shmira fan club


leah kleim is pro shmira!

shmira desperate for attention call on a old friend of prager for support.

leah kleim a long time friend of yanky ‘moslem rat’ prager (who on her personal blog writes that she was forced to watch him masturbate with his little dick) steps forward to support shmira.

in a recent youtube clip released by kleim she is videoing a prank call made to the shomrim patrol:

this disgusting abuse of shomrim was most definatly inspired by prager and sterns long relationship with kliem.


66 Responses to “shmira fan club”

  1. antimesira Says:

    Why are you so surprised?
    This is WHO SHMIRA IS!

  2. whoIsShmirA FAN! Says:

    i hope this bitch gets the shit knocked out of her ! oh and is this the bitch that laib skoblo been …ing?

  3. Levi Says:

    leah kleim is a sick bitch with aids. she was recently seen making out with her new lover yossi stern.may they both get aids together and die screaming

  4. Levi Says:

    leah kleim is a skank with aids, yossi stern is fucking her and he will soon have aids and die, and then shmira will be finished muhuhahahahaha

    hashem is great !

  5. whoIsShmirA FAN! Says:

    To levi.

  6. wtf??? Says:

    the other voice with the whore is sholom keller, A nebach loser that is so far gone, no one can save him

  7. in da know Says:

    the shomrim dispatcher did a good job though
    very professional
    keep it up

  8. in da know Says:

    the other voice is that of local neback sholom ber keller
    another nut who the only pussy he can get is the klime whore

  9. Levi Says:

    if anyone sees leah swine on the streets they should let her know that since yossi stern likes to ass fuck black niggers, he probably has anal aids and anal herpes so she should strap on a dildo and fuck his asshole

  10. not so impressed Says:

    i am a shomrim fan but i still have q’s plz answer

    first off.. who is sick enough to even be on her site that got hold of such a pic?

    second… sholom keller is married now y badmouth him, hes not shmira?

    3rd and most import… i totally understand ur frustration of whole 749 scenario.. and yes it involves personal lives of u ppl, ur family, friends etc

    BUT revenge is not the answer, y sin and level urself with them? true way to get message across, let them b who they are and the REAL judge will get to them. plz, i wanna continue being a fan and encourage my family and friends too but when u ridicule shmira, use fowl language and lower urself to them, i just constantly lose respect for u.

  11. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    not so impressed: i never asked for your respect nor care for it, the fact that you ever read the shit i post here says somthign about you.

  12. levi Says:

    everyone knows that leah kleim is not really jewish. her family are all goyim. her mom converted in a reform temple not according to halacha, therefore leah and her 3 bastard children are all goyim !

    and since leah dead sister is also a goy , someone should dig her up from the jewish cemetery and throw her bones on the street

    yossi stern is a chazzer eating pig. leah kleim is pregnant with his mamzer kid. soon the truth will be out

  13. wowsersshmira should be proud they are supported by 2 boobs Says:

    shmira should be ashamed of themselves for using leah kleim as a mascot

  14. whoIsShmirA FAN! Says:

    TO not so impressed:
    hey if you don’t like what you se on this site . . take the fuck off! the man you click on the toolbar and type in . . you should know what your doing. . don’t give all that bull shit about every body is jewish. . bla bla bla YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT YOU READ? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!

  15. whoIsShmirA FAN! Says:


  16. whoIsShmirA FAN! Says:

    TO not so impressed: the next time u need help . . call shmira.. and the next day go to the bullshit website that thay stole from . . . ! and se how much credit thay take for standing around picking there ass!

  17. to not so impressed Says:

    what does this have to do with shalom keller being married (and the dumb shit is not married)or in shmira? he was bragging to his friends at cholent about what him and his fuck buck buddy leah did. you dont have to be a shmira member to be an asshole

  18. JOKE OF THE DAY! Says:

    They, the libs/shmira/mishichist don’t have a problem with the crimes being committed, their problem is only that it’s being recorded.

    leah the bitch kleim makes a prank call, no problem, “who cares”,
    putting up a not nice picture no the Internet, now thats offensive

  19. not so impressed Says:

    i think im more unimpressed with the provocative picture u’ve found.

    its one thing to humor everyone with all that u write, but whos gonna take responsible for all the young boys and married men who are googling her name right now for more info and photos of her.

