Abuse of Power, Corruption and Cover Up!


Lenny ordered the truck and personally drove it around to target Shomrim.

Lenny ordered the truck and personally drove it around to target Shomrim.

Most of you don’t know or don’t even care of what is happening in our neighborhood.  WIS has looked at the whole picture and found abuse of power, corruption and cover up. Ever since the new Inspector took office in the 71st pct. there has been abuse of power. From the beginning  Peter Semminetti tried to unify one patrol. After many hours of negotiation Semminettis proposal did not fit Shomrim’s.  Shomrim declined to join the COP program and they fell victim of Semminettis wrath. Semminetti used his power as inspector of the pct. to go after Shomrim. He sent officers specifically to target Shomrim scooters. Several tickets were given to scooters and other Shomrim vehicles [tickets coming up soon]. Semminetti together with Lenny Write vowed to go after the Shomrim organization even if it meant going after personally the people who ran it .

WIS has recently learned that the relationship between Lenny Write and Aron Hershkop go back many years.

Hershkop being in the car business would purchase parts from GB500 located on 4th Avenue where Lenny Write worked weekends.  Lenny Write was sent to collect the weekly balance from Hershkops shop. Hershkop paid the balance in full. A few days later he got a call from the owner of GB500 concerned about the balance. Hershkop assured him that he paid the balance in full, cash to Lenny Write. The owner of GB500 looked into the matter and found that Lenny Write has stolen the cash trying to blame Hershkop for not paying the bill. GB500 fired Lenny from his little weekend job. Lenny went crazy, how am I  going to pay for my wifes new car? Were some of things he said when he was fired.  After his firing from GB500 Lenny went after the owner and his sons. The owner, a Flatbush Shomrim member was subjected to harassment from Lenny who worked at the 70pct in Flatbush. The owner sons were pulled over and summons several time by Lenny’s gang.  Several times Lenny came back to the store and demanded 10, 000 from the owner of GB500 for restitution. After several attempts to collect his money GB500 was burned to the ground.

When Lenny Write came to work in the 71st pct his first stop was Hershkop’s shop on East New York ave. Lenny and Hershkop tried to ignore the past and work for the future. Lenny assured Hershkop that as long as he took care of him he would be able to operate his business as usual. Lenny assured him for a small fee he can arrange all the accidents confined to the pct. be brought to his shop under the row tow program. Hershkop refused and that is when he turned on him using Shomrim as an excuse. Immediately Lenny had a traffic tow truck come down to East New York Ave. to tow the Shomrim command post. Hershkop made some calls to NYPD officials and was assured that they would deal with it on there level.

A few weeks ago police commissioner Kelly introduced COP to the 71st pct.  after the news paper uncovered the corruption that the coordinators were convicted criminal Semminetti and Lenny went back to work. They issued strict orders to all police officers to go after Hershkop and Shomrim. WIS was given exclusive video, photo and proof that Lenny write and Peter Semminetti were directly targeting Hershkop and Shomrim. Internal affairs were contacted and evidence was turned over. In addition to the Semminetti and Lenny harassing Shomrim a personal attack by Lenny continued on Hershkop. His Home, Work and Office were bombarded with false 311 complaints. Lenny (and the shmira) are using the system to go after Hershkop. Daily, Hershkop has to deal with several city, state and Federal inspectors due to Lenny constant calling.

At a community meeting Hershkop confronts Lenny with these allegations and all he could answer was “I will lock you up”

Lenny write is a known criminal. From his dealings at GB500, to his front page row tow scandal, to his prank calls to to the chief, to his watch selling business, to his full fledge attack on Shomrim and Hershkop.



You know, there’s gonna come a day in our community not to distant, people are going to say, “Why didn’t somebody tell us? Why didn’t somebody warn us what was happening in our community?”  Well, I’m the guy telling you. You have been warned. You are being told. You know of all the other times in history where people said, “Gee, they took this away and I didn’t say anything, took that away and didn’t say anything. Finally came for me and there was nobody left to defend me.” I (and some others)  have been letting you all know exactly what’s happening in this community and will happen. There will not be an excuse down the road for somebody to say, “Nobody told me. Why didn’t somebody tell us this? I just didn’t know,” because you are being told, I’m the guy telling you!. You have been warned!


6 Responses to “Abuse of Power, Corruption and Cover Up!”

  1. john doe Says:

    Parking at a meter in Boro Park today, I had ran out of quarters, and was waiting for a cashier at a nearby store to get freed up so I could convert some small change to quarters, when a traffic ticket agent looks at the expired meter (and I actually saw his body spasm in excitement) as he reached for his scanner, I told him that “I was of obtaining quarters to feed the meter”, he nodded “OK”, and kept walking, just then a Jewish lady runs up to me and asked “if I needed a quarter”?, and said that she “would even give me one for free because she hates seeing anyone get a ticket” I gave her two dimes and a nickel, and she gave me a quarter which I put into the meter, and thanked her for looking out for me.

    Now fast forward to Crown Heights, where supposedly “kan tzivah hashem et habracha“, and we have people (shmira etc.) openly directing traffic agents to GIVE tickets to residents they chose to have problems with, and this is after these same people (shmira etc.) massered and continue to masser on the same people (shomrim, etc.), at the same time they work overtime spreading extremely annoying lies and propaganda saying that everything that they are doing (to others) is being done to them. Yet unlike this site which backs up each story with proof i.e. photos, documents etc. the low-lifes have absolutely none whatsoever because none exist.

    I have people who have moved out of Crown Heights ask me why I stay in this sinkhole, why not just move out of here? Well, because I am not going to run tail between legs. I know that the Lenny’s, the Sammonetti’s, the shmira moissrem, will fade into history sooner rather then later, they live and feed off hate, hate is something that feeds on you and eats you up from the inside out, hate survives but the one carrying it never does. They will be “gone and forgotten”.

  2. JJ Says:

    There might be more peace between the 2 patrol organizations if they are set up more like major league baseball..

    every once in a while an umpire will throw someone out for un-sportsmanlike conduct…

    There can be all-stars.

    There can even be trades between shomrim and shmira…

    for example we will trade prager and hecht for yossi frankel and a shomrim prospect to be named later and 3 p.b.a. cards.

    the crap going on in our community is so pointless, lets at least laugh at it.

  3. levi Says:

    i would like to see all the problem in crown heights end, but that means we would have to force shmira to disband (and arrest all of the shmira felons too)

  4. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    My bothers and sisters, from what I am hearing (and g-d willing soon to see) that day (you all have been warned about), is already happening.

    Stay Tuned!

  5. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Not My Fight…So Who Cares?!!!

    The Mesira on Fisher, “Not my fight so who cares?”

    The beating in 770 by Mishichistim, “just ignore and they wont bother you”

    The Mesira on Herskops, Heber and Goldman (Machne menachem) “Not my fight; not my problem, so who cares?”

    The Mesira on Shomrim “I Don’t get involved; it’s both sides, so who cares?” …….

    Wait! What are you saying, it’s now happening to you, your neighbor, your father, your best friend?

    Hay, you know what? WHO CARES???

  6. antimesira Says:

    Stop Bullying And Intimidating also a national problem.

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