once agian the INTELLIGENCE POURS forth from the comments!


No Brainer-chsp is cop

This comment really got me rolling.

david the man

every one knows thr truth who mossered on who ari hershkop frankel lefkowitz the low life scum bags moisered on guys from shmira all the time so the truth hurts and why are you guys complaining about the yechi dudes from 749 you guys busted his face and broke the other guys arm what do you excpect the yechi dudes are not going to press charges you guys are sick vile low life scum bags g-d watches everything and he punishes those who mosser i know your not going to post my article because the truth hurts

So basically what this idiot is saying is that “you masserd on me and i know because everyone knows, see! proof!”

But see here you dumb fool, I brought proof that okunove from shmira masserd on three shomrim members, and the shmira lawyer paul (yimach shemo) huebner masserd on shomrim also.

The only truth there is, just like you said, that the “yechi dudes” masserd on shomrim, and that hurts? of course it does, would you like to sit in prison after being masserd on?

Oh, and one last thing you dumb shit, its a comment not an article.


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  1. person Says:

    ” you guys busted his face and broke another guys arm”, really? If someone has a busted face or a broken arm, that would require them to go seek medical attention in a hospital, when Hatzalah arrived at the 749 incident they didn’t take anyone to the hospital! You know why? Because nobodys face was busted and nobodys arm broke! If it was truly that way then how did Hatzala leave the scene without taking the so-called victims to the hospital? According to the law, emergency personal are not allowed to leave a scene without properly caring for the victim, and if they do leave a scene without treating the victim properly, that goes under the category of abandenment or negligence. So why did Hatzalah leave the scene without treating the so-called victim? Simple , there wasn’t a victim! What there was and still is, is BS propaganda!

  2. stern the pig Says:

    very well done!!!

  3. to person Says:

    since when did you become doctor ? The bochur went to the hospital for your info and the results came back of the CT that he had fractured his orbit and maxila from the direct blow to his face with lead glove so if you do not know info than dont talk mr wana be EMT

  4. Workout Says:

    I workout a lot, if you punch me in the wrong place you will brake your hand.
    Just because someone got hurt does not mean that he was the one getting the punches etc..

    People who see dead people and get dollars from a imaginary person they never even saw etc… etc… (all the other weired things they do) its not so far fetched that they will hurt themselves to mosseir on other Jews (Ive seen it all).

    I saw that Mossier that “broke his hand” (as I davven In 770) I think his name is Shenaor Rotem, He has a “cast” for how many days? less then a week!
    Explain please if he broke his hand, how is it that his cast was off in 7 days?

  5. john doe Says:

    to person Says:

    November 23, 2008 at 3:53 am
    since when did you become doctor ? The bochur went to the hospital for your info and the results came back of the CT that he had fractured his orbit and maxila from the direct blow to his face with lead glove so if you do not know info than dont talk mr wana be EMT

    first of all he’s not a bochur, calling a moisser a bochur simply shames every single bochur that is was and will be. a moisser has no hope and should not be saved when drowning and should be thrown into a pit. second of all he was not hit with lead gloves he was hit with a traffic light pole while it was still on the red signal so get your facts straight please.

  6. True Facts Says:

    I was not there but i heard from someone who was there that Gadi hershkop did not use lead gloves but did in FACT drive his school bus in to the room causing the above head injures.
    I also heard the it was an unbelievable fight, like watching a Kung Fu movie, could you imagine seeing only 7 shomrim members beating up a room full of at least 30 if not 40 young, strong and energized young men. wowo what a seen. How the imagination works? amazing?no?
    The special forces should recruit shomrim, they will be in and out of enemy countries in no time (with a victory of course).

    Last week I was locked out of my car and I called shomrim and the guy just ripped the door right off.
    I heard that shomrim members juggle those scooters of theirs (thats how they get so strong).
    Besides I think it’s an insult to our shomrim to say that they (all and mighty) had to use “lead gloves”. I mean, come on give them some cred.

    It’s 12:53 on a Sunday, do you think I can still make it for Sunday dollars?

  7. antimesira Says:

    “every one knows”

    This is going to be to easy!

