101 jokes about paul the nazi goy huebner…



why did paul the nazi cross the road?
the 71st pricint was across the road and he had the urge to masser.

paul the nazi huebner gets to the gates of heaven, g-d asks him what he has accomplished in life…paul proudly answers that he massered 7 shomrim members but that the case dragged on so long, he died before the trial even began. g-d answers, alright you can get into heaven but it’s the same heaven that arab terrorist suicide bombers reside with their 71 virgins each…..and they still don’t like jews.

why did paul the nazi huebner fail the bar so many times?
he didn’t know how to spell lawyer he kept spelling it liar.

how many moissrem like paul the nazi huebner does it take to change a light bulb?
how are they gonna find time to change a light bulb they’re all tripping over themselves to concoct the next messira?

how does the nazi huebener win a case?
he doesn’t he never won a case in his life.

paul the nazi huebner is standing in 770 begging people for tzedokah, confused people ask paul the nazi goy, your a lawyer how could it be that your begging for charity you should have loads of money.
paul the nazi goy answers truth be told i scammed my way through my younger years, then i scammed my way through law school, the bar, and life in general, and the habit is so hard to break i’m actualy here to scam you people now.

what happens when you point your finger at paul the nazi huebner?
try it and see for yourself.

to be cont. forever!!!


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