  20. Another Joke Says:

    Stealing and Mesira, big deal! “who cares”.

    Putting up a not so nice picture,
    “disgusting” “offensive” “the lowest of the lowest”

    These animal are full of shit, they are fakes and phonies,
    WIS must contenu to expose them, after all that seems to be their only problem.

  21. chaim Says:

    i dont believe how low the shmira have sunken if they need a crack whore drunken shiksa goy to use her breasts to advertise for them.

    hey leah klein fuck you and fuck your non jewish nigger fucking crack whore. go back to your nigger husband in florida. we dont need trash like you in crown heights you dirty slut. fuck you and fuck your fake breasts.

  22. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    “but whos gonna take responsible for all the young boys and married men who are googling her name right now for more info and photos of her.”

    So now WIS invented the Internet, Nice!

  23. not so impressed Says:

    “Stealing and Mesira, big deal! “who cares”.”

    Absolutely not. Its a great deal to steal and 2b part of Mesira , no1’s denying that AT ALL and trust me WE ALL CARE.

    If it makes you feel better to badmouth them, by all means, thats what ur website is for but then to post a totally “offensive, disgusting, lowest of the lowest picture” on ur site…

    “So now WIS invented the Internet, Nice!”

    Nopes, not at all. But you did expose her almost baring chest on your site and linked her name to it.

    And being that u do have a huge male fan base, ud think 2 b a lil more sensitive to them and their families…

  24. Idii Stern Says:

    You write that Leah K is a long time friend of Yanky Prager and then you write how she wrote she was forced to watch him masturbate. I am a bit confused about that. Leah is a well known name who has taken people down for things like that and speaks out about it very often and does not strike me as one to put up with being forced to watch someone masturbate and still keep a friendship going with them. Leah has been known to beat men up with no fear or thought about it.

    After a Google search on her and reading what she has written on many sites she writes for, and what many other sites have written about her, this story just does not make much sense. Leah supports many causes and groups that she has no connection too, she just feels they are doing a good job and that people should support there cause so she publishes her opinion on them.

    If she did publish that she was “forced” to watch Prager masturbate then why would he continue a friendship with her ? That is insulting and damaging to him. It does not add up right.

    You end off by writing that her prank call was inspired by Prager and Sterns long relationship with her. Again quite confusing. Where does Stern fit into this picture ? And what would make you write that they inspired her to make the call when she is notorious for making prank calls and publishing them ? There are You Tube clips of her prank calling shomrim of williamsburg and boro park and even a bakery.

    I doubt that shmira had anything to do with her actions and the comments here all point to stern but no evidence or proof is given on any of it. I doubt that she is involveved with him at all, it seems more likely that if an affair was going on between kleim and one of the two shmira members under attack it would be prager, since according to you she kept a lasting friendship with him even after she was “forced” to watch him masturbate. Maybe she enjoyed it and they continued it. That too is just a theory, but more sensible.

    I think you should check your sources before publishing damaging stories like this one where it is a free for all stomping ground for people who dont like an individual for there own personal reasons. Through the many searches I did on kleim she has no connection to stern at all.

    Commentors write that they were seen making out. By whome ? Where ? When ? Pictures ? And that they are having sex and she is pregnant with his child. Unless you have proof of this you are damaging both stern and kleim for no reason at all but vengance.

    I cant say I agree with all of kleim’s ways but at least she shows proof when writing something to a harsh degree such as this. You may want to learn a lesson from her on your publishing standards, so that people take you seriously, if you are serious. Otherwise you just hurt people and there familys for your own childish entertainement.

    Please back up your story with some sort of evidence. I doubt stern and kleim were seen making out or having sex on kingston ave or montgomery street. If in fact there was something going on between the two (well known figures) I believe it would be happening behind closed doors and kept very discreet, and again I think prager would be the more likely candidate in this evidence lacking triangle you have started.

