We got a Rat Problem… Let’s Get Rid Of It Together!


Rats and Mossrim. Chanina Sperlin. Shmira-COP

If your neighbor has a Rat problem, YOU have a Rat problem; If YOU and your neighbor have a Rat problem then your whole block has a Rat problem; if your block has a Rat problem then your whole neighborhood has a Rat Problem.

How do you get rid of this Rat problem?

  1. Recognizing that you do indeed have a Rat problem.

  2. Uniting  with your neighbors to fight the Rat problem together.

Only if WE fight it together will we destroy the Mossrim once and for all!

Say no more to Rats; Say no more to Mesira!


Heres some real and practical advice about Rats that stand on four, it can very well be applied to the Rats that stand on two.

Who Has Rats and Mice?

Every country has rats and mice. Most kinds live in woods and fields, but three kinds live with people: the house mouse, Norway rat and roof rat. All three could occur in Georgia. Even in town, rats and mice will move in with the best of people.

What Do Rats and Mice Do?

Rats and mice spoil your food, carry diseases, and they’re dirty. They soil your house with their droppings. They like open garbage cans, dumpsters, sewers and rubbish heaps. If you see a rat or mouse, you can be sure there are many more. They usually hide by day and come out at night.

Get Rid of Rats and Mice

Rats and mice breed fast. A mouse can have several young when she’s two months old. Then, two months later, her young will breed. In the meantime, the mother will produce another litter. So you must keep working to get rid of them. Certainly you can get rid of most of them.

Take Away Their Food

Keep garbage in tightly covered cans. Feed dogs and cats in a dish, then take up the food they don’t eat. Don’t leave it out for rats and mice.

Destroy Their Homes

Remove trash, old boards, weeds and junk cars. Rats and mice like to hide in such places. Don’t pile wood against the house. Store wood and other materials at least a foot off the ground.

Close Their Holes and Entryways

Keep doors closed. Cover windows with screens. One-fourth inch or smaller mesh will keep rats and mice out. Keep floor drains tightly sealed. Cement or caulk around pipes and cables where they pass through walls. Mice can get through any hole that will admit the tip of your little finger. Seal small holes and cracks by stuffing them with stainless steel scouring pads, then caulk over them. After you kill rats and mice, close burrows with a shovelful of earth. Then stamp it shut. If a burrow is reopened, you know you still have rats or mice.

Organize Against Rats and Mice

Get together with your neighbors. Clean up several yards in the same area. Trap and poison neighbor-hood rodents at the same time. This way, re-infestation from nearby rodents is less likely.


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11 Responses to “We got a Rat Problem… Let’s Get Rid Of It Together!”

  1. john doe Says:

    The major problem with the Rat infestation in Crown Heights is the the Rats are accepted, welcomed, fed, and even elected in Crown Heights, so I guess that makes Crown Heightsers stinking dirty people who feel comfortable, laughing, and sharing dinner tables with the rats. When these rats using law enforcement, Lawyers, Courts etc… attacked the Shomrim ,Hershkops, Fisher, Krinsky and now the new “Osdoba Faction” etc… Most of Crown Heights unanimously said “Let them worry about it, it’s not my problem” well, now the Rat problem has hit them because the Rats are slowly chewing through Crown Heights, and the Rat lovers are slinking to the Hershkops, Shomrim, Fisher, Kinsky’s begging for help to save them from the Rats they hosted in their homes for so long. WELL accept for those few that stuck with US through thick and thin, ALL OTHERS should be told “GO FUCK YOURSELVES, AND DEAL WITH YOUR OWN FUCKIN PROBLEMS, BECAUSE FOR OVER 12 FUCKIN YEARS YOU ALL STOOD ON THE SIDELINES, WATCHING AND LAUGHING WHILE INNOCENT HARD WORKING, GOOD FAMILIES WERE DRAGGED THROUGH COURT BY THE BIGGEST RATS KNOWN TO EARTH AND YOU ALL DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXCEPT EAT, DRINK SLEEP TOGETHER WITH THE RATS, now the Rats are gonna poop all over you.



