When I read this story I got sick to my stomach, almost as sick as I did when I heard that it was the very same guy who SHMIRA took to the hospital to go and MOSSER on 6 Shomrim volunteers. Who would have though that these animals are capable of this? ME!!! Because it isn’t the first time!

83 Year Old Man Shoved down Stairs in 770

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — A drunk bochur, described as a “Tzfati”, pushed an 83-year-old man down a staircases in 770 on Motzai Shabbos. The incident began inside 770 at around 8:00pm when the drunken Tzfati, who was missing his shirt, grabbed the elderly man and shoved him down a flight of stairs.

A bystander called 911 and scores of cops responded along with a city ambulance who began treating the old man for his injuries. After getting a proper description of the perp, police went searching for him but couldn’t find him, yet they still filed a police report.

An eye witness said the Bochur, who was visibly intoxicated, shoved the old man down the stairs and when he came to rest on the landing proceeded to kick him.

After receiving treatment for close to an hour in an ambulance outside 770, the old man insisted he did not want to go to the hospital and went on his way.

But I have a good memory, this isn’t the first time that these animals raised their hands in 770 in the name of their MH”M, only this time it was shmira that went and beat the living daylights out of the Meshichistim Tzfatis but that maced them too (remind you of Andrew Charles anyone? They maced him too), from the same website:

Dollars at 770!

Photo: COL

Yesterday [Sunday] a group of messianic’s wanted to practice their ritual of the staged “Rebbe dollars” in front of the Rebbe’s room, but didn’t succeed. The whole place went violent in seconds, a few older people from 770 tried peacefully to end it before it started, but they were just shoved out of 770 by a group of 30, and they went on to trying to give out the dollars.

But then our hero’s “Shmira” came to the rescue. Shmira is known for their violent and aggressive approach to everything. Came in and tried to “break up” the confrontation, but immediately became the victims of a beating on behalf of this group, when shmira completely lost control they started spraying teargas in a vain attempt to regain control.

So when Shmira finished fighting with the “dollar people” they still wanted blood, so they turned their wrath on a photographer, demanding his camera all the while threatening him physically and holding onto him trying to get at his camera. Their justification for this was that they didn’t want any pictures taken. In the end the photographer got away unharmed.

Just a point of notice there was a video of what went on inside 770 and we are working to get that footage, and there was a COL photographer inside all the while and he was generous enough to share his pictures with us, for your viewing pleasure.

These are pictuers of the fight inside. Photos: COL

Gurfinkal the mosser involved in the fight as always

Gurfinkal the mosser involved in the fight as always

There he is again- What is he doing in Crown Heights for almost five years?

There he is again- What is he doing in Crown Heights for almost four years? Still A student in 770, still resides in 749? all these years?

These are pictures of the crowd. Photo:

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  1. charlie buttons Says:

    yechi hamelech ve hamalkah

  2. john doe Says:


    Zalman Brownstein- זלמן ברונשטיין ym’s, one of the evil mossrim was engaged to be married last month and now the girl has broken off the engagement. who would want to marry a moisser?

    His family and relatives tried pleading with him to stop mossering, some of his friends tried, even his kallah tried but it was all useless Zalman Brownstein- זלמן ברונשטיין ym’s refused to drop the false charges he made against several of the seven crown heights residents, six who are crown heights shomrim volunteers, the evil in his heart was so great that he couldn’t let go of his hate, that his kallah left him!

    Who is this Zalman Brownstein- זלמן ברונשטיין ym’s?? hell i don’t know and i’m sure a whole lot of other people don’t know he’s a nobody! and he’ll always be a nobody! he’s a scum moisser! he’s a messianist terrorist! I don’t even know what he looks like! yet he went and jumped on the bandwagon along with shmira terrorist moissrem may they rot in hell and got 7 crown heights residents arrested and he thought that g-d would forget. i pray that this unholy scum moisser along with his scum moissrem buddies Moshe Gurevich, Israel Tzikvashville, Schneur Rotem, Moshe Gurfunkle, Yaakov Shatz,(and the many other moissrem that are on court documents) grow old alone and lonely until they die.

    Every man is a common man, and every common man has his plan, the greedy man seeks only appetite, the wicked, oh the wicked man shall fall.

  3. crazy Says:

    crazy is what crazy does, these people -if you can call them that- animals are not normal, they are not chabad and don’t even behave in a Jewish way.

    Down with mishichist crazies (I guess thats means all of them).
    Down with shmira and down with anybody who tries to excuse them (you are just as bad-you don’t mean well, you think you do but Tachlice your not).

  4. huebner natzi Says:

    ok lets see

    all this shit is not ours not born here and not even jewish.

    who saw any proof that huebner is jewish ?

    who saw proof that gurfinkel is jewish ?

    thy came here and didnt have to show anything.

    from this behavior its abvios that this are not jews not rachmonim

    not baishonim and not gomley chasodim.

    as you read the news from isreal a tzfati assulted a shliach in kiriat yam


    the mashchitim are a group of terorists and lubavitch well not fall

    to thier dirty hands this are natzi terorists .

    remember to say in court this week .

    vaanachnu beshaim hashem nazkir.

    hashkaim vaarev alihem veeim colim mealihem .

    and may god help the jews and the da will investigate huebner for orchestrating this blood lible and put him away for a very long time

    huebner natzi ym”s

  5. dov Says:

    these guys (mishichistim/tzfaties) have no home, no family, no love, they know only hate and violence.
    It’s not for nothing that they come here and forget to go.
    They get beaten at home so they come here and let it out on us.

    Look in to every one of those crazies and you will find either a broken home or the guy was molested when a child. You will also find that most of these kids come from nonfrum families and they themselves only came to “yiddeshkit” (if you can call what they are doing Jewish) not so long ago.

    Another factor could be that the family is normal the kid is not so they send him here.

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