Scene From Court Today


This is the exact scene today in court (not more and not less) when one of the mossrim pointed at a Jew to mossier him with false allegations and leis.

pointing-hitler- shmira-mesira-mishichistim-court-yossi Stern-Levi Huebner- Yanky Prager-chanina Sperlin

You have to see it to believe it, it (Pointing out of Jews)  happened a few times (in previous testimony) before and it will happen again. That finger can be pointing at you, it’s up to us (the community) to make sure that does not happen. NEVER AGAIN!!!

320 Jay Street


7 Responses to “Scene From Court Today”

  1. Courty Says:

    all Hitler needs is a Yechi yamika and hes good to go!

    Hitler lives on!!
    Yechi Hitler!

  2. Rubashkin Found Guilty Says:

    And here in Crown Heights there are Jews trying to lock up other Jews.

    And the community at large???

    What are we waiting for?

  3. Found Guilty Says:

    While the whole Jewish nation makes noise/Kinusim/gatherings etc… about 3 young men whom were arrested for trying to smuggle drugs in to China,
    Chabad sleeps it through while 6 of its own are going through hell right in our own front lawn, hells, right in the dining room.

    Another thing, what the hell is with this…
    Kirinsky/Aguch goes invest thousands to win back 770 and they do just that, and now they ask permission from the people they defeated if they can us 770?
    They made a deal that Kirinsky and Shemtov wont get any Kivudim?

    Whats going on here, why not just shot yourselves in the head?

    • to Found Guilty Says:

      ur a dumb ass and u dont know what is flying learn the story b4 u start going ans saying shit bc u sound like a foll

      • Found Guilty Says:

        We learn new things everyday,
        Nu, so help me out? whats the story?
        Don’t attack explain. I’m not a mishichist, if I’m wrong I’ll admit it and apologize.

  4. Shuky Gur Says:

    that look like the stupid ass bilinitzky molested child by his own father.

    this family should be rat

  5. history Says:

    where do these mossrim come from, who are their parents, who are their grandparents?

    no surprise that they can easily do mesira and beat people to a pulp. they still have the pork sandwich dripping from their mouth.

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