Taking Action Against Mesira!


This was seen today in Shuls and the  streets of Crown Heights.

on those I cry, chanina sperlinChanina Sperlin mesira

All and any information and graphics on WIS is free for you to use, in any way that you find fit, in order to expose the Mossrim  for who they are. No permission needed. It’s about time people started taking the initiative and started to do something about it. Who is that “Someone” if not YOU?


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10 Responses to “Taking Action Against Mesira!”

  1. antimesira Says:

    It’s about time the community got involved.

    I applaud whom ever did this.

    WIS should post the one they distributed in Boro Park, that the way to do it.

  2. john doe Says:

    When shmira and co. orchestrated the messira on shomrim the jewish community was silent (most even justified it “It’s both sides etc.)
    When the mossrim saw that they had the full support of the community with their messira againts shomrim, they knew that they could go deeper and do more damage.
    This is the damage. Damage can be fixed. It’s people that fix damage.
    It’s you who must fix it.
    The mossrim must be excommunicated and ostracized from the community now, today.
    They have the halachos of moisser on their heads. The halachos were not written to provide reading material while sitting on the john.
    Don’t be sucked into the rethoric and propaganda of the messira justifiers. They would like nothing more then to see crown heights burn to the ground. They are jihadist, and don’t care to die for their cause.
    Don’t let them take your families with them.

    The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his. Gen. George S. Patton

  3. Levi Says:

    Were is Cadaner?

  4. Shimon Says:

    May the fleas of 1000 camels infest the armpits of the mosrim

  5. Paul Nazi Huebner Says:

    paul the nazi huebner is a wife beater and all his kids are not shomri shaboss why is he in crwn heights ?
    why is the cpurim clown poltrackschmuk so close to him ?

  6. antimesira Says:

    “You know you’ve won the argument when the ladies of the View are reduced to arguing how corrupt Team Obama is, and not whether.”

    So you know you your headed the right direction when people are justifying Mesira and not denying it.
    Now we know who they really are and what they really stand for.

    And it’s not progress!

  7. john doe Says:

    From this day forward paul the moisser goy loser huebner shall forever be known as hueberfuck, as in, he’s hueberfucked.

  8. Quote of the day!! Says:

    “We educate and reason and discuss. They dictate”.

  9. emes Says:

    aren’t you embarrassed starting up with dead people?

    • WhoIsShmira? Says:

      another self righteous s.o.b.!

      You worried about the dead, what about this dead guys son whos making trouble for the living?
      Why chanina is trying to put living people in the grave.

      Get your priorities straight.

      Did you go to Chanina Sperlin the mossier and ask him…”aren’t you embarrassed starting up; doing mesira on living people?”

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