Paul Huebner YM"S

עורך הדין של השמירה Paul Huebner YMS

The following is the second in a series of many police reports that whoisshimra has obtained thanks to inspector peter simonetti depicting the vile and vicious messiros shmira has been perpetrating against shomirm.

In this MESSIRA Paul Huebner yimach shemo claims that Benjamin Lifshitz approached him and threatened him that “all shomrim want to kill you” and that he feels threatnad and alarmed and annoyed because he is a member of shomrim.

CHAZZER BELLY, this is the SECOND messira that SHMIRA MADE ON SHOMRIM that is documented evidence. STAY TUNED FOR MORE!

Readers, this is the second of a series of 48 police reports which we will start posting one at a time, prooving a systematic messira against nearly every singe shomrim member and shomirim supporter by Yossi chazzer belly Stern yimach shemo and Yanky moslem rat Prager yimach shemo and Paul Huebner yimach shemo the glorifide lawyer of the shmira. stay tuned for much more.

Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2



  1. anonymous Says:

    i hate paul i need help someone tell him to stop beating me and the kids

  2. heikind Says:

    why is this heikind dude in crown heights ?

    he is a friend of mossrim anywehre he find them.

    go to flatbush and stop helping mossrim.

    mr heikind leave crown heights alon .

    huebner is a natzi and heikind his friend

  3. Me Says:

    heubner the Rat! The “chofetz chayim” in his Sefer ” shem olam” in the hashmotos, he says that a mosser comes back into this world in the gilgul of a barking dog! Well mr. Heubner this does not bode well for you.

  4. benny Says:

    please learn how to spell

  5. Me Says:

    Mosser! Mosser! Mosser! Mosser! Mosser! A mosser has no part in thevworld to come, see shulchan aruch choshen mishpat chapter 388:9, see also the commentary of the Shac”h on that sif. Also its brought down in the name of tosfos that a mosser is worse than someone who gave up his Jewish faith for a different faith!

  6. john doe Says:

    Brooklyn, NY – Dov Hikind Subpoenaed On Sex-Abuse Information
    The irony……………….

    Dov hikind came to crown heights to help the shmira mossrim destroy shomrim*, now the authorities want him to masser on Jewish molesters of which he has big files**, teachers, rabbi’s, etc. which would send shock waves throughout the Jewish world. I’ve always said the day of reckoning is coming to the Jewish world because of mossrim, ganavim scammers, missianic terrorist running around doing as they please***.
    shuchat beats charles and has to disappear.
    shmira is dissolved (though trying to give the impression they still exist by hanging up signs and parking the shmira car all over kingston. [I wonder were they got that idea?]
    agriprocessors is forced into bankruptcy another big slaughter house is destroyed by fire.
    Hikind being forced to disclose accused child molesters sure to destroy many families or risk going to jail.
    and among this the many tragedies (deaths) we heard of this past year.
    now we have hussein obama as a president who is being compared with the like of hitler ym’s (the one related to paul nazi huebener).
    g-d doesn’t care if it was shmendel or hendel who massered
    we are all for one and one for all.

    *He thought that he meant well (and could be the hero) but the result was not good, sometimes not taking a side is taking a side.

    **which is a alternately a good thing (for the greater good) but he sure did not want to be in a position were he would be the one exposing them.

    ***When people have that attitude of “who cares-it has nothing to do with me” in the end one way or the other it will end up being right by your front door (you/we all end up paying the heavy price).

  7. Sick Says:

    Have you seen that Mosier Hubner lately, the man looks sick, he lost a lot of weight (not the healthy kind) and looks pale. It looks like this evil cancer of mesira is catching up to him, It seems that although he may be sick (and maybe dyeing his HATE is so great that it’s keeping him alive.
    Every mesira that he does gives him another day to live for.

    hes a very sick man.
    I hope dov Hikind has a file on him!

  8. BUSTED!!! Says:

    “a judge can only judge with what he can see”

    Thank you WIS

  9. shmira Bullies Says:

    scum bags!

  10. who me??? Says:

    When asked about these Mesiras mr.Hubner the mosier rat denies that he has anything to do with it.
    this is after the reports were posted on WIS and his name plastered on the discovery as a witness, victim and lawyer in the 749 case.

    What Chutzpa!
    Who you fooling, fool?

    It’s like when my two year old covers his eyes and thinks nobody can see him.

    This is how it’s going to work..
    g-d willing the charges will be dropped on shomrim and hubner will get in trouble with the lawyers Bar for doing what he did (“which he didn’t do”) and once again it will be shomrims falt that he is in trouble and once again it will come out that it’s shomrim that are the mosserim.

  11. once agian the inteligence poors forth from the comments! « Who Is Shmira? Says:

    […] you dumb fool, I brought proof that okunove from shmira masserd on three shomrim members, and the shmira lawyer paul (yimach shemo) huebner masserd on shomrim […]

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