EZAGUI Gets $95 G’s Of Blood Money, Yitzy Shuchat Still In Hiding In Israel


from the NEW YORK POST;

City to give family 95G for ‘hate’ raid

By Kati Cornell

The city has agreed to pay $95,000 to a Hasidic family whose Crown Heights home was raided by the NYPD after a racially charged attack on a cop’s son.

Jacob and Leah Ezagui say cops kicked in their door at 1:45 a.m. on April 15, 2008, rousted them and their five kids from bed, and busted one son despite not having a warrant.

Hours earlier, two young Hasidic men in the neighborhood had attacked black college student Andrew Charles in what cops called a hate crime.

Cops grabbed Aron Ezagui, 22, and demanded to speak to his brother, Menachum, saying one attacker had jumped into Menachum’s car, according to a suit filed in Brooklyn federal court. Aron was arrested but released without charges.

The prime suspect, Yitzhak Shuchat, is believed to have fled to Israel, cops said.

this is the EZAGUI family that lives in 706 EASTERN PARKWAY APARTMENT 6A. thier children count for 3 or more SHMIRA MESIRA members, and two of them are part of SIMONETTI’s COP program.


3 Responses to “EZAGUI Gets $95 G’s Of Blood Money, Yitzy Shuchat Still In Hiding In Israel”

  1. hg Says:

    he deserved the money become the cops wronged him, the fact that the cops wronged him has nothing to do with the shomrim/shmira fued.

  2. none of ur buisness Says:

    excuse me mister but i want to know why u are being a BIG FREAK AND BEING SO MEAN TO INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!!
    there is obvioslly something wrong in ur little brain!!!!!!!
    why do u have to be such a wakow????
    you have to be a sicko just to make urself feel better?
    if u need help,dont let it out on innocent people,go to the HOSPITAL DUDE!!!
    this dum website is just a full page of full loshon harah!
    the totall oposite in what the jewish people beleive in!!!!!!!
    dont hide behind ur little website,if u wanna be a man,then lets see what u got ,dont be a coward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why dont u write who are,are u ashamed of urself?…obviosly!!!
    dont be a jerk!!!

  3. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    you are calling me a coward? you think i am afraid? take a good hard look at yourself and you will see that you are scared of your own name! so call me sick and call me crazy and call me everything you want, but you are no better then all the things you just called me.

    and hg, i thought its because of shomrim that the cops wronged them, because everyhting is shomrims fault. i guess they should be thankfull :)

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