Mother America or Mother Russia?


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From the moment Inspector Peter Simonetti walked into the 71st precinct station house, the bloodthirsty hounds from shmira and Chanina Sperlin pounced on the little piglet and spoon fed him the vicious propaganda they’ve already been spreading to the Crown Heights community for over ten years. Peter Salmonetti not having any previous personal contact with “Hassidic Rabbi’s”, who of course would never speak falsely about other Jews, ate the bullshit faster then yossi stern eats a ham sandwich, and promptly took upon himself the task of destroying Shomrim. After many attempts and all having failed, Peter Simonetti decides that he can’t go after a group, better to go after each separate individual.

Personal testimony of police officers tells of peter Salmonetti briefing his officers to target individual members of Shomrim while making it very clear that he is not targeting Shomrim, and threatening his officers that they would face repercussions if they have contact with any members of Shomrim. It’s also testified that Peter Simonetti went on a rant of how evil Shomrim is and other vicious charges etc. (THEY MUST BE SO EVIL THAT THEY TAKE PRECEDENT OVER THE MANY MURDERS, MUGGINGS, AND BEATINGS HAPPENING IN THE COMMUNITY)

It is almost guaranteed that Peter Simonetti will not be around Crown Heights much longer, especially after the investigation into the bogus c.o.p. is concluded and will show how he orchestrated getting criminals into the top position.

Peter Slomonetti if you have a problem with Shomrim and you think they’re mafia like, committing extortion, murders etc. then get the FBI involved, who do you think you are, Eliot Ness? The FBI would conclude the same as we have concluded, that your a joke of a cop being used by people of the Jewish community with personal agendas to get other Jews out of their way, and your sticking too them and they’re stuck to you like mice on a glue trap with both of you going nowhere fast.


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  1. The Demeaning Affects Of Obsession And Greed (must read!) Says:

    By Yoseph Kahanov Jax, Florida
    If you didn’t know that the Torah has a sense of humor, you probably missed the story of Balak and Bilaam, a tale of two highly influential leaders, who, driven by fear and greed, team up against the perceived threat of a rising nation with G-d on their side. They devise a sinister plot to tap the power of dark forces in order to eliminate the menace.

    The great spin artist, Bilaam – a self proclaimed world organizer and do-gooder, professing great ideals while at the same time available for hire – and his royal friend Balak, make complete clowns of themselves as they refuse to accept the fact that they are up against the more powerful force of holiness and will not take no for an answer. Their arrogance and greed leaves them spiraling downward in humiliation and disgrace.

    You got to admit that the notion of a speaking donkey, who finally sets his highfalutin yet clueless master straight, makes for some great sitcom material. But, as you can imagine, there is more to this story than humor. As with every Torah narrative, it contains a profound and relevant lesson.

    While Israel remained encamped in the desert near the border of Moav they had no way of knowing that Balak, King of Moav sent a delegation to the revered magician and prophet – Bilaam, seeking his services and employ in cursing them, so that they may be defeated in war. But the guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.

    That night G-d said to Bilaam: “Do not go with them [the emissaries of Balak] and do not curse [the nation of Israel] for it is blessed. Bilaam arose in the morning and said to the officers of Balak, ‘Go to your land, for G-d refuses to let me go with you.’“ (Numbers 22:12-13)

    Were these men upright and G-d fearing in the slightest sense, it would all have ended right then and there. “Sorry chaps, I gave it my best shot, G-d said no, it’s over.” Bilaam however, was no less manipulative and greedy than his cohort, Balak, was arrogant and wicked. Hence the amusing tale of their systematic unraveling.

    In light of all the wealth and honor at stake, Bilaam was not quite ready to call it quits – he was not about to take no for an answer. By mischievously skewing G-d’s clear and concise words, he suggested that it was not yet over. There was still room to maneuver.

    As Rashi notes, he honed in on the word ”You:“ G-d will not let me go with “You,” but he might well allow me to go with a delegation of higher rank. By failing to acknowledge that G-d had expressly and conclusively forbidden him from cursing the Jewish people, derives Rashi, that Bilaam was deceptive and arrogant.

    Our Parsha, Balak, the second of this week’s double Torah reading, proceeds to relate how Balak took the bait and continued to send missions of more distinguished officers. Bilaam, who really wanted to go and curse the Jewish People, was very happy to receive these higher delegations of officers.

    Fogged by his own deception that there was still hope, Bilaam tells the princes, “If Balak were to give me his house full of silver and gold I could not trespass the word of G-d… and now, you too should stay the night to see what more G-d will say to me.” (22:18-19)

    At this juncture G-d decided to play along with Bilaam, and since he so insisted, permitted him to go. But G-d did not allow him to curse the Jewish people. ”Only the word which I shall speak to you, shall you do,“ says G-d. (22:20)

    Convinced that his plan was working and that he was having success in manipulating G-d, he leaped out of bed in the morning and ran to saddle his donkey. Bilaam went running even though he had been cautioned that he may not curse the Jewish people. Why did he run? Because he was hoping to continue to manipulate things – to find a way to outsmart G-d and curse the Children of Israel.