    Informing the community about crimes and violence taking place around us and endangering us is an important and good thing to do, again if you can show evidence of it, otherwise its just slander. Publishing stories about peoples personal lives and allowing comments on personal issues is unethical on your part and most definitly MUST BE BACKED UP if you choose to go that route.

  25. whoIsShmirA FAN! Says:

    lmao!!!! you guys are great!!

  26. dovie Says:

    its about time someone finaly figured out these 3 scum bags. i wonder what sterns next move is to get back at kleim for pulling a big insurance scam on him with his good buddy.

  27. i hate leah klein the whore Says:

    leah klein is a stupid goy whore. look at her arms and wrist full of razor blade cuts. come in leah just do it already. kill yourself and make crown heights a better place you lowlife dirty filthy hoe.

    and make sure to take stern with you.

  28. shmukanetti Says:

    this is not kleim in the picture its the fat ugly police shmukanetti

  29. yuda Says:

    it is kleim, the photo was on her porn site last week

  30. IAMAgaintSHMIRA Says:

    Leave Yossi and Leah alone. Let Yossi Stern and Leah Kleim kill each other.They are perfect for each other and will destroy themselves together. Leaving Yossi and Leah alone and ignoring there affaire and all the cons and scams they pull off is the best way to get rid of the two dirty shmira members. I hope this is no surprise to you that Yossi and
    Leah decided to keep up there childhood friendship.Yossi Stern and Leah Kleim are two CRIMINALS who think they can go on forever scamming our community and getting away with it, they started doing this when they were kids, and they never grew up because no one stopped them. Yossi and Leah have both screwed over all there friends together, they have both ruined there marriages with each other and they both have long criminal records. The best thing to happen to our community is these two fat pigs being together and have there love child.

  31. IAMAgaintSHMIRA Says:

    Also you should add the Yossi Stern and Leah Kleim court records and criminal records . It will help them with killing each other.

  32. LMMO! Says:

    Who gives a shit ?

  33. der chosson Says:

    What is your problem?? maybe she has changed and besides you missunderstand her. sometimes so do i, but i at least have the patience to try to understand her. all you ASSHOLES just bash her, probably because you are either just bored or jealous. Oh, and keep promoting her video.
    And to the moderators of this site, if you dont post this comment, you are just proving that you are a bunch of losers. and that you really dont care about what people really think. POST THE TRUTH, THE WAY OTHER PEOPLE SEE IT.

  34. LMMO! Says:

    You are so small and empty that you dont even hang the balls it take’s to publish my comment. ?

  35. LMMO! Says:

    You still dont have the balls to post my first comment ?!

    You are children. What is the point of having a comment line if you pick and choose only the comments that amuse you and stimulate your infant like brains ? If the comment has nothing to do with the topic at all then I can understand not allowing it . Comments that are on the topic should be published. If you just want to share your own opinion on things, CUT THE COMMENT LINE !

    WHO GIVES A SHIT ! About Yossi Stern , Yankee Prager or Leah Kleim. WHO GIVES A SHIT if there having an orgy this pesach instead of a seder . Live and let die.

  36. Yossi , Idii Stern and Leah Kleim Says:

    This is loshon hora and also richilus . Why does any of you care. If two people are doing an averah it is in hashems hands , not yours.

  37. ISpy Says:

    I saw Stern and Kleim walking on Utica ave on shabos.

  38. Leah Kleim and Yossi Stern Says:

    They spent chol hamoid together. Leah Kleim and Yossi stern were eating at a treif resturant. I SAW THEM. Keep up the good work ! Get some pictures of them, its not hard . Yossi Stern picks Leah Kleim up at her apartment on Empire Blvd almost every night.

  39. Yossi Stern Says:

    This is Yossi Stern, I have nothing to do with Leah Kleim. If I did I would have no problem taking the fall . Leah Kleim is friends with my brothers, not me. If you want to bash me then get some proof and show it. You Crown Heights Shomrim cant stand the fact that I have the power in the community. Get over it. And why drag Leah Kleim in to your mess ?

