of Bochurim that were willing to press charges  on Shomrim. Once he had his list he got to work. Members of shmira worked endlessly all night, transporting Bochurim from 749 to Kings County Hospital and then to the 77th pct. at the hospital and the 77pct they carefully guided the Bochurim in what to say in order to have Shomrim arrested. Levi Huebner even acting as a translator for the police.

Over the past two years several community members tried to get shmira to  stop the fight against Shomrim and to have the charges dropped . Yossi Stern over and over denied that he nor any  member  of shmira had anything to do with the 749 arrests.

WIS has obtained several police reports showing Stern and his gangs mesira on Shomrim. Over the course of the trial Stern and his gang are working tirelessly to spread their propaganda and hate toward Shomrim. Trying to finish what they started they sent out mass propaganda emails with their side of the story. Mass email were sent out telling people not to donate to the Pidyun Shvoyim fund. When the community Rabbonim got involved, they used it against the Shomrim Six in court, trying to hold them for tampering with the witnesses. Menachem Kozlovsky a shmira member was seen bringing the witnesses to court to testify.

Now its up to you the community to bring justice to this case. You the community have a responsibility to stop this mesira, to tell this hate group called shmira we don’t support messira. to tell these mosrim to find another Shul to Daven in. You must stop justifying mesira by saying “they said you did this or that” because when the jury comes back with a not guilty plea you will be responsible for the blood that was spilled.


4 Responses to “Innocent Till Proved Guilty”

  1. huh Says:

    what did they send out?
    I wanna see it

  2. Rabim Beyad Meatim Says:

    as we get in to the chodesh hageula
    the evil huebner and his hitler youth are going down big time.

  3. chanina the RAT! Says:

    We have to go after the source of all this and that is CHANINA SPERLIN.

    Since his youth he has been causing havoc in Crown Heights, form stealing letters from the Rebbe to bugging the Rebbes room to all the mesiras hes behind.

  4. shmira is guilty Says:

    i was a shmira member at the time 749 went down. i witnessed first hand how stern and prager used all their power to bring down shomrim. i was in the shmira car when they used it to bring the bochorim to the hospital and then the police station. i know first hand what happened. this web site totally tell the story of the hate and jelousy that stern and his gang have on the members of shomrim.

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