the shmira car gets towed. after several years the law catches up with prager and his gang. prager avoided paying his parking tickets by trying to fool the city by making a custom plate ESU-77o. except this is no ordinary plate the “0” in 770 is really the letter o, and when the police write the ticket it is written as the number zero. for years and over 100 tickets he finally pays the price.

how did this crook get cought?

once again he uses shmira/cop to cover up his criminal activity. prager registers the shmira car on his name. the city will transfer any tickets to any car on your name. using the shmira car prager was sure that no marshall/sheriff would have the balls to tow the shmira car. avoiding the marshall for month they finally catch him.

prager once again scams his fellow friends. panicked that the car got towed several shmira members scramble to get the money to bail out the car. prager knowing that the the tickets are his refused to come up with the money. once again he blames the shmira boys for parking the car on the street.

what a loooooooooooooser!!!!

stuck between a rock and a hard wall the shmira members cash there SSI/disability checks and bail out the car.

lesson to all of you out there. a scammer is a scammer. when he wakes in the afternoon he will go scam someone. whether it be you or someone else. stay away from him for you will be next.

prager you low life, keep wearing the over sized shmira jacket. just like a criminal has a uniform to let the public know who he is, so do you. by you wearing the shmira jacket everyone can identify you by your uniform. you criminal. get out of our neighborhood. the rebbi said kan tzivah es habracha. you, on the other hand are a curse. how does your wife deal with you. you took a sweet girl from Canada and you took the life out of her. standing in line for free food was never in her dreams. she should leave you and run back to Canada. at last she would be able to live again knowing that you are banned from entering Canada for life. how much longer will you make her suffer???



  1. john doe Says:

    Purim is here, young and old, everyone is excited, parties, booze, shaloach manos, megilla and of course HAMAN HARASHA, this year as in last year HAMAN HARASHA has extra meaning for me for i have met HAMAN HARASHA AND HIS TEN SONS, HAMAN HARASHA YANKEL THE GANEF SPRITZER and his ten sons HAMAN HARASHA YOSSI STERN AND HIS SONS, PAUL THE GOY HUEBENER, YANKY MUSLIM RAT PRAGER, LEIB MEAT HEAD SKOBLO,
    MOISSER Moshe Gurevich – משה גורביץ
    MOISSER Israel Tzikvashville – ישראל צ’יקושוילי
    MOISSER Schneur Rotem – שניאור רוטם
    MOISSER Moshe Gurfunkel – משה גורפינקל
    MOISSER Yaakov Shatz – יעקב שץ
    MOISSER Zalman Brownstein- זלמן ברונשטיין
    Despite 7 community members having to be in court on ROSH CHODESH ADAR may we all celebrate this purim in joy and good health and may these modern day hamanim names be blotted and erased.

  2. antimesira Says:

    You should see how theses kids in shmira are takka brainwashed.
    all they talk about all day is Shomrim this and shomrim that.
    What the hell do they know?
    The people running shomrim, were patrolling our street, literally before most of these kids were born.
    It’s sad to here them speak the way they do.
    What can we do, there so called leaders are hat mongers.

  3. Shomrim fan Says:

    shmira recruits all the rejects of crwon heights sho me a reject and he is in shmira. who is that fat chazer belly stern ?
    preger ? small muslim rat .

  4. shmira member Says:

    Who is the typical shmira member? What type of person is he? Why was he drown to shmira? Here a profile of a shmira member.

    You may know this guy from your Yeshiva days, work, or just bumped in to him on the street.

    He hardly shows up for Sadder and when he does it’s basically in pajamas and slippers smelling like cigarettes (thank g-d he remembered to put on a shirt).

    He bums as many cigarettes as he can get, he never seems to have his own, and when he does, nobody knows about it.

    Every opportunity he can get drunk he’s on bored (Farbragen or no Farbragen). When he gets drunk he will start breaking Yeshiva property (and yours of course) and cursing (and if in public making a big Cillul Hashem), and don’t you dare try to tell him off, YOU WILL GET A BEAT DOWN and his fellow “shmira/liberals” friends, will excuse him by saying “He’s Drunk”.

    It goes with out saying that he does not learn a Jewish word all day but that’s o.k. “he’s better then you” because he believes the Rebbe is the messiah and you don’t (and Kirisky is a baal hagola etc…). And he doesn’t even go to the Sheur Geuala V’Moshiach but he’s never the less a BIG mishichist.

    He skips the line in the dining room, takes much more then he can eat, if you say some thing then “where’s your Ahavas Yisroel?”
    He takes your things with out asking, if you say some thing then “where’s your Ahavas Yisroel? Why are you so up tight? Chill out!”

    He borrows (only) a dollar (every day) but never seems to return, if you say some thing then “where’s your Ahavas Yisroel?”

    He’s very liberal; what ever will work for him right now is what he’s going to say. He will contradict himself in every debate but you are some how the idiots, he will always out shoot you and never let you talk.

    If you are having a peaceful debate with a friend (about any thing, local politics, global politics etc…) he will have nothing smart to say, so the only thing he will say is that “you’re both Babies” “you’re both idiots” “why are you talking about that, who cares?” I can go on but if you know “a shmira member” then you know what I’m talking about.

    He never makes his bed; his dirty cloth is all over the place.

    He opens the light when his roommates are trying to get some sleep (at night); if it’s during the day he will either put on loud music or have a conversation while you try to take a nap. If you say some thing he’ll just disregard you because “how dare you try to nap during the break? If you want to nap do it by sadder time”.

    He makes fun of all the bocherim that go to the Ohel for shabbos, although when he goes to Crown Heights you won’t even find him in 770 (because he’s in bed or hanging out with other “dovid p’s”).

    Every thing Holy, is a joke for him.

    He was the one that pulled the fire alarm (one time to many). He got kicked out of Yeshiva and of course it’s not his fault (“the Yeshiva system sucks” etc…).

    Now that he’s not in Yeshiva he makes fun of his “Loser” friends that are still learning, trying to do the right thing. He’s out of Yeshiva for a long time now, and is still being the same BUM he was in Yeshiva (no job, still sleeping in and still a BIG mishichist).

    He can still sleep in, he can still steal, he can still get drunk and curse (get in to fights etc…), he’s still bumming cigarettes and he can just site at home writing comment after comment sounding like the same idiot he always was.

    Did I miss something out?

  5. nebach Says:

    Did I miss something out?

    Yes, you did

    Everybody hates these guys
    so they find others like themselves to hang with,
    they all still hate each other, one will not even lend a buck to his new found “friends” for lack of trust etc…
    They put on fake smiles to each other,
    when one of them is not around, they will talk behind his back,
    all day they either talk about how they hate shomrim (a.k.a. any good people, doing good things) or they will talk about how they can make an easy buck by ripping of or stealing etc….

    bottom line is, they are jealous losers that can’t amount to anything!
    they are not in Yeshiva and are not working, they are lazy, fat s.o.b.
    all they know is “give me” “give me” “give me”, if you don’t “give me”, i will TAKE anyways.

  6. WhoIsShmira FaN! Says:

    prager! get the f**k out of crown heights…better yet get out of NEW YORK. YOU BIG F**K.

  7. Levi Says:

    Prager and stern should hang from a tree like haman

  8. Shomrim Says:

    do u have solid proof that the shmira car got towed?????????????????

  9. here's the proof????? Says:

    for the one who needs proof???????? anyway….
    look at the car you’ll see 2/24 and a sig. written in white on the rear window (top right)

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