    Was every one there?
    Can I come to court and testify “I know, because everybody knows”.

    This is a typical liberal/mishichist responds.

    How do you know the Rebbes Moshiach?

    liberal/mishichist responds
    “What do you mean, how can’t you believe? every lubavitcher knows the rebbes moshiach”

    “Bring proof”!
    liberal/mishichist respond

    “Your stupid, a Kofer, everybody knows, it’s a fact!”.

    If everybody knows it must be true, no actual evidence can over weigh “everybody knows”.

    WIS bring proof that it’s shmira/mishichistim doing the mesira all day all the time. That does not matter, b/c “everybody knows” that not true (don’t try to confuse “everybody” with facts!).

    Now, lets just say that “everybody knows” and therefor it is true.
    Explain how 7 people were able to beat the crap out of a room full of 30 crazy, wild mishichistim?
    Tell me then “if everybody knows” what happened why did they not call the shomrim members involved to a Din Torah? Who gave them permission to do mesira (with out a din Torah)?.
    What took 3 weeks to make an arrest (why did it take them 3 weeks to make up a story?)
    How is it that Hubner ym”s is a witness, when he was not there (maybe he also claims “everybody knows”).

    Must of all what do YOU know about what happened that night?
    were you there? did you speak to both sides?

  8. john doe Says:

    Boxer’s Fracture

    Boxer’s Fracture Overview
    A boxer’s fracture is defined as a break through the bones of the hand that form the knuckles. Some doctors use the term “brawler’s fracture” rather than “boxer’s fracture” because a boxer is not likely to get this injury. The less well-trained brawlers have to learn how to punch without hurting themselves.

    The metacarpal bones in the hand connect the bones in the finger to the bones in the wrist. There are 5 metacarpal bones-1 to connect each finger to the wrist. All of the metacarpal bones have the same anatomic structure. Each consists of the base, the shaft, the neck, and the head. The base of the metacarpal bone is the portion that attaches to the bones of the wrist. The shaft is the long, slender portion of the bone. The neck is the portion of the bone that connects the shaft to the head. The head of the metacarpal bone connects the metacarpal bone to the bone of the finger. The head of the metacarpal bones form the knuckle of an enclosed fist. A boxer’s fracture involves a break in the neck of the metacarpal. This was described originally in the fracture of the metacarpal bone of the little (small) finger because this is the most common one to break when punching an immovable object.
    Boxer’s fractures occur in the metacarpal bones that connect the ring finger or the little finger to the wrist. These are known as the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones. Some doctors include breaks in the neck of the second and third metacarpal bones in the definition of a boxer’s fracture. The second metacarpal bone connects the index finger to the wrist, and the third metacarpal connects the middle finger to the wrist.

    Boxer’s Fracture Causes
    Boxer’s fractures received their name from one of their most common causes-punching an object with a closed fist. This occurs commonly during fist fights or from punching a hard object such as a wall or filing cabinet. Although these breaks usually occur when the hand is closed into a fist, they can also occur when the hand is not clenched and strikes a hard object.

    Boxer’s Fracture Symptoms
    The typical symptoms of a boxer’s fracture are pain or tenderness centered in a specific location on the hand corresponding to one of the metacarpal bones, around the knuckle. You may also note pain with movement of your hand or fingers.
    When a bone is broken, you may experience a snapping or popping sensation in the affected bone.
    Your hand may swell, discolor, or bruise around the injury site. Deformity of the broken bone or the knuckle, may also be noted. There may also be abnormal movement of the broken bone fragments. The doctor may be able to produce pain by pressing on the broken bone. In addition, pain can be produced by grabbing the finger that attaches to the metacarpal bone that was hurt and pushing it inward toward the broken bone.
    If you make a fist with the affected hand, the doctor may notice misalignment of the associated finger. The doctor may see a deformity of the broken bone. When making a fist, the finger involved may bend toward the thumb more than is usual. This is known as rotation, and, though not always seen, its presence may indicate the possibility of a more serious type of boxer’s fracture.
    Another common sign of a possible boxer’s fracture is a cut on the hand. A cut in the skin associated with a boxer’s fracture may indicate a more serious type of boxer’s fracture.

