chazzer belly and his wife - look at her, shes so sick of you she lost her appitite!

chazzer belly and his wife - look at her, shes so sick of you she lost her appetite!

So tell me something Mrs. Idii (sheril) Stern, you have already made 2 court appearances, one before judge zero and the other before judge Mitchell, and another one coming up in just under a month, can you share with us something?

We are all dyeing to know HOW DOES IT FEEL?

I mean give it another, hmmm, 15 appearances and you will know exactly how the seven Shomrim members do after what you and your CHAZZER FRESSING husband low life scumbag have done to them.

You deserve real sitting time after being convicted you disgusting human being. How can you sit idly by as you let your husband do this? YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS HIM!



  1. common Says:

    what does Idi have to do with this?
    man, leave her out of it
    going after these assholes is one thing but going after their wives and kids is not cool

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    cool or not, i dont give a shit. they are all a part of this. and therefore will be ritten about.

  3. angry shmira member Says:

    Leah Kleim can you tell us how does it feel ?

    How does it feel to have the chazzer belly Yossi Stern on top of you ?

  4. common Says:

    man, I love what your doing here but some of the women just cant get away from their abusive shmira husbands. Its not their fault. and you realy cant fualt some one for who their parents are, man not cool
    i love the site but man, lay off the family

  5. 11213 Says:

    how is it not there fault ? they are more guilty than there criminal husbands. the wives who stay with the criminals can leave if they want, but they dont want to. they all have family that they can go to and get away from the criminal. they are worse because the wife is the one who is home with the children and she is supposed to make them safe. when they stay with a criminal who beats them and who lies and steals and cheats on them they are also putting there children in danger and also showing them that acting that way is fine. these women deserve worse than there shmira husbands should get because they are raising the next generation of criminals.

  6. in the know Says:

    Yossi Stern and Leah Kleim belong together. I dont understand why Idii Stern stays with him. She knows about the affaire.

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