  2. In The Face Of Evil Says:

    You shall not come in the way of the wicked, and do not walk in the way of the evil.
    Avoid it, do not pass through it; turn away from it and pass.
    For they will not sleep if they do not commit evil, and their sleep will be robbed away if they do not cause stumbling.
    For they eat the bread of wickedness, and they drink the wine of violence.
    But the way of the righteous is like the light of dawn; it shines ever brighter until the day is perfect.
    The way of the wicked is like pitch darkness; they do not know on what they stumble.
    (Mishlei Chapter 4 Verses 14-20)

  3. levi Says:

    i hope that the next time i open the who is shmira blog, I get to see photos of prager in handcuffs.

  4. In The Face Of Evil Says:

    Jewish Community Feels Betrayed By Informant [‘moser’]

  5. person Says:

    Those hate mongering people! I hear them sometimes and all they talk about is shomrim this or shomrim that. I must say that sitting next to these people, I wanted to barf. Another thing I noticed that the short fat guy spewing forth all this hate, who was he saying this too? a couple of teenage boys who know no better than to buy this short fatasses BS, and deem every word he says holy!. I was thinking to myself, instead or Mr. short fat-ass trying to bloster up his own organization via trying to become more professional, for instance not accepting bochurim in mesivta, or just patrolling more often etc. but no! all MR. short fat-ass is worried about is shomrim! what they are doing, how they are doing, why they are doing, when they are doing etc.etc. this doesnt let MR. short fat-ass sleep, as a matter of fact he cant sleep at all knowing that shomrim is out there and helping, oh gosh what a crime! as King Slomon says in Proverbs chapter 4 verse17 : for the wicked cannot sleep if they do not do evil, and their sleep will be robbed from them if they do not cause others to stumble. for they eat the bread of wickedness, and they drink the wine of violence. You may ask, how is this man accepted and on some occasions even deemed as a community leader or hero? its called propaganda the age-old tactic of every hater or wicked indivdual trying trying to encloth himself as if he is righteous, sort of like the arab terrorists they are wicked as hell, but try to project themselves as martyers, and believe it or not, they are accepted by many. So to in our case MR. fat-ass is a propaganda machine trying to portray himself righteous and clean, and is indeed accepted by many, but some do see through his BS! and they wont tolerate it and want nothing to do with him, this enrages him, how dare us! why dont we accept him? why dont we make peace and patroll with him? the answer is: he doesnt want peace, he doesnt want to patrol with anyone but his own group of self hating people who wanna run this community their way or the highway. Mr. fat-ass will be in 770 on shabbos and preach peace, and he will evn tell you he tried to achieve peace! what he fails to say that on sunday he sends one of his boys or mosserim to rat on shomrim or make 311 calls etc. Its like somebody shaking your hand with his right hand, and with his left hand hes stabbing u in the back! that aint peace its called BS propaganda! but MR. fat-ass is good at what he does and u can be sure that he will have a fresh bach of 16-17 year olds on his roster next year so he can continue to spew his hate to them, and this way he uses them as a fountain to spread his BS amongst yeshiva boys etc. Btw, I have 1 question for mr. fat-ass what happens when 1 of the 16-17 year boys in your organization responds to a call and gets hurt, who takes responsibilty for that? will it be shomrims fault even if they werent in the vicinity of the call? who will u use a scape goat? or will u actually be a man for once and step up to the plate and take the heat and say i screwed up! and that leads me to another question? why are u accepting such young kids in your organization? is it because there isnt enough responders, so u have to resort to mesivta recruits? or maybe u need them to help u disseminate ur trash through the hallways of mesivta to garner support, as mentioned earlier. but all in all, is it worth it, ur personal gain for the safety of a young boy who nrver trained in activity such as this? I wonder aloud. Why dont u grow up and live and let live. sweet dreams about your next messira mr. fat ass.

