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When did the DA office in NY EVER attempt to prosecute anyone for this kind of a brawl? My guess – never!

After seeing this ridiculous video today, the only reason I can come up with to explain the DA’s decision (and enthusiasm) to prosecute is this:
They hate the Jewish private patrol groups, but never had a chance to prosecute them because no one ever testified from the inside before this. So here, all of a sudden, they have Jews willing to testify, and they went for it!

This nothing less than an attempt by the DA to muscle Shomrim-type patrols out of existence! This is also the reason they offered deals to everyone but one – it is enough for them to get one person to scare everyone else involved in this type of patrol activity!

13 Responses to “From the inbox”

  1. CH Resident Says:

    my impression after being in court is thats its one big waist of tax payers money.

    there is no case here, just smoke and mirrors.

    every citizen who pays taxes must come out and protest this stupidity.

  2. antimesira Says:

    “no one ever testified from the inside before”

    Thats right, Yossi Stern, Yanki Prager, Leib Skoblo and Paul levi Huebner
    came with guns blazing ready to help the DA destroy the Jewish community.

    This betrayal of the Jewish communities already started mouth before, when they stabbed and betrayed one of their own Yitzhak Shuchat.

    Only a few days ago, the mossier Huebner tried to discredit the bais din (not just Crown Heights, but all bais din), in the court of law.

    My friends there is a much bigger picture here, this case is much more then just the shomrim six. The shomrim six happen to be the example of whats coming.

  3. Emes Says:

    oh ye? what about the prosecution against shuchat? and who caused it? ah?

    • antimesira Says:

      Notice how in my comment above how I speak just that.

      Who did tell Shuchat to run and why?
      Who did tell the police that it was him and why?

      Who was responsible for a viscous mesira against the shomrim six?
      The same people that mosserd Shuchat.
      Stern, prager, skoblo and huebner.

      All for the COP id.

  4. hope to god Says:

    we hope that paul huebner be yechi asap

  5. Phil Says:

    Chazzer Belly Stern has been a moiser for years…..Prusta Preger? a back stabber going back 20 years….and what else do they have in common? A pilegesh named Leah Kleim who is pregnant with her own half brothers child. Mesira and Incest…..all Shmira authorized and encouraged and WIS the only people willing to take these lowlives down. The rest of us, shlep along Kingston Avenue with our hands in our pockets pretending the world is a great place.

  6. yechi hamelech Says:

    long live paul hubner leolom voed

    • kidding me right? Says:

      Long live Justice.
      Paul Hubner doesn’t deserve death – he deserves to be discredited and his license revoked.
      Moshiach Now.

  7. Shuky Gur Says:

    paul huebner never had a giyur so he is a goy nazi

    please god take him to hell or let him rat here with benjy stock who feeds him and benjys child molester brother in law son the moiser

  8. court Says:

    The DA is now crying like babies about the “noise” in the back.

    They said that they got some “information” that theres a lot of chatter in audience. Where did they get this information? From Levi Huebner or they were not there, but since when does that stop them from giving “information (onsomething they know nothing about).

    Also does not the judge hear this “chatter”, why Does the DA have to make an issue of this?

    People were doing a great job showing up, keep up the good work.
    Bring your family (wife, husband, brothers, fathers mother etc…)
    Bring your neighbors and friends.

    Lets really give the DA something to complain about.

    • Your Honor Says:

      Were you there when the Judge threatened to arrest anyone in the audience snickering, making facial expressions etc?

  9. Phil Says:

    Amazing what all these mishuGOYIM have in common….they are tzugikimminers….johnny come lately’s to yiddishkeit….the danger of improper gayrusin hard at work. heubner…..kleim….all come from goyim proving the point… can take the person out from being a goy but you cant take the goy out of a person. once a goy always a goy….aisav soineh es yaakov. a goy bleipt a goy. by the way…kleim’s kids were taken from her after ACS found out she was pregnant from her 1/2 brother, Avrohom Yisroel Oren (a/k/a “Frum Bochur” on all the blogs)….she was stupid enough to have Chazzer Belly Stern tape the whole thing and some hacker got a hold of it and now her kids, who were in bais rivka and ULY last year, are back to eating traif and living like goyim living with their Nazi, Jew hating father….This whole sick story courtesy of Shmira…..the animals who are supposed to protect our community but instead promote incest, mesira, and violence. If any one has ANY doubts about this story, walk up to Avrohom Yisroel’s father Russell “Reuvain” Oren and ask him about it. I heard ALL of these shocking details straight from him mouth.

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