History Being Made


Today, history is being made. shmira, a Crown Heights patrol known for it’s criminal activities and corruption throughout the city is being officially closed down. Police commissioner Raymond Kelly was on a mission to create one patrol for the Crown Heights Jewish Community.  By creating a patrol run by the NYPD called C.O.P.  he would divert the attention of the shmira group while allowing Shomrim to better serve the Jewish community. C.O.P. is a group of volunteers made up of all racial background that will serve the Crown Heights community at large. Similar to NYPD auxiliary there will be shifts in which members will be able to observe crime and call 911 for back up. Shomrim has and will continue to serve and protect the Crown Heights Jewish community.


13 Responses to “History Being Made”

  1. You dope Says:

    You ppl are getting desperate, fire burns huh? You rats are dying go shmira

  2. Anti you Says:

    Do you think that after posting all this messed up content on your site that people will actualy start calling shomrim? Shmira continues to work while shomrim cries and buffs hatzoloh calls!

  3. antimesira Says:

    Mazal Tov!

  4. SO Says:

    What’s The Difference Between A Criminal and c.o.p. ? The Bedge

  5. WhOiSshMiRa FaN! Says:

    the people of crown heights! know and i know! that if we feel our cat is stuck in a tree or our kids are missing there game boys or dolls, we will call the C.O.P. every person has there own opinion of this.. god willing i will never half to call 911 or shomrim. but if my life was in danger i would never ever ever ever call CHSP or C.O.P. this program the C.O.P is not a bad this but it is in the hands of the wrong people. criminals. are they all bad? no. but this is a big big mistake. give them cars, ID cards, jackets etc… that won’t change who they are. and i am now and i allways will be. for shomrim. allways!

  6. WhOiSshMiRa FaN! Says:

    to whoisshmira? plz fix my typo . . i mist spelled something in this line… this program the C.O.P is not a bad ( this ) but it is in the hands of the wrong people. criminals. are they all bad? i meant to say (thing) not (this). thank u.

  7. WhOiSshMiRa FaN! Says:

    and on a side note. . liab if u see this u fat ass peace of shit!! ye u know who i am. . i was clapping at u at the pct giving u that look. u happy fat boy? the day will come where u need help. . getting out of that C.O.P. car u tub of lard ass. . i don’t hate or mean to hurt any one else who is fat. but to u take it in u ass hole. . lol u look like a bowling ball in a shoo driving that car. . hey the car is a hybrid. . it’s not so bad on gas. . but u on the other hand wow. . . u got more gas in u then ever.

  8. antimesira Says:

    to ANTI YOU:

    Why you perpetually angry! and perpetually enraged?
    Didn’t you win, aren’t you the victor?

    What more do you want?

  9. moshiach now Says:

    France denounced PM Netanyahu’s statement that Jerusalem would remain Israel’s undivided capital for ever.

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy, “No one would think seriously about peace in the Middle East without giving the Palestinians a state they have been persevering for years. It is their legitimate right.” Sarkozy added that the construction of settlements in the occupied West Bank should stop as it is an obstacle to peace.

    One Week Later…
    France Plane Lost – An Air France jet with 228 people on a flight to Paris vanished over the Atlantic Ocean.

    Meanwhile in America…
    Following American president’s meeting with PA Chairman Abu Mazen, America has increased pressure on Israel to lift the Gaza embargo along with other steps in line with supporting PA demands against Israel, including a total and unconditional cessation of construction in all “settlements” which includes areas of Yerushalayim in addition to Yehuda and Shomron.

    America — HaShem will judge your actions.

    Zohar HaKadosh:
    A nation will arise from one end of the world (Korea) against the wicked Romi (xtian nation; USA) and will war against them for 3 months. Other nations will join the war and will fall into their hands (the nation from end of the world), till all Edom will unite against this nation. Then HKB”H will ‘arise’ against them, as it says, “וטבח גדול בארץ אדום” A gigantic massacre in the land of Edom (USA/Europe).
    זוהר ח”ב לב ע”א:יתער עמא חד מסייפי עלמא על רומי חייבא, ויגח בה קרבא תלת ירחין, ויתכנשון תמן עממיא ויפלון בידייהו, עד דיתכנשון כל בני אדום עלה מכל סייפי עלמא, וכדין יתער קודשא בריך הוא עלייהו, הדא הוא דכתיב (ישעיה לד ו) כי זבח ליהו”ה בבצרה וטבח גדול בארץ אדום וגו’.

    (Prophet Ovadia’s prophecy, zs’kl)
    Because of Edom’s arrogance it will eventually suffer humiliation, as Hashem will humble Edom. Eventually Edom’s enemies will deceive her, plunder her and rob her. It will be trapped into going to war, which it will lose.

    Edom’s land will become desolate, because she opposed Jacob. Edom mistreats its brother nation, Israel.

    Due to Edom’s sins its ultimate punishment will be retribution. Edom will be repaid measure for measure for tormenting Israel.

    Finally the Jewish nation will be redeemed. Israel’s exiles will return and its’ future borders will be restored. Hashem’s Kingdom will be established forever.

    Tzaddik Nistar Message to American Jews
    “Although things change in Shamayim, the decree to leave the diaspora by Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5769 (May 24, 2009) has not been changed!”

  10. Confused Says:

    What does the Zohar, prophets, tzadik nistar, Israel, diaspora, PA, etc. Have to do the topic at hand. Let’s try and stick to the point(s). I would never ask you to stick to only one point, but at least have a point.

  11. Norman Says:

    Let’s keep the comments to the subject

  12. Norman Says:

    let us stay on the subject of teshuva

  13. Kenny Says:

    Why do you guys say: “G-D or G D” and not GOD?

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