  6. Rabbi Denounces Son Accused of Being Fed Informant Says:

    Deal, NJ – Rabbi Issac Dwek, the spiritual leader of the Sephardic Jewish community in the wealthy Monmouth County suburb of Deal, took to his pulpit on Saturday to cite the Talmudic Law of Moser that prohibits a Jew from informing on another Jew to a non-Jew.

    Rabbi Dwek then renounced his son, Solomon Dwek, the failed real estate developer whose 2006 indictment on bank fraud charges motivated him to cooperate with federal prosecutors in a sting operation that led to the arrests of 44 individuals on Thursday. The group included three mayors, two state legislators, a multitude of local officials, and several Rabbis.

    As explained to PolitickerNJ.com, Rabbi Dwek will sit Shiva for Solomon Dwek, observing the Jewish custom of mourning for an immediate family member who has died.

    While some mourn Mesira others (in Crown Heights) celebrate and Justify it!

  7. levi Says:

    drown the mossrim in the mikvah

  8. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    So finally,
    it took some time,
    I guess it’s better late then ever.

    CrownHeights.info woke up and decided to post the news. News thats happening in “CrownHeights”.

    Remember you dont make the news you report it, dont turn in to another COLLIVE or Jihad.info

  9. exterminator Says:

    I know a good exterminator

  10. show me the money Says:

    Shomrim is a privately fund organization, it does not take money from anybody, especially the community.

    On the other hand, Our Glorious Shmira does collect money from the community, does get government funds and is ran and funded by Chanina Sperlin,
    now I thing we all have the right to see those books.

    I want to know where and how our money is being spend.

  11. Crown Heights the home to RATS Says:

    Deluge of pests enrages 2 Brooklyn neighborhoods: City confirms they’re tops in mice, roaches

    BY Mike Mclaughlin, Erin Durkin and Ben Chapman

    Tuesday, January 5th 2010, 8:50 AM

    These Brooklyn nabes are where the wild things are.

    Half of Brownsville’s buildings are infested with mice or rats, and more than half of South Crown Heights households have roaches, according to a new city Health Department Web site.

    “They should call this place ‘Mouseville,’ ” said Brownsville resident Dashawn Hampton, 23. “Mice and rats are everywhere. You see them around the buildings, and you can hear them crawling in your walls at night.”

    Fifty percent of Brownsville residents reported seeing a mouse or rat in their building in the past 90 days, according to a 2008 Health Department survey.

    That’s more than twice the city average of about 20% and almost twice the borough average of 26%.

    Nearby South Crown Heights has a lower rate of rodent sightings – 42% – but has the worst roach infestation in Brooklyn.

    Almost 56% of residents there see roaches in their households on a daily basis, according to Health Department data from 2008.

    That’s well above the borough average of 33% and the city average of 29%.

    “It’s disgusting,” said Renee Russell, 34, a Capital One Bank manager who lives in Crown Heights. “I see them every day.”

    Brooklyn’s pest problem is mildest in Sheepshead Bay, where 93% of buildings have rodents and 17% of households have cockroaches.

    Other less infested nabes include Park Slope/Carroll Gardens, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge.

    The difference is that pest-infested neighborhoods have more broken-down buildings, said Daniel Kass, the Health Department’s acting deputy commissioner for environmental health.

    “Where there are cracks or holes in the home, where there are a number of maintenance deficiencies, where there are leaks in the home, those are areas where there are high cockroach counts,” Kass said.

    The same goes for mice and rats.

    The pests can aggravate health problems such as asthma, he added.

    The best way to prevent all kinds of pests, Kass said, is to make basic home repairs such as caulking cracks and crevices and patching holes in walls, and cleaning up garbage.

    “People can do a lot on their own,” Kass said. “It takes a little bit of work, but it’s well worth the effort.”

    To learn more about pest infestations and other environmental concerns in the city, visit the Health Department’s new site at https://gis.nyc.gov/doh/track/

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/brooklyn/2010/01/05/2010-01-05_deluge_of_pests_enrages_2_nabes_city_confirms_theyre_tops_in_mice_roaches.html#ixzz0bzt4M6Nb

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