Shmira caught ONCE AGAIN red handed at spreading propoganda!


now Shmira drags Shmais’s tarnished reputation through the mud to further their pointless agenda and hate:

the following was posted on Shmais & Shmiras website:

Sunday, September 7, 2008 5:50pm: Crown Heights Shmira received a call on the hot-line from a Crown Heights resident requesting help to file a Police report regarding a stolen mezuza. The resident, who lives at 1442 Union Street had last seen her mezuza on Friday. She recalled reading on that Shmira had responded to a call where mezuzas were stolen in another building on Union Street within the past week. The resident whose mezuzas went missing over Shabbos called to inform him of the fact. advised the resident to call Shmira. Shmira members responded and advised the resident to call 911. Police Officers arrived and after inquiring about the value of the mezuza and whether this had happened before on the neighborhood, filed a report.

so what is wrong with the story? EVERYTHING!

a quick address search of who lives at 1442 Union Street revealed that it is all inhabited by none other then THE EZAGUIS! Here is a list of all the different ones (proboly for all their medicade and foodstap fraud) Eli Y Ezagui, Freah Ezagui, Jasmin Ezagui, Joseph Ezagui, Raina Ezagui. check it out for yourself on

Now let us investigate this picture:

notice there is a metal gate that closes the mezuzahs between the gate and door. why would somone go and steal a mezuzah from such a public place in daylight when he has the kollel with a bigger mezuzah and much more conviniet?

now as we all know all the ezaguis are in shmira and one of hte ezagui coordinators lives in that house (which mind you is a tiny one family with all those ppl living there, yeh right) so why would they call up shmais to ask what to do?

well i will tell you why, because i am all knowing and smart, it was an attempt on shmiras behalf to make it look like they are on top of things, when everyone knows that it was shomrim who recoverd one of the mezuzah and were the first to get the report in, and have been involved with the other three cases of mezuzah thefts.

ALSO, i bet they took the mezuzahs off just to make a bullshit story up. but what is SHEKER has no feet, just like the whole shmira.



16 Responses to “Shmira caught ONCE AGAIN red handed at spreading propoganda!”

  1. Person Says:

    Shmira unmasked again! Just keep burying youselves, the more you write about yourselves the more you show us how you guys are so full of balloney! Now since you took down the mezuza to make a story, I assume you’re gonna put it