Now Everybody Knows


Sources tell WIS, since Yossi Stern (from the shmira mesira zero) put out the propaganda hit piece this morning, The Shomrim Defense Fund has received over $5,000 mostly from Shluchim.


which is the Brooklyn Supreme Court in downtown Brooklyn, on the second floor in Part 2.



5 Responses to “Now Everybody Knows”

  1. person Says:

    shomrim we love u! there are plenty of people in the community behind u! just look at the people who came to court. there were yeshiva bochurim, kollel yungerlite, business owners, baali batim that have jobs, ladies from the community with their tehilim in hand. Im sure there are plenty of more people that sent in money to the defense fund, and more people that are planning a trip to the court house. i saw a kollel yungerman there this past week and asked him ” arent u in kollel, what made u come out to court? he had a very interesting response, ” they were there for me when i needed them, so im gonna be here for them when they need me”! all i was able to say was wow! I ask all of the people out there that shomrim has helped in the past, present and iyh in the future, to show some hakoras hatov and please show up in court or send a donation to the defense fund! these are the people we call upon when we are scared to walk home at night or we think we are being followed etc. these are the people we dont htink twice about calling when we are locked out of our cars! These are the people that make themselves available to us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and they never go ” off duty”! these are the people who are called upon to assist in domestic disputes! thesea are the men we call when we pretty much need help and its not a medical emergency! these are the men that also volunteer in chessed shel emes! while we talk about making the community safer etc.. they actually go ahead and try to make it safer! these are the crownheights shomrim! people that i love and respect and support! i will be at court next week! will u? i willmake another donation? will u? now im not rich, i cant give a large sum of money but 18 dollars goes along way! especially when its followed by a dozen more of 18 dollar donation! and if 5 dollars is all u can do, then thats great aswell! lets show the people that are here for us, that we are here for them too!

  2. Lefkowitz Says:

    The DA needs to bring Chazer Belly Stern and his girlfriend Leah Kleim up on incest and child welfare charges. I verified what Phil has been saying with Ruvein Oren this morning. Stern videotaped Kleim having full sex with her brother Avrohom Yisroel Oren AND there was evidence that shows Kleim let Stern and Preger molest her daughters. Not only are these animals moisrim they are also pedophiles. The real reason ACS took Kleims kids away isnt because shes a drunken druggy, or because shes carrying around her own brothers baby…its b/c she pimped out her own daughters for the enjoyment of YOUR GLORIOUS SHMIRA MEMBERS YOSSI STERN AND YANKEY PREGER!!! All I can say is that this is sick, sick, sick….how do we allow these animals the right to walk the street let alone pretend to protect us? when does this madness stop? the people who are supposed to watch over the neighborhood are instead spending their time molesting little girls and making porno movies. I’m personally sick over this. Those poor little girls are better off with their goy father than a mother who allows them to be abused

  3. Shomrim Fan Says:

    Speaking to many people over Shabbos in Shul all I can say is that support for shomrim is Baroch Hashem overwhelming.

    Ala Shonim Zalin Platzin.

    Keep up the great work, we are behind you!

  4. We know the truth Says:

    The people behind this case should really do tshuva and admit that they’re wrong.

    It’s amazing how many people don’t know the truth – my neighbors thought the Shomrim beat innocent bochurim up – and it’s on video.

    I asked her, “did you see the video.” Obviously not.

    I can’t wait till this case is over – when justice will prevail!

  5. zelda Says:

    i just spent 5 hours in court and let me tell you the only victims here are those standing trial.

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