Stern curses the nypd


Following the arrest of his wife, yossi chazer belly stern is angry and is heard cursing out the NYPD. Just month after Inspector Simonetti bring stern into his inner circle the truth about stern is revealed. “fuck the pigs” ” a good one is a dead one” these are some of the phrases stern was heard saying about cops.

Thinking he had all the connection in the police, stern tried to pull another one of his tricks.

Yes, just like he did to Beral Sugar, Deitch, Hershkop and to the 7 Shomrim members. After a traffic ticket was issued to his wife, stern accused the agent of assaulting her. thinking he had all the pull he got load and it got ugly.

PD investigated the incident and arrested her for assault and obstruction of government official. one member of the community said this animal stern should have been thrown out of the community along time ago. he has no regard for religion or any sort of human decency.

Sterns history with the NYPD is long and dirty. former commanding officer inspector Frank Vega was well aware of this animal and his gang. after the beating of Andre Charles a black teenager from Crown Heights, stern and his gang were suppressed to nothing but a name.

With one shmira member still on the run a grand jury convined and a indictment was brought forth. the new commanding officer deputy inspector Peter Simonetti wanted the 2 patrol groups to unit in there fight againt crime. After failing in his endeavor he tried to force them and failed again, this time miserably.


10 Responses to “Stern curses the nypd”

  1. Yossi stern Says:

    I want you to get this fuck where he breathes! I want you to find this nancy-boy who created whoisshmira, I want him DEAD! I want his family DEAD! I want his house burned to the GROUND! I wanna go there in the middle of the night and I wanna PISS ON HIS ASHES!

  2. CH Resident Says:

    Is there another way to say
    “I TOLD YOU SO!”

    To: mr. Shcmokentti

    It’s your baby, it’s making noise,
    now it’s time to put it to sleep.

    Thats what you get when you try to fight crime with criminals, you get more crime!


  3. john doe Says:

    Shmira is COP so doesnt that give them the right to do what they want when they want? they want to break the law? fine
    attack a traffic cop? fine
    after all they are under the “protection” of shmokenetti
    he took them under his wing and did some magic and turned criminal and theives into law abiding citizens , gangsters into gang fighters etc.
    so why shouln’t they be able to do want they want? who’s to stop them? shmokenneti himself?
    On a side note i heard that do to the unexpected low sign up to the shmira/COP and the incredible success of incorporating criminals into the COP program shmokenneti and yossi the chazzer belly moisser will be recruiting just-released from prison-criminals into the COP in order to futher rehabilitate them and incorporate them into society.

  4. Obama Says:

    Thats a good idea, let’s put all the detainees from Gitmo in to the COP.
    Yanky their Muslim brother prager can be incharge of them.

  5. Paul nazi huebner Says:

    now let see whats going on here? mrs stern the sister of ADA mr charly heintz goodfriend and the hostes of mr dov heikind is arrested ????
    how is that possible why cant she slap an officer ?
    but when the big police comissioner has a good friend and adviser
    how much more you expect from NYPD.
    the big noise from the charles case is quiet by shcmokenti and the bloods and crips are now COP ? only in NY it could happend .
    where is the mayor with some sense ?
    hello shcmukenti are you awake ???????
    what happend your best friends wife cant slap an officer ?????
    you made from the bloods and crip NYPD – COP ?

  6. Chanie Amzalak Says:

    May every single person involved with this website burn in hell, may you all get exactly what you deserve you sick excuses for human beings.

  7. wtevr Says:

    i must say that the police are doing a good job these days thay have tones of cops out on the street at night they and a lot during the day … thank you mister Simonetti

  8. C-O-P Says:




    Same (old)


    is it really worth a few cigars and a piece of steak for all this?
    Are you really ready to risk everything for a few hand outs?

    It’s also a matter of time until people start wondering why it is that everybody is getting Parking tickets, right and left, day and night, except some guy who blocks traffic with his trucks every single day (causing lots of mayhem). and were is this all happening?
    On empire corner of N.Y. Ave, right next to the 71 precinct.

    What is he giving you guys, a few diapers, perhaps a little detergent?

    The honeymoon is over for everybody!
    Nobody is untouchable!
    Stick with the right people and do the right thing and everything will be just fine. Hang around shit, you’ll smell like shit!

  10. anti^stern Says:

    I wonder wy iidi stays with Yossi for? He has this other woman I’m told she is a couple months pregnant with his spawn. Poor victim, she doesn’t even know it yet. But iidi RUN! RUN! What does this man have on you? I read this woman’s site she has pix of her with Yossi on his birthday at a party. Him looking like a beast but the woman BEAUTY! Wonder if she’s on his payroll? You get don’t girls like her on the way to Temple. Well it loooks like there are more Sterns’ yet to be hatched. At least this one will be a beautiful baby.

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