Lesson of the day: Beware of the Pretenders


אמר לה ינאי מלכא לדביתיה

אל תתיראי מן הפרושין ולא ממי שאינן פרושין

אלא מן הצוביעין שדומין לפרושין

שמעשיהן כמעשה זמרי ומבקשין שכר כפנחס

King Yannai said to his wife:

“Do not be afraid of the Perushim*,

or from those who are not Perushim.

Rather, Fear only the pretenders**,

who look like Perushim but are in reality not pious;

for their actions are like the wicked actions of Zimri,

and the seek reward like the righteous Pinchas***.”


8 Responses to “Lesson of the day: Beware of the Pretenders”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    *Yannai was a scion of the Chasmoeoam dynasty who served as both king and Kohen Godol in the letter part of the second temple period. However, he became a Sadducee (Berachos 29a) and massacred the Sages, and was therefore hated by the Perushim [the term for the group faithful to the Rabbis and meticulous in their Torah observance, and opponents of the Sadducees]. When he was close to death, his wife was afraid that the Perushim would not allow her sons to assume the throne because of their hatred of Yannai, and she asked Yannai to beseech them on her behalf in this matter [and to reconcile himself with them (Meiri)]. Yannai told her that she had nothing to fear from the true Perushim, because they were truly righteous and would not retaliate against her or her children on account of his actions (Rashi)

    **Literally: colored ones. Their appearance is not reflective of their essence. Their color is only external, and they are different on the inside (Rashi)

    ***Zimri, the prince of Shimon, flagrantly sinned with a Moabite woman, and was therefore killed by the zealous and courageous Pinchas. The fake Perushim are wicked like Zimri yet seek to be honored by the public as if they were Pinchas. Alternatively, the meaning is that they are immoral as Zimri, yet want to be considered as virtuous as Pinchas, who risked his life to take a stand against immorality in Israel.

  2. shmira fakers Says:

    they speak of a “peace” while in the same paragraph (even in the same sentence) they will show their true selves and go on about how shomrim this and shomrim that, shmira is the best and shomrim sucks.

    How in the same paragraph were you try to make a case that you are all loving (with no precondition) and peaceful can you go on a hate and Jealous rampage, please explain that to me.

    The only real problem you have is that you were rejected.

    “…for their actions are like the wicked actions of Zimri,
    and the seek reward like the righteous Pinchas.”

  3. pinchas Says:

    so whats going on with your court dates any update any of you going to jail please inform us

  4. the fake shmira real mesira Says:

    is anyone know why leib skoblo’s wife is the lucky lady in crown heights ?

    someone said becouse any place she taps is a potz .

  5. the fake shmira real mesira Says:

    would like to add a new name to the shmirah – mesira

    we used to see mr aibe bistritsky at CHARITY FUNCTIONS .

    but lately you only see him with simonety is he the new

    informant = snitch ?

    how is his financials ?

  6. A Modernized shmira Thrives Says:

    “They offer them money and weapons. Now everyone is becoming a Talib. It is a great game, and they are the fuel.”

  7. Propaganda Says:

    sterns shmira messira is talking about peace?

    What FLUFF! [fluff-something of no consequence]

    Let them first make peace with them selfs and their family’s.

    they speak of “peace”, have they asked for forgiveness on the damage they have done?
    have they come clean to what caused the problems to begin with, or is that irrelevant?

    Propaganda! Propaganda! !
    Hitler [may his name be arrased] said that his greatest weapon was not the tanks, missals, army etc… he said the greatest weapon he had was Propaganda. I see that shmira messira have learnt a thing or two from him. G-d save use all!

    “PEACE” shmira/stern what a joke!

  8. Friends that pretend Says:

    “keep you friends close and your enemy closer”

    The worse are the pretenders and fakers you never know what their thinking. When you know some body is your enemy at least you know to watch your back.

    Thank you Shomrim for staying/sticking up with the community.
    Thank you for choosing us over some recognition, remember the only one you need to be recognized by is g-d almighty.
    Keep doing good and all will turn out good.

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