  40. Yossi Stern Says:

    If something was going on between us, I would stand tall and admit it.

  41. Yossi Stern Says:

    Lets not forget how we split, and who got the ultimate power.

  42. from our email: readers have more to share about the KLIME - PRAGER relationship « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] great job on the stern-pregar-kleim story. […]

  43. fat cow Says:

    I am the great and powerful leah
    let all you lowlifes tremble before my wrath.
    It is I and I alone who predicted the rise of the 3 Y’s men
    (yossi, yanky and yutz leib)
    I have tasted the blood (and semen of course) of all three (and many more) and have foreseen that them and them alone will rule supreme.
    I will continue to make prank calls to keep shomrim busy so that they cannot help the people of the shchuna. I will continue to harass them untill they bend to my will and sleep with me. I will dedicate my life to helping the shmira misera gang rule supreme and let all who appose me beware.
    The time of redemption is upon us, we shall soon be free of those good hearted people who have dedicated their lives to helping and protecting you. soon we shall be ruled by the scammers and thiefs that have wrecked havoc and terror on us. soon you will all see that I the great and powerful whore goddess of the seven fat cows will take my rightful place of queen of the dammed along side your new rulers the 3 Y’s men.

  44. Detective Virtue Says:

    Fat cow,
    Bravo ! your choice of words and talent for writing shine through so openly and obviously.

    YOU should be given access to write for this blog, you would captivate the audience.
    KNOW that what ever you choose to do someone is always watching you but patience has never been there to guide you.
    WHO ever tries to beat the Y’s men will always fail in THE END , and ….
    YOU are far from one of the Y’s women !
    ARE you scared ? SOMEONE might figure you out ?

    Why didn’t you post your comment on YOUR own blog ? and write about YOUR involvement with Crown Heights Shmira ?

    What ever happened to “THE GREAT AND POWERFUL LEAH KLEIM” ?

  45. fat cow Says:

    to detective virtue
    just who is that you think I am?

  46. Detective Virtue Says:

    To fat cow.

    You say you are Leah Kleim .

    Why would a question such as ” who do you think I am ” even arise ?
    All I was questioning, LEAH, is why don’t you just publish your opinion on your blog instead of here .

    YOUR traffic is high and it shows on YOUR live traffic counter. Addressing the “media” on YOUR channel that captures more viewers and has an outstanding rating would be more of a success for you.
    Don’t YOU think ? You KNOW you are the best at this.
    WHO better than you, to outshine YOU ?
    ARE you not publishing this on your blog….

    Because it is the truth ?

  47. 11213 Says:

    thats not leah. not her style.

  48. Guy Says:

    I have heard alot of rumors involving you and the CROWN HEIGHT’S SHMIRA MESIRA,
    AND THE 71’st POLICE PRECINCT. Is it true ?

    Why have so many bloggers and spammers decided to link you to the criminal shmira who
    try to run and lie to there neighborhood. We would like an answer from you about your
    involvement with crown heights shmira and the NYPD.

    Reports say that last night you were in a NYPD car and going to party with members of

    Leah. You always say that people should expose the truth. Are you behind the biggest
    scandal of our times ? What happened with Yanky Prager and you, What happened with
    Yossi Stern and you, What happened with Mendy Kahan and you, What happened with
    Uria Klein and you ? Why is there a whole site devoted to you and your affaire with
    Yossi Stern, why have you been seen daily talking to NYPD ?

    What happened to exposing criminals? Why did you decide to join them?
    How much did they pay you?

  49. ABOUT TIME Says:

    About time another blog publishes the Yossi Stern, Leah Kleim 71st TRUTH. Leah is all about the TRUTH. About time.

  50. ? Says:

    What about Kleim’s new tatoo ?

  51. The best words said ! Says:

    The best words said about Stern Kleim and Prager.

