Regardless of the outcome of the trial we must not forget what got Shomrim there.

Since Shmira came to power in 1996 after Dovid rogatsky was thrown out of Shomrim there goal was to destroy Shomrim. Several times they had Shomrim members locked up and or accused them of crimes that never happened.

When Shmira heard that Shomrim was handling a dispute at 749 they immediately took action. Leib Skoblo together with Ezra Hecht were the first to arrive. Immediately instigating the police to lock up members of Shomrim. A few minutes later Yossi Stern together with Yanky Prager showed up. All night they together with Paul Levi huebner, a Shmira attorney worked tirelessly to build a case against Shomrim.

When does it start and when does it finish? They, Shmira have been starting with Shomrim ever since they exist. Shomrim has always maintained a professional etiquette when it came to Shmira. Always ignoring them as if they didn’t exist. That got them mad, all the way to the point of this, the mesira that occurred at 749 Eastern Parkway.

Yes, Shmira instigated, orchestrated and led this full blown Messira against Shomrim. You will hear them say things like “it is there fault they are in trial because we offered them a plea and they refused it” or better yet ” they refuse to sit down with us” or even the best one I have heard so far “they made a web site disclosing all the criminal activity we do.”

Leib Skoblo, what are you going to tell your kids when they ask you why did you Masser on another Jew? You didn’t think it would get this far. But it did, and you are responsible. Or did you do it for the PBA card or the COP ID card?

Remove the web site and we will remove the charges, says Paul Levi ‘the terrible’ Huebner who is an attorney for Shmira.

In the past two years WIS disclosed several pieces of evidence that prove that Shmira and its members massered on Shomrim and its members. Shmira on the other hand claim that Shomrim masered on them. Yet, up to date I have not seen one piece of evidence proving so. Shmira now has all the connection they need with NYPD and other Government Offices. Don’t you think it would be easy for them to retrieve evidence to prove there case? The truth lay in the evidence not in there propaganda.

This web site is, was and will always be here to disclose anyone from Shmira. No matter how many emails or comment you send in begging or threatening me to close it down. There is however one way it will close, that is if Shmira closes.

This game has just begun and you have not seen anything yet!!!

WIS will promise to bring all the evidence from the on going court case. Only there you will see the bloody hands of the Shmira mesira gang.


5 Responses to “WE MUST NOT FORGET”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Right on!
    Your doing a great job.

    The only ones who have to gain if WIS shuts down are the bad people.

    Who are shmira to say….

  2. Another residnet Says:

    I want to make it very clearto all of you out there.
    If it comes a day a WIS has to shut down, I whom ever I am, will continue
    where WIS left off. I have already saved all post from WIS and have just to move it elsewhere.

    I think this site does a great service in exposing bad people, I see no reason for it to stop. If somebody is hurting another (Jew or Non Jew) then The people have a right to know.

    So even if the name WIS goes away, there will be another.

    A citizen of the U.S.A
    Using his free right to free speech.

  3. Freedom of speech Says:

    mr dov heikind who helped shmira and ezra hecht.

    now mr heikind is working to put hechts father away for a long time

    rabbi marlow speared him from prosecution but his son is a very

    helpfull to law enforcements so the father is going away

  4. chexposed Says:

    Like Yankle Spritzer the shmira “divines” that the Shomrim six were to take a deal and since they did not do the shmiras will, they fully deserve what coming to them.

    Remember, shomrim is only the start for the shmira mesira, they want to control your life. They could not do it with others in the community pointing out every wrong they do, so they simply do all they can to get ride of the “good doers” and shut them up, so tomorrow their is nobody to stick up for your rights.

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