the brand new CHSP COP car! Same Car, Same drivers, Same Shit!

the "brand new" CHSP COP car! Same Car, Same drivers, Same Shit!

Once again Prager is up to his old tricks. Master forger and identity theft expert Yanky, Muslim rat Prager changes the name of his gang, shmira to C.O.P.

What is  C.O.P.? 

COP is a community observation patrol ran by the NYPD.

After hours of negotiation with the new C.O. of the 71 pct, in which Shomrim decided for the best of it’s own organization and  the community not to join together with shmira or the COP program, lest we forget who shmira is.

Shomrim warned the precinct that working with shmira will only bring trouble for both Shomrim and the NYPD. They did not listen and the results (like predicted on WIS) are obvious.

Shmira was the gang who was indicted by the Brooklyn D.A. for the beating of Andrew Charls in 2008. With the prime suspect Yitzy Shuchat still on the run the gang changes the name to COP to avoid prosecution from the community. Prager who testified under the grand jury investigation walked free and is collaborating with the NYPD.

Does that make sense, how is it that a known criminal, police hater and rebel rouser is now working with the NYPD? Why is the 71st pct. working with  shmira, who are known criminals?

It all boils down to this. Prager testified against Yitzy Shuchat to avoid prosecution. Shuchat was sent on the run to divert attention from the rest of the gang.

When the new C.O. Inspector Peter Simonetti came to power his main goal was to keep the peace in the community (like keeping actual crime down). Under C.O. Vaga the shmira gang was suppressed to a smoldering fire after the Andrew Charles beating. The new C.O.  Simonetti, however,  had his own ideas and tried to make a peace with the two patrols (instead of focesing on protecting the neigborhood from  criminols, he opted to working with them).

After much negotiation Shomrim under no circumstance would want to join a gang of known criminals or the COP (especially when Shomrim  goal is to fight against crime and not with crime. Joining such a group like shmira would only be giving them some type of legitimacy).

With the new C.O. pressured to form his COP group, in his desperation, he turned to the shmira gang  for help. With about 100 applications only 30 were approved by federal standers among them non affiliated laymen from the community (who will never be there to help you, they just want the “special I.D’s” to get out of a ticket.)

So what happens now?

Feeling comfortable,  shmira runs to change the name on their car to COP. They are not part of the NYPD nor are they part of COP, an internal affairs investigation is underway as to the specifics of this so called COP group.


  1. whoIsShmirA FAN! Says:

    i would love to drive that car………………..OF A CLIFF….F**KING C.O.P. FAGS!!!!

  2. KOP Says:

    WIS should go back and find all all the loving comments the shmira and shmira supporter had and probebly now (even more) about the police.

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