Following the incident that occurred this week in Crown Heights, yossi stern tries to instigate a bias crime. shortly after a young  jewish teen was beaten, yossi stern coerced him to change his story and say the group of black teens called him a “fucken jew” . Pissed at the nypd for his wife idii being arrested stern make another move. nypd investigates and find the story false. this is not the first time stern was found to instigate stories to gain his fame. nypd xo peter simanetti lined himself up with stern and his gang even after he was repeatedly warned that they are crooks.



  1. john doe Says:

    Yossi stern is a scumbag who will use anybody, his mother, his wife, his kids, minors in crown heights that he brainwashes with propaganda and convinces them to join his gang. The sicko doesn’t care about the consenquences of his actions (the classic profile of a contained pycho) this teenager can face charges himself for lying to law enforcement but of course that’s not something chazzer belly stern has to worry about.
    Chazzer belly stern burns the people around him while he wears a protective suit (police brass, da’s etc.) stay away from him or get burned it’s that simple.

  2. whoIsShmirA FAN! Says:

    this fucking moogots! let him and that fat head simonetti go rot in hell!!

  3. john doe Says:

    Suspect in Brick Throwing Nabbed
    This past Sunday as Tmimim were sitting and learning in Choivevei Torah on Eastern Parkway near Albany Avenue, a large brick came crashing in to the first-floor classroom, striking a bochur in the head. The Tomim sustained deep cuts and lacerations to his head, requiring multiple stitches to control the bleeding.
    A group of three black teens came onto Yeshiva property, brick in hand and threw the brick through a low window at a Bochur, who was sitting a mere 3 feet from the window.

    A bochur who saw what had happened, immediately began to chase after the group, which split up and ran in different directions. The bochur continued following the remaining two of the group but then lost them as they went into the subway station on Schenectady Avenue.

    At approximately 6:00pm Wednesday evening a group of black youths began instigating a fight in front of Chovevei Torah. The same Bochur who had chased the group of black youths earlier this week, recognized them. The Bochur immediately ran inside and told the Rosh Yeshiva, when he came back out, the group began running towards Lincoln Place, the bochur gave chase. A Shmira member who was on the corner called for back up and joined the chase.

    The group of thugs noticed that they were being chased and scattered, one of the teens in the group hopped on to a City Bus in an attempt to flee, while the others ran into a building nearby, the Shmira members on scene stopped a passing Police car and notified the cops that the thug was on the bus, the bus was then pulled over and the teen was taken off. The teenager admitted to police that he was a part of the group that had thrown the brick and began giving Police his friends information, he denied that he was the one that had lobbed the brick.

    The teen was taken to the 77th Pct for further investigation. The Police Department are treating this incident as a bias crime.

    The Shmira hotline (718) 221-0303 is in operation 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, to protect and serve the community.

    If you see something, say something, call 911 and Shmira immediately!

    23 Adar 5769

    Heres another bulshit story i found on the supposedly legit site shturem copied from an officially illegit site
    Heres the story with a little truth syrum added.

    Black male minors had previously thrown bricks at the yeshiva bochurim at chovevei torah….. the bochurim gave chase and caught one of the perpetrators on the corner of albany and lincoln pl. but had to let him go do to being surrounded by other unfriendly black males meanwhile the “hero shmira member” who was supposedly on the corner and chased the perp IS REALLY A ZERO, he’s a student in the yeshiva and only showed up on the corner of lincoln and albany AFTER the bochurim let the kid go and only after the bochurim and rabbi of the yeshiva stopped a passing RMP and pointed out to the officers as to where the perpetrators ran, so the only thing that 4′ shmira member actually did was stay on the corner of albany and easterm parkway and call for backup so that he and his gang buddies could arrive for the final picture and credits.
    Story sounds a little different with the truth syrum don’t it.

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