A Chalenge to the Inspector


Regarding the NY post article; I, WIS challenge you to look in to the statement that stern says ” there are no false reports that were made against member of the Shomrim Org”. Go to you your computer type in names of the Shomrim members and see for yourself the countless false reports made by members of the shmira gang prager, stern, kasolovsky, okinov and huebner y”ms.

Go and talk to the 77pct, Detective Duffy and ask him who was behind the well orchestrated blood libel against 7 Shomrim members?

Paul Y”MS huebner was not only the attorney for the complainers he was also was put down on the reports as a witness, Friend and even the translator for them.

I challenge you or anyone in your department to pull the reports and send it in to WIS so I can publicize it for the whole world to see that shmira are a bunch of hungry rats looking for food. To see pictures all over the Internet of you, the Inspector hanging out with known criminal makes you look smaller than you all ready are.

Yanky Prager a known criminal in Crown Heights who was sought for questioning as a suspect in the Andrew Charles beating is made a hero by you.

Levy Hecht a known criminal who robbed a fellow member of Crown Heights (who has since passed on, Benny who used to collect money in 770) by asking him to cash a $4,000 check that was forged. Only by gaining his trust as a head wielding red yarmulka hecht.

In fact levy hecht son of shiya was the first one to maser on a Shomrim member (aron hershkop) 8 years ago, when he was falsely accused of breaking into his house and stealing $10,000.

when his Peace loving father was asked to get involved he said my son is on drugs, he does his own thing.

Guess who brought hecht into the police station to identify hershkop from behind the glass? you guessed it, it was stern and prager. but that OK, they are kosher rats.

What about the time he got locked up for driving a stolen car with a copy of a dealer plate? he would make a good member of you COP team.

If you don’t belive me go and ask the guys who work upstairs they will tell you how many times they tried to pinch members of the Shomrim org.

6 Responses to “A Chalenge to the Inspector”

  1. Agenda Says:

    I have a feeling the inspector already looked in to those files and already knows the truth but he has an agenda.
    He wants to be the hero that made “one joint patrol”.
    Which we are now learning is just an extension on shmira mesira [CHSP].
    The inspector is ready to close a blind eye for his own ego.

    But now he will have to eat the cake (enjoy- I hope and pray you don’t choke on your cake and live to have learned your lesson).

    Like shmira this COP is going to fail.

    once again id like to thank the real heroes, the Crown Heights Shomrim Community Patrol for sticking with us. Doing the right think is never easy.

  2. Someone Says:

    quotes of the day: 1. “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”. 2. ” Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”. 3.”Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds”. Keep it up shomrim! And may G-D bless us all!.

  3. Me Says:

    Everyone knows that this COP thing, is really an extension of shmira. In their last news-letter that they distribute in 770 they write something to this effect ” shmira is happy to work with NYPD etc. And they call this new alliagiance CHSP”, how stupid do you think we are? Shmira has been calling itself chsp since the day they were created! And if I recall you can even see that it says chsp on their shmira car, and on the broken scooter outside pragers house. But that doesn’t surprise me one bit, b/c shmira are master propaganda people!. I would like to know why COP isn’t kicking off? Doesn’t shmira have 100 volunteers? That should make for a pretty robust COP force?! But you know what, I think that if you take 100 and take off a 0 you get 10! Which when u go on shmira’s website, and they show pictures of what they do, the same 5 guys star everytime! What happened to the 100 volunteers? Well I thought about it, and came up with the same explanation everytime, and that is: lies, BS, propaganda!

  4. Hood Says:

    Dear inspector! As a resident of crownheights I would like to say a couple of things: 1. Shomrim is a great organization which helps people all the time! From lockouts to search for the missing, patrolling the neighberhood, providing critical firstaid to victims when they respond first to a scene, like when the offduty police officer got into an accident, it was shomrim who cared for her till EMS arrived! Etc. 2. Shomrim helps everyone, even though they cater to the Jewish community. Like when a black girl hot hit by a car on east ny ave, or when a black man got hit on his bike on empire blvd. It was shomrim who helped out untill EMS arrived. So please work with shomrim and show them the respect they deserve!.

  5. Agenda Says:

    This whole COP thing was just a ploy to try and shut down Shomrim.
    shmira had no intention to close down or make peace.
    The idea was that shomrim falls for this cop crap and the cop fails then CHSP whom never really left the building continues doing what it has been doing all along (ripping off the community).

    I applaud Shomrim for not falling for their tricks and siding with the community.


  6. shmira web site Says:

    When the shmira web site started they had the shmira logo on the front page after a little while (I guess when talk of this cop started) they took the logo off.

    The front page reads…

    The site still runs as a shmira site, the car is still running,
    It’s all B.S.

    Lies and deceit
    Thats shmira for you?

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