“Winning is never a complete blessing, and defeat is rarely a complete disaster.”

Now shmira is the police problem,
And shomrim is still for the community.

Thanks shomrim for putting us first!


One Response to “THANK YOU SHOMRIM!!”

  1. CHER Says:

    Who exactly won here?
    The community did not win from this!
    The police did not win from this and soon if not already they will learn that the hard way!

    The only ones you can say “won” something are the shmira mesira.
    A group of criminals who were down in the pits are now made official.
    But history repeats and we all know that it’s just a matter of time till shmira mesira/cop screws up!

    That will not the communitys problem, but NYPD.

    Look at the bright side, once they screw up and get shut down it will be over for good!

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