    When to Seek Medical Care
    Any time you have an injury and a fracture is suspected, contact your doctor for instructions. If the doctor is unavailable, go to the emergency department for evaluation. Also contact your doctor or go to the emergency department if you have been splinted or casted and develop increasing pain, numbness, or tingling in the fingers on the casted arm. Any signs of infection from a cut or stitched wound also require evaluation by a doctor.
    Any hand injury that has signs or symptoms suggesting a fracture should be evaluated by a doctor. This may be accomplished by contacting your doctor. If your doctor can’t see you right away, you may go to a hospital’s emergency department.

    Exams and Tests
    Physical examination in conjunction with x-rays is essential to properly diagnose a boxer’s fracture. Findings that suggest the need for x-rays include activities that increase the risk of fracture, deformity of the hand, localized tenderness, swelling of the hand, discoloration, decreased ability to move the hand, wrist or fingers, numbness, unequal temperatures between the injured and uninjured hands, or a cut caused by teeth when punching someone in the mouth (resulting in a human bite injury).
    The doctor will determine if x-rays are warranted based on the circumstances surrounding the injury. After the doctor obtains detailed information about how the hand was injured, a physical examination is the next step in the evaluation.
    Swelling and discoloration commonly are seen with fractures and are associated with damage caused by direct trauma to the bone and surrounding muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels.
    Decreased ability to move the hand in the usual directions and manner may result from the swelling or pain associated with the fracture. The doctor will ask you to make a fist. This helps to determine the extent of the injury, as well as the type of treatment that may be needed. This also may indicate if a ligament has been torn. Torn ligaments will not show up on standard x-rays, but they sometimes occur with fractures.
    X-rays of the hand are performed to look at the hand from 3 different directions. Evaluating the hand from different viewpoints reduces the risk of not seeing a fracture on the x-ray. After evaluating the bones on the x-ray, the doctor can determine what type of fracture is present. In certain cases, the doctor may order more x-rays, with special views to look for hard-to-find fractures. These studies are ordered when the standard x-rays do not show a fracture and the information regarding your injury or physical examination suggests the presence of a hard-to-find fracture.
    On physical examination the doctor will look for the presence of foreign bodies in the hand. Activities that could cause a foreign body to become lodged in the hand are these: punching another person in the mouth, being bitten by an animal, being cut with a sharp object, a penetrating injury, or abrasions or splinters from an object. Foreign bodies that may show up on x-rays are glass, bone, metal, and stones. However, organic or living materials such as wood or plants will not show up on standard x-rays and will require further studies if their presence is suspected.

    Boxer’s Fracture Treatment
    Self-Care at Home
    Home care for boxer’s fractures can be divided into care prior to seeing a doctor and care after a diagnosis of a boxer’s fracture is made.
    The immediate goals of caring for an injured hand are to minimize pain and swelling, minimize the risk of infection of any open cuts, and to prevent further injury caused by an unstable fracture.
    The best approach to reduce pain and swelling is to apply an ice pack to the injured area. If ice is not available, placing a towel soaked in cold water on the injured hand will work. Elevating the injured hand will also help reduce swelling.
    An open cut sustained at the time of injury suggests an open fracture – a type of broken bone that is at increased risk for infection and poor healing. All cuts should be washed with soap and water and then covered with a clean bandage immediately to reduce the risk of infection.
    A key technique to prevent further injury from a fracture is to immobilize the injured hand. This is often best accomplished by holding the injured hand in the uninjured hand. In addition, take care not to use the injured hand to lift objects or perform any task that would place stress on it. Using a broken hand that is not properly immobilized can cause damage to surrounding muscles, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.
    Home care after the diagnosis of boxer’s fracture is based on how the doctor treated the hand. Home care includes pain management, cast or splint care, and monitoring for signs of infection.
    Bones, like many other parts of the body, contain nerve fibers that transmit the sensation of pain. Pain from broken bones is caused by swelling due to injury of the tissues around the fracture site, or by the broken bone moving against the nerve fibers. Pain should lessen once a broken bone is immobilized and movement is prevented. Some degree of pain may still persist. When a doctor writes a prescription for pain medication, it is important to take the medication as prescribed. This will help alleviate pain and will minimize the risk of any unwanted side effects from the medication. For mild pain, over-the-counter acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) may be used as directed on the label. This should be discussed with the doctor before you take these medicines.
    Splinting or casting commonly is performed on all boxer’s fractures that do not require immediate surgery. All splints and casts should be kept dry in order to maintain their strength. A complication that can be seen with this procedure is the cast becoming too tight from the swelling of the fracture. When this happens, you may feel pain under the cast or splint. Another sign is numbness or tingling in the fingers on the casted hand. In addition, the finger may become cool to the touch. When this occurs, call your doctor or report to a hospital’s emergency department immediately for evaluation.
    Infection can occur at an open cut. Wounds should be kept clean and covered until healing is complete. If stitches are used to close a cut, the doctor will provide additional instructions on how to care for the stitches and when they should be removed. It is important to follow these directions carefully to minimize the risk of infection. Monitor any cuts for signs of infection. Warning signs of infection include redness, red streaking away from the cut, warmth, or swelling around the site of the cut. Pus may also drain from the wound. Any of these signs requires immediate evaluation.

