this is a really interesting email we got from some lady claiming that stern is a slumlord… WOULDN’T SURPRISE US!

I have asked many of you for help Some of you have helped and some of you have said there is nothing you can do I sit here typing this email after a tenant threw a bottle at me yesterday The police wrote a report So what What if the bottle had hit me It just seems like nobody wants to get involved until it is too late Ironically I have a degree in psychology and have spent my time after graduation working with the mentally ill and develpmentally disabled but now that I need help none of the local politicians or non profit agencies can offer any help while my slumlord landlord Yossi Stern pays off inspectors and is buddies with 77th precinct and Ray Kelly The house where I live is a fire trap with empty fire extinguishers and non working smoke alarms which is pretty scary especially after that family in Chelsea died I am speaking to the Daily News about my story and am going to let them know the names of all the agencies who I have reached out to and have gotten nowhere I feel if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem Yossi’s # is 917-709-1404 If you want to reach me call me @ 347-842-5052 I don’t have a computer and only have access to the internet for one hour a day in the library

the address in question is 1544 bergen street and a quick search of the department of buildings shows more then 200 complaints in 2008 alone! this really does look like bribery or somthing!



  1. john doe Says:

    We saw all the fake thank you letters to yossi the moisser chazzer belly stern and now we finally see a real letter exposing stern for being a slumlord with connections. and where are those connections? the 77th precinct, the same precinct where the shmira moisserim yossi chazzer belly stern and Paul the goy Huebener ym’s orchestrated a vicious messira against 7 crown heights residents, 6 being in shomrim with wannabe detective arresting police officer Duffy saying this was a political arrest and it came from the top brass and we had Ray Kelly working closely with yossi the chazzer belly to destroy shomrim with many as of yet unsuccessful means yossi stern ym’s fat wife was overheard saying in JFK airport that ray Ray Kelly was just finishing the final stages of having the shmira moissrem who were compared to the bloods and the crypts by DA Charles Hynes control one side of crown heights and have shomrim control the other, Ray Kelly handing out turf (this was one of the first ideas that failed).
    I feel for this woman and I know that the only way her issues will be resolved will be through a serious investigative reporter willing to root out and expose the corruption in the 77th precinct.

    quote from chazzer belly stern:

    But Yossi Stern, 38, the director of Shmira, laughs at claims made against his group.
    “It’s all a bunch of rhetoric. Show me a police report,” he said. “We’re not out to harass anybody. We’re out to do a service for the community.”

    yossi the moisser chazzer belly lies to millions of New York post readers…
    and laughs.

  2. stern the pig Says:

    this is not news this is the pig doing his thing!!!

  3. hypocrisy Says:

    And this is guy who cares sooo much about the community?

  4. hypocrisy Says:

    The title CHAZZER fits him like a glove.
    Nothing more, nothing less then a Chazzer.
    He takes and takes and never gives.

    The great tower of stern will grumble in an instance.
    So let him screw more and more people, the higher you go the faster you fall!
    I very much doubt that anybody will be there to catch you when you do fall!
    But you already know that (as a fact).

  5. antimesira Says:

    I think that the left/shmira/mishichist has always gotten away with behavior that the RIGHT/everybody else (whos not the above) could never get away with.

    Whats shmira/mishichistim are trying to do to shomrim is simply a lancing.
    I hope and pray that it all just back fires on them.

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