    […]Leave Yossi and Leah alone. Let Yossi Stern and Leah Kleim kill each other.They are perfect for each other and will destroy themselves together. Leaving Yossi and Leah alone and ignoring there affaire and all the cons and scams they pull off is the best way to get rid of the two dirty shmira members. I hope this is no surprise to you that Yossi and
    Leah decided to keep up there childhood friendship.Yossi Stern and Leah Kleim are two CRIMINALS who think they can go on forever scamming our community and getting away with it, they started doing this when they were kids, and they never grew up because no one stopped them. Yossi and Leah have both screwed over all there friends together, they have both ruined there marriages with each other and they both have long criminal records. The best thing to happen to our community is these two fat pigs being together and have there love child.[…]

  52. Sam Says:

    C O P . Cunt On Patroll. Her Name Is Shmira Leah Kleim.

  53. Sam Says:

    C O P . Or do they call her Cunt On Pregar ? Cunt On Pig ? Cunt Our Pride ? CHSP . Cunt Has Shmira Prick ? Cunt Ho Shmira Publicisit ?
    Crown Heights Super Pussy ? Crown heights Operating Pussy ? Crazy Over Prick ? Craves Only Pussy ?

    Leah Kleim wears the Crown Of Pigs ! Crown Heights Shmira should change there COP logo to COD. Cunt On Demand, and Leah Kleim can put her signature under the new logo.

    CHSP. Crown Heights Scum Pray !

  54. Sam Says:

    The Cunt On Patroll has a very hot body. Who can blame the Con’s Over Pussy ?

  55. Crown heights resident Says:

    You should get a camera crew, like and .
    You should take pictures of Kleim with all her cop friends and shmira friends.

  56. @#$#@!#$%% Says:

    I am on shmira and I know all the guys who talk to leah kleim. I never spoke to her but I can see why they do. What a rack that girl has.

    Its a secret with the shmira guys who are friends with her but everyone talks about her. When ever someone says her name there are always guys who say look i have a picture, but they never say they are friends with her. Only when the guy who has the picture leaves everyone starts talking about him and leah and who she is friends with.

  57. Shomrim fan Says:

    I think the COP pig lovers Yossi Stern and Leah Kleim had a fight. It’s about time. I knew they would have to stop On Leah Kleim’s blog there is an article calle’d “Yossi I’m Sorry”
    This is from Leah Kleim’s blog. (I dont want to put the link in this comment because I dont want to make people go there.)

    Yossi I’m Sorry ….

    I’m sorry that I was such a fuckn idiot.
    I’m sorry that I was so stupid.
    I’m sorry that I said what I said.
    I’m sorry that I didnt realize that trust was so easily crushed
    I’m sorry that I was such a fkn fool.
    I’m sorry that I messed with you.
    I’m sorry that I wounded you.

    Dear Yossi,
    This post is for you. I was a fkn idiot !!!
    I trusted a third grader and that was stupid.


    It dosen’t say Stern in the article but everyone that knows about Yossi and Leah knows that she is telling him she is sorry.
    Yossi can you tell us what happened with you and Leah ? Why did you break up ? Do you want to get back together with her or did you cheat on her so she left you ? All the people in crown heights that were talking about you and Leah were all saying she would leave you. I think it’s better if you stay with her so that we don’t have to here from you and because you belong together. Or did Leah cheat on you ?

  58. LMFAO Says:

    she has yossi stern tatood on her arm !

  59. Yossi Stern The Lucky One Says:

    Leah kleim and yossi Stern are having a hot affaire.

  60. DieYossieStern Says:

    she is pragnant with his mamzer baby they make sex every day. i saw one yime

  61. Leah Kleim Says:

    why does she have two sterns tattood on her wrist !?



  63. MMB Says:

    Wait a second, isn’t Stern married to that ugly red guys sister, the lawyer who works for the Brooklyn DA. Is Stern still married then whilst he’s f’ing around with Leah K.
    BTW, with those nice big juicy monster breasts I would join Shmira too, sorry.

  64. LEAH KLEIM Says:


  65. Who is OMG ? Says:

    Show us the Yossi Stern tattoo that Leah Kleim has, it will only make you more credible.

  66. yossi stern leah kleim Says:

    pictures dont lie !

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