Joke of the day!


Before the Mossrim take the stand to falsely Mosser fellow Jews, the judge is told that they cannot swear (to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth) due to their religious belief!


3 Responses to “Joke of the day!”

  1. Shmira member Says:

    wow wow wow

    you dont know what your talking about
    again you are wrong
    these holy tzadikim of bochrim who believe more then anybody that the Rebbes moshiach, they also have more chayos in life, that a fact, everybody knows this.

    everybody knows that they got permission from secret undercover rabbonim to do mesira, its a fact!
    so why don’t these 6 shomrim members just take it like a man.
    besides its their fault, they were offered deals ans they didn’t take it,
    they could have walked scoot free.
    and theres a video. wow wow wow

    • Jane Doe Says:

      Did you even watch the video?
      And it’s against halacha for Rabbonim to remain “undercover” is they believe in something.
      You have a chutzpa for saying what you do – you shmuck.
      “take it like a man”

  2. Jerusalem - Rabbi To Elior Chen: Take Off the Yarmulke and Snip Off the Peyos Says:

    Jerusalem – Cut off your peyos Elior Chen. Toss away the yarmulke. It won’t help. It won’t earn you any sympathy. Israeli judges are unmoved by criminals who suddenly remember Hashem on the day of their trial after they’ve caused people so much suffering.

    If just a few of the charges are correct, you’re not a rov, you’re not religious and you’re not a human being. Cut of those peyos of yours, Mr. Elior Chen. It’s an insult to the peyos. It’s an insult to the yarmulke. It lowers you, and it lowers us as well. It won’t help you. It merely amplifies your crime. As if it were based on ideology. And you can be sure: R’ Nachman of Breslov won’t grab onto your peyos to pull you out of Gehenom.

    If just a few of the allegations against you are correct, you’ll have to do tshuvoh from square one. You’ll have to beat on your chest with all your might and cry out: “I have sinned.” Every second-grader knows that anyone who raises his hand against another person to strike him – even if he does not strike him – is called a rosho. You raised your hand and induced others to raise their hands. And you brought your hand down on hapless children who were not yours.

    Do us all a favor and tell the world: I’m not a rov. Do us a favor and snip off your peyos. Those peyos are supposed to be a symbol of purity. A symbol of piousness. A symbol of chessed. Yet they served you as a means of propaganda. You used them to convince everyone you’re a malach and a tzaddik. Maybe even moshiach. Those peyos have left children crippled for years to come, if not for life.

    Cut off those peyos. Do us a favor. We can’t stand the sight of them. It’s bad enough with all the gangsters who blow up cars with people inside and then stick a yarmulke on their head. If we could, believe me, we’d pass a law against these criminals who wear a big yarmulke during their trial. But you’ve taken it a step further. Peyos, a large yarmulke, rabbinical attire and you even call yourself a rov, yet you’re accused of such heinous crimes that all of Eretz Yisroel and the Jewish world is appalled.

    Listen carefully. I’m trying not to get carried away. I don’t know what’s true and what’s not true. But there’s a child still lying unconscious because of your “tikkunim.” For your own sake, so the judge doesn’t get carried away with hatred toward you, take off that black coat and dress in sackcloth. Ask for forgiveness loud and clear. Maybe after a few years of real tshuvoh, your prison terms will be lightened a bit.

    Do us a favor and renounce the name Breslov. You’re not a Breslover. You have no connection to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. You pass on false teachings – megaleh ponim shelo kehalochoh. And as such you have no portion in the World to Come.

    Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu is the son of Mordechai Eliyahu, the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel.

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