Meet The ‘Facts’ Box Better Known As The ‘Truth’ Box


witness-box- Truth box

Want to know the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

320 Jay Street

In the only place your going to get it

!לא תעמוד על דם רעך


14 Responses to “Meet The ‘Facts’ Box Better Known As The ‘Truth’ Box”

  1. awacs Says:

    It would be REALLY nice to see transcripts. Oh, yeah, and that video.

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Go to court to see the video, they have a large screen, plus you won’t see it anywhere like you see it there

  3. person Says:

    yup its all there for everyone to see! no propaganda! no bs from anybody! u can see it for yourself! i was there i saw the video heared the testimony etc.. so can u!

  4. community member Says:

    for everyone that believed the gr8 lie spread by the crownheights messira patrol, that shomrim members beat up bochurim etc.. i implore u to come to court and see for yourselves what really happened in 749 that night! see the video, hear the the testimony that these ” witnesses” have to say and come to ur own conclusions! its one big blood libel and iyh the truth will come out!

  5. Joke Of The Day! Says: Writes:

    “First of all, since when does everyone become a judge in this matter? Don’t you trust our judicial system? They got to see it!
    And second, if the video really shows the Shomrim’s innocence, then why all the fundraising? Won’t the judge just dismiss the case? (bikitzer, stop kidding yourself, we all know what the video shows!)”

    Do I have to Reply, Maybe.
    This person above is saying that a lawyer felling you are innocent won’t charge you a dime, after all you didn’t do anything, so why pay lawyers.
    And going to court (and not to work), also doesn’t cost money?

    The ship has left the dock and all the haters have left is their hate.
    The stupidity is getting worse and worse every day.

    After this is over, I am going to document how the shmira mesira and co. have changed their arguments and theories from day to day.

  6. Berel Says:

    @Joke Of The Day!
    I think he has a point.
    Why would the DA take on the case if there’s no evidence?

  7. community member Says:

    the best answer u can give all the mosserim from shmira or any of their sympathizers is: 320 jay street at 2 pm tommorrow! its open for everyone to see! no propaganda no bs in court!

  8. lwl Says:

    the real “facts” are the ones ive seen in court. the ones that the witness himself testified.

  9. Show me the money Says:

    These so called “victims” or better yet mossrim have One Hundred and forty million reasons to lie.

    Check out the lawsuit they made against the shomrim six

  10. Shuky Gur Says:

    i spoke to shuky gur on shabbos and he was not happy.
    all he was afraid of is the lies he was cought telling the supreme court.
    the judge even asked him what is a lier and he had to tell him look at me and paul hubner and you see a lier.
    and he didnt want to tell the court what is a mosser.
    but he was very surprise how the DA did not shilded him from the defense calling all his lies.
    poor basterd the shomrim will sue his ass in colombia and all over the world.
    a drug dealer that has some money.

  11. antimishichist Says:

    Its all about the money, it always has been.

  12. The Spin Begines Says:

    This email came in after i made my post questioning why shmira was at the scene.

    from: MosheMoshe

    “i dont know why you think this is a shomrim shmira issue, shmira has nothing todo with this story, when shmira responded to 749 the units were told by their coordinators to ”stay back and make sure shomrim were ok and offer back up ONLY if requested” when the fight was over bocherim needed to be transported to the hospital so they offered to drive them, JUST LIKE SHOMRIM would have done!”

    Wow Moshe, thank you thats priceless.

  13. awacs Says:

    “Go to court to see the video, they have a large screen, plus you won’t see it anywhere like you see it there”

    Well, yes, but I don’t have the time to go down there, and, I’d like to replay choice parts (kinda like Mr. Fried did), and also to read through the transcripts, which – I am told – have quite a few choice nuggets:

    Q: “What is a moser?”

    A: “Um, well, someone like me …”

    Ok, maybe I took some liberties with that one. Or maybe not. :-)

  14. Opinionated Says:

    If you don’t care enough to go to court and find out the truth, the true facts to what actually did or did not happen, Don’t come after and give your opinion.

    Don’t give an opinion to something you know nothing about!

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