While good law abiding contributing members of society rushed to get their taxes done YANKY ‘the Muslim rat’ PRAGER was busy thinking how he can screw another dollar out of the government and the banks.

Well my tax lawyer forwarded me this interesting document which tells a very special story, and sheds a new light on this RAT and CON ARTIST along with his group of CAPPOS called shmira, a light we have never ever ever ever seen before! Because everything we publish here is a lie… :)

Well basically the federal government went a placed a tax lien against PRAGER THE RAT for $345,876.23 and put it against his parents house (where he still free loads) 858 eastern parkway.

This is a very interesting fact, see every scam that someone runs eventually catches up to you… so Prager got locked up in Canada two months ago for all those cars he stole and forged the title documents, now the IRS is coming after him. WHAT A MODEL CITIZEN! A PROTECTOR OF OUR NABE! A TRUE MONEY FEARING MAN!

check out this document:


click to make bigger

The federal government-IRS has a tax lien against the Muslims rat Prager for $350,000.00 for money he stole from a mortgage company and someone he was selling a house too.

Yanky muslim rat Prager

once again caught with his pants down!


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