    Medical Treatment
    If a boxer’s fracture is detected, the primary goals of treatment are to immobilize the hand to permit proper healing and to alleviate the pain associated with fractures.
    In order to properly immobilize most broken bones, the splint should immobilize the joints above and below the site of injury. In the case of a boxer’s fracture, different types of splints may be used. One type of splint may extend from the fingers, with the fingertips exposed, to the forearm near the elbow. Another type of splint that has been shown to be effective for some boxer’s fractures of the little finger is to buddy-tape the ring finger and little finger together. Your doctor will decide what type of splint will treat your fracture the best.
    When a boxer’s fracture occurs, it is possible for a portion of the metacarpal bone to move out of normal alignment. This is called angulation. The amount of angulation will determine what type of treatment is required to ensure proper healing. People with boxer’s fractures who have acceptable amounts of angulation may be splinted in the emergency department or doctor’s office.
    Any degree of angulation in the second or third metacarpal bones is considered abnormal and requires referral to a hand specialist for possible surgical repair. Boxer’s fractures of the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones only require surgery if large degrees of angulation are present and the bones cannot be moved into the correct place by pulling and pushing on them.
    Because broken bones can cause significant amounts of pain, pain management is an important aspect to treating broken bones. Pain management is best accomplished with anti-inflammatory medicines and pain relievers. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) usually provides good pain relief with few side effects. These over-the-counter medications, or any prescription pain medicines, should be taken as directed to decrease the risk of side effects.

    A person with a boxer’s fracture frequently is advised to follow-up with a bone specialist (orthopedic surgeon) or a hand specialist to ensure that the broken bone mends properly. The hand specialist may be either an orthopedic surgeon or a plastic surgeon who specializes in hand injuries.

    Follow-up should occur within 1 week of the initial injury if there is not a critical amount of angulation. If angulation of the fracture exceeds acceptable levels, follow-up should occur sooner.
    If a plaster splint is placed in your doctor’s office, or in the emergency department, and you develop increased pain or numbness in your fingers, or if your fingers become cold and blue, then loosen the splint, notify your doctor, and return to the emergency department immediately.

    The key to preventing boxer’s fractures is to avoid situations in which the injury can occur. Boxer’s fractures most commonly occur during fist fights and when someone punches a hard object in anger or frustration. Avoiding these situations can reduce significantly the risk of sustaining a boxer’s fracture. In addition, decreasing the loss of bone that occurs naturally with age also is critical. This can be accomplished with regular exercise and calcium supplements or adequate intake of dairy products.

    With proper immobilization of the broken bones and good follow-up with a hand specialist, most people with a boxer’s fracture have a good prognosis. Those who require surgery often have a longer period of recovery than people who only require splinting. Some will require physical therapy after the splint is removed because the muscles become weakened from not being used.
    Authors and Editors
    Author: Manuel Hernandez, MD, Chief, Department of Emergency Medicine, Parkway Medical Center.

    Coauthor(s): Jacob W Ufberg, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine.