    As a warning, G-d sends an angel to stand in the way. Three times Bilaam’s otherwise obedient donkey turns aside. First it turns away from the path, then it scrapes against the wall, and finally it lies down. If Bilaam were not so madly obsessed, he would certainly have paid attention to these obvious signs. As a Prophet he lived his entire life following such signs and omens, yet now he entirely ignores them – glaring and obvious as they are. His obsession makes him oblivious to everything outside of his passionate desire.

    Suddenly the donkey opens its mouth and starts to talk! This should have floored him. Still, he reacts not in surprise; he does not fall off the donkey in bewilderment. No, he lashes out against the donkey instead: ”I wish I had a sword in my hand, because I would have killed you by now.“ (22:29)

    Ultimately, G-d uncovers Bilaam’s eyes and he sees the angel of G-d standing on the road with his drawn sword. The angel chastises Bilaam for having unfairly beaten his donkey three times. Bilaam responds: ”I have sinned, for I did not know that you were standing opposite me on the road.“

    What kind of answer is that? Should Bilaam not have said: ”Sorry, I didn’t see you! I thought my donkey got lazy.“ If one doesn’t see, it’s not his fault. He simply didn’t see! What was the sin here?

    The Malbim asserts that Bilaam’s sin was his failure to realize that there was an angel in front of him. Under such circumstances, failing to see is itself a sin. It would hence not be sufficient to say, ”Sorry I just didn’t see you, I didn’t get it.“ That itself is a fault. Had he not been so obsessed with his own agenda he would certainly have seen. He would have, no doubt, understood!

    So, you think that by now he surely got it. After all, G-d has made himself so abundantly clear that even his donkey understood. You would expect that by now he would be pleading with G-d to let him go home so he could go hide under the covers in shame, but no, amazingly he still does not seem to get it.

    After all this he still proceeds on his way, hoping against hope to somehow find a way to pull off his evil mission. Obsessed and self absorbed, he cannot see himself sinking. He is totally oblivious to the mockery he has made of himself.

    And the craziness is not over. Upon arrival Bilaam is still bent on cursing the Israelites. Balak takes Bilaam to a place where he could see the Jewish camp, and Bilaam tells him to build an altar and offer sacrifices. Balak does as told, Bilaam winds up showering blessings upon the Jews.

    By now, Balak should have either handed Bilaam his head on a platter, or at least sent him home in disgrace. What did he say to Bilaam however? ”Come with me please to another place…“ (23:13). Let’s try again. I’m sure that was just an accident.

    And so they repeat the whole shpiel again. Seven more altars. . . an ox and a ram offered on each, but Bilaam ends up blessing them once again.

    And ridiculous as it seems, the distinguished king and prophet continue at it: ”Come please and I’ll take you to another place…” (23:27)

    Bilaam and Balak fail to realize how low they have really sunk. They make three separate attempts and three times G-d makes Bilaam bless the people before they finally give up. Nowadays they would be the fodder for late night TV.

    Comic as the story of Bilaam may seem, its lesson has never been more relevant: The obsessed individual is not rational. He is fixated on his objective and shall cling to it until the end. It doesn’t matter how many facts get in the way. This is what obsession can do to a person.

    There is no lack of Bilaam-style visionaries or Messiah’s in our own day and age – prophets who cling to irrational dreams and ideas long after they are proven wrong and destructive, even as they find themselves decline into complete disgrace and mockery.

    May we learn from Bilaam and open our eyes to the truth that lies before us.

    May we merit the coming of the true and righteous Moshiach speedily in our times.

  2. wHoIsShMiRa FaN! Says:

    well put and well said.

  3. good vs. evil Says:

    “Evil cannot win, if good people stand up.”

    “Lay me down and bleed a while. Though I am wounded, I am not slain. I shall rise and fight again.”

    Ronald Reagan

  4. MM Says:

    these mossrim and hate mongers have no real jobs, they come in to the station with their big beards and maybe even a nice tvar torah and they spawn hate against other Jews, no wounder they have these guys like simonetti in their pockets, hells they probably have the Mayer believing their propaganda.

    I even heard that Simonetti was telling one officer that the hershkops are so bad and evil… that even their father had a story with a camp… he took the camp away….they will site in jail b/c of 749 etc….

    Where does he get this garbage from?

    Somebody has to go educate him with some thing i like to call facts.
    Simonetti should take a look at this, this should rock his brains a little….

  5. message for salmenneti Says:

    fuck you pete and your little shit lenny indian write. i bet you have a little dick. that would explain the bif ego. take you little midgett ass and get the fuck out of my community. you think your a gangsta? don’t like compotition? well, you got one!! i heard that the nypd had to make you a custom uniform, you midget. every pct you go to you make more enimies. everyone hates you. i couldn’t find one officer in any pct you worked to that would say a good thing about you. any body know what time it is? lets ask lenny!!!

  6. Rush Limbaug Says:

    “That’s why it’s time to stop all this talk, stop all this bickering, stop the games and just shut up when I’m speaking and instituting my hope-and-change agenda. My agenda is your agenda whether you know it or not whether you accept it or not — and it’s going to be forced down your throat whether you want it or not. Now, I’ve tried very hard to work with Shomrim. My door is always open to them. But they refuse to accept my agenda. They seek to sabotage real reform and real change and hope.”

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