What WIS is working on…Our next story (In Progress).


I will share with you an e-mail I just received and probably our next post.

[so and so] mentioned over Shabbos that Zalman Lezell called [so and so] wife and tried to convince her to drop the case involving her daughter being beat up. [Racially Motivated Gang Assault by 10-year-olds, Police Brush it off. ch.info]
Do you have any info on Lezell? part of cop/shmira?
I want to do an article with this info, let me know.
what I know so far…
1) the cops tried to ignore it.
2) the media got it attention.
3) Lezell tried to get the mother to lose the case (for the cops).
4) Some black group wanted to hold a press conference to blame the girl (saying she started with the blacks) Lezzel used this to try and convice (blackmail) the mother telling her not to go on tv.
5) She davka went on tv (because of and despite the pressure)
what I need….
1) info on Lezzel, whos he connected to…

One Response to “What WIS is working on…Our next story (In Progress).”

  1. john doe Says:

    This is not the first time we are hearing how the shmira/cop work jews over to “convince” them not to press charges or persue justice in a criminal matter when it’s convenient for them (It supposedly makes them look good to the brass, no report means no crime, and no crime keeps crime statistics down) We knew from the begining that the shmira joined the cop for the fancy cars and id’s, and did not join for the good of the crown heights community but for their own selfish reasons (mainly to save their sinking ship after shuchat beat up a cops son (ironic? beat a cops son and become cop)
    As of now salmonetti literally has to beg the cop (beside the mosser okunov) to take out the cars and patrol, so I don’t see this fraud that they tried to stuff down our throats lasting another season.

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