    Editors: Ruben Olmedo, MD, Chief, Division of Toxicology, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical Center; Francisco Talavera, PharmD, PhD, Senior Pharmacy Editor, eMedicine; Jeter (Jay) Pritchard Taylor III, MD, Vice-Chief, Compliance Officer, Attending Physician Emergency Medicine Residency, Department of Emergency Medicine, Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital, University of South Carolina.

    Last Editorial Review: 8/10/2005

    I am no doctor but i have eyes and i can clearly see that hatzalah members wrote on the pcr (patient care report) that is filled out by ems when transporting a patient that rotem ym’s stated that “I WAS INVOLVED IN A FISTFIGHT”. And he told medical staff that “I WAS INVOLVED IN A FIGHT”
    But of course that is not what he told police when he cooked up the vicious messira along with paul moisser goy huebener ym’s.

  9. comments Says:

    Thank you WIS for posting these comments
    Now we have some insight to how their very small minds work.

    not long ago I had a conversation with a long time friend who happens to be a shmira sympathizer (hes related to prager the muslim rat).

    So my friend says:
    Shomrim massered on some shmira guys that they had illegal light and sirens”.

    So I ask him:
    “how do you know”
    He says “thats what I was told, everybody knows”

    So I ask him again:
    “name one person (in shmira) who lost his lights and sirens because of a mesira from shomrim”

    He replies: (and again typical liberal) ” I don’t want to talk about this anymore, I don’t get involved in politics, I don’t really care, both sides are wrong, etc…”

  10. john doe Says:

    I just can’t believe that “detective” brian duffy and the DA’s office let themselves get sucked into the bulshit lies of the missianist israeli’s and the shmira moissrem. anybody that gets close to the missianist and the shmira moissrem ultimately in the end fall and fail hard. it’s like mixing with terrorist they walk around free enjoying themselves plotting and carrying out terror but they always have that silent armed drone unknowingly hovering on top of them.

  11. john doe Says:

    to comment:

    your analogy of comparing missianist, shmira, and their sympathyzers to american democrat/liberals 100% on point. I am an avid listener of michael savage and michael would say these “friends” don’t deserve to be your friends they will only bring you down drop them like a hot potato and have nothing to do with them.
    These “friends” that are quick to criticize before even asking you your side of the story are not friends they are people that have probably used you at a certain point in time in both your lives that was convenient for him and you barely ever see him and the only time you do he’ll explode in your face about that this or that that he heard from his real friends in shul, drop them, don’t even look at them, you don’t need them and don’t let them feel comfortable giving you their low and stupid “opinions”.

  12. Braveheart Says:

    I don’t know what happened for I was not there but
    i will say that if you get in to a fight and the other guy started but you hit back, you must be a man and be ready to get hit as well as hit.

    You don’t go hit the guy back (although he started) and then when losing the fight go running like a little chicken (cowherd) to the police or to or Morah to complain that you were beaten up.

    If you are ready to hit you must be brave enough to get hit [back].
    take it like a man!

    We all know (because we all SEE that time after time these mishichist are not shy when it come to giving petch (a beating) to whom ever they feel may (or may not) have offended them! If someone started with them it is hard to believe (from past insistences) that they did not hit back (especially from the picture that they put up on Chabad.info you can see that the shomrim members were out numbered). If that is the case, they have no right to go mosseir and claim to be a victim. You are only a victim if you are defenseless (and from what I have SEEN from the past they are no innocent defenseless boys).

    I guess sadly it is up to the court to decide now!
    and in court there is now “everybody knows”
    there is no “they” “those guys” in court it’s about Who, what, when, how etc…

  13. cowards Says:

    I have seen the mishichist cowards fight in the past in 770.

    They hit and run
    hit and run
    they will never fight someone one on one.
    They will never hit you face to face, it;s always from the back.

    They are sick chicken cowards who are afraid of their own shadow.

    It’s like a dog, if it senses that you are scared it will chase you. if it senses that you are not afraid it will run from you.

    My advice is that if they start hitting and beating on you, you must fight for you life, they will not have mercy, don’t trust them when they stop because when you turn your back they will still come after you.

    Let’s not forget what happened by the kinnush hashluchim two years ago (plenty of witnesses there). Let’s not forget all the violent acts that were carried out by their hand the last 15 years.

  14. Who is john doe (WIJD)? Says:

    john doe you rock!
    it’s a real pleaser reading your comments
    you talk to the point, with sense and a little hummer.
    you don’t let anybody get away with anything.

    keep it up!

    by the way it would be cool if you had your own site
    or maybe you can become an official writer on WIS.

    How come we don’t see people like you in the real world?

  15. person Says:

    since when did I become a doctor? Actually I’m no doctor, but I didn’t see any of the tzafti moisserim walking around with bandaged heads or casts, how come? I know why! Because its all BS! Why did it take the tzafti moisserim a couple of weeks to come up with their story? How is heubner a witness if he washy even present? How does yossi stern get involved if he wasn’t at the scene either, and only came on the scene afterwards to ferry these moisserim to make reports? How is it that 7 shomrim members knocked the crap out of 30 tzfati moisserim? How is it that every fight the Tzvatis get into they did nothing wrong, and nebach everybody is picking on them? Answer: because of corrupt people like u, who for some reason back up and support messiras! Well guess what all u messiras sympthizers are just as guilty as the actually mosser! For not for u, and others in this community they would not have legitimacy. But u guys need the tzfati Israeli mosser to fight your battles for u! So u give him a back as long as he comes through for you.

  16. brains LOL Says:

    nice picture, do they they have replacement brains too?
    i know a few people that can use some


    749 looks like a toilet in the subways…yuck

  18. john doe Says:


    Cowards they are! these missianist disgust me, i remmember seeing the video of the missianist throwing the bench in 770 and broke the leg of a shliach from vietnam with sick gleeful smiles on their faces, NO CHARGES WERE PRESSED AGAINTS THEM they could have been charged with attempted murder and there wasn’t even an apology or compensation from the murderer missianists, I have seen the murderous EVIL disgusting look in their eyes when they attack, they look the the jihadist terrorist when they shout and curse and cry death to the infidels, thats what these missianist are terrorist, who scream death to the non-believers, they’ll hit you, beat you, spit on you and then run to the police crying that they are the victims knowing that no REAL JEW would do the things they are willing to do. They live in their rathole in 749 which no vagrant would be willing to live for years on end, when their supposed normal friends move on and move out you’ll still find them living there, you’ll see them in every place seeking to heat up and instigate any situation and then conveniently dissapear. The shmira moissrem and the missianist terrorist are perfect for each other, they are both illigitimate, both based on lies, deciet and jealousy and they are both dissapearing into extinction.

  19. crazyness Says:

    I hate to break it all but you all tattle tail on each other…why don’t you all stop running around Crown Heights pretending to save the world and really do something for once!

  20. antimesira Says:

    crazyness Wrote:
    “I hate to break it all but you all tattle tail on each other…”

    Here we go, Another self righteous person just taking the easy way out and blaming “BOTH SIDES”, although only one side (the shmira/mishichistim) are doing all the Mesira.

    To quote Rush l.
    “there is no such thing as a moderate, A moderate is just a liberal in disguise”

    Truth be told I’m kind of used to this responds, it’s just like c
    omments Says:
    November 23, 2008 at 1:21 pm
    after speaking for a while trying to bash you, when finally proffen
    to be wrong these liberals start with the “(and again typical liberal) ” I don’t want to talk about this anymore”, “I don’t get involved in politics”, “I don’t really care”, “both sides are wrong”, etc…”
    And the best one “there has to be peace”!


    “…why don’t you all stop running around Crown Heights pretending to save the world and really do something for once!”

    and who are you?
    What are you doing to actually “save the world”?
    you thing by writing some comments on some web site you are “saving the would”? When was the last time you even “pretended” to help somebody?

    Another self righteous S.O.B sitting on top of the fence (on top-meaning the middle) laughing at everybody else thinking he got everything figured out.

    One time or another, one way or another you will fall of that fence and have to face reality, it’s just a matter of time.

  21. The fencer; The middle man Says:

    “And the children struggled together within her… And she went to inquire of the G-d… And the G-d said to her: ‘Two nations are in your womb.’ ” (25:22-23)

    QUESTION: Rashi explains: When Rivkah passed a house of Torah learning, Yaakov struggled to emerge. When she passed a place of idol worship, Eisav struggled to come out. This perplexed her, and she went to inquire about it. A message was conveyed to her through Shem that she was carrying two children.
    Why did this information calm her?

    The Rebbe answers: (Likutei Sichos Vol. 1, p183 ff.)
    The prophet Eliyahu held a debate with the false prophets of Ba’al during which he challenged them: “How long will you waver between two opinions”. If Hashem is the G-d, follow Him! And if it is the Ba’al, follow him” (1 Kings, 18:21). One may wonder how Eliyahu was able to utter such an option.

    The Rebbe Zt”l explains the difference between outright idolatry and idolatry which is fence-sitting. Outright idolatry means a person really believes he benefits from his idol. A fence-sitter is in doubt – either he’s unsure as to what to believe in, or he believes in Hashem plus something else.

    The Rebbe continues and says, that wavering between two opinions is in many ways WORSE than outright idolatry.
    GENERALLY, outright idolatry is worse of course. But in terms of TESHUVA, the fence-sitter is worse because it’s harder for him to do Teshuva fully.


    1) Because someone who once believed in idolatry, who realizes he was wrong, can fully do Teshuva. The one who wavers and believes in Hashem plus something else or doubts, doesn’t do a full Teshuva because he claims he always believed in G-d.
    I.e. He is uncertain weather he sinned in the first place.

    2) The one who fully believes in idolatry can be a spiritual individual, just a misguided spiritual individual
    [all that really has to be done with him is point him to the RIGHT direction. i.e. he’s interested in the TRUTH he just got it in the wrong place].

    But the one who wavers shows that not only is he not interested in the true G-d, but he is spiritually insensitive. Although he knows Hashem is G-d, he is still willing to give idols some credit, thinking he’ll benefit in some way. Even when he realizes the truth, he does Teshuva only because of personal gain.
    I.e. He is willing to compromise some of his religious beliefs for the sake of convenience or social pressure (his spirituality is corrupted by materialism [and he will do what ever it takes to get more]).

    3) The one who wavers leads others astray because it is not clear that he is a heretic (for he knows how to quote a Pussuk in Chumush, a word from a Mammer or Sicho etc.. he speaks the language). The idol-worshiper, however, is an outright heretic and is thus an outcast that does not effect the Community.
    I.e. nobody gets confused by him.

    At the outset, Rivkah thought she was carrying one child who was confused, unable to distinguish between RIGHT and WRONG, and thus, G-d forbid, capable of running in a different direction each day. Informed that she would give birth to two children, she was relieved, because she could now hope to convince the other child to emulate his righteous brother.

    [For the real deal- Likutei Sichos Vol. 1, p183 ff.]

  22. a shmira member Says:

    TO: WIS
    let me tell you one thing sooner or later your going to get cought and g-d will repay you for the bad that you bring on people, so get out when you have a chance be smart
    the world can’t run with two, only as one family !!

    so lets stop this baby game and do what the rebbe and g-d wants not what we want

  23. nu nu Says:

    they never had any brains!!!

  24. what makes ? Says:

    what maks you think you know what G-d whants?

  25. Mike from BRKLYN Says:

    hey guys so I been reading your blog and stuff and here what I have to say…
    I’m a Jew and no im not religious but what is going on there with all this bull crap why can you guys just all get along if you have a problem with one group have a sit down with them and yes I know it all about the power and the money and control but you are all Jews you are fighting with one another at 770 where the Rabbi was not nice what example are you showing the younger kid. all of you should get a life and stop fighting shmira who that F… do you think you are I would love to see you go in to any BKYN neighborhood and try your stuff there in Bay Ridge or Brighton Beach there are people there that would love to talk you.
    I will be in 770 soon and yes soon I want to see one of the Shmira people face to face see if they have the real balls…

  26. to mike from bklyn Says:


    any day of the week or weekend…. come on down guy

    lets get silly

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