Some of  you may ask, what happened to the blog? we haven’t seen any thing on here for months? well my fellow friends let me explain were i went. following the tragedy in Mumbai India were 2 of our dear Shluchim were murdered I received several emails asking me to stop writing and assuring me that the Messira blood libel against the 7 Shomrim members would go away.

Well my dear friends months have passed and as a matter of fact January 20th, the last appearance on the case, came and guess what? and not only were the charges not dropped they are being persuade with full vigor. so here I am left with no choice.

At a time were the whole community came together to morn the loss there are those who don’t value the code and are  continuing in there jihad with their attempts to destroy Shomrim.

In the next few days you will get to see more police reports, grand jury testimony and countless documents of Mesira perpetrated by prager hubner and the shmira gang.

You will also get to see the video of the so called ‘beating’ that took place in 749.

Also you will get to hear audio from the 911 recordings.

Readers will be welcome to share their own thought and opinions and we will save comment on the documetns, you be the judge.



  1. CHER Says:

    Welcome back!
    we missed you!

    Evil doesn’t just go away on it’s own,
    you have to and must defeat it!

    You must fight Chutzpa with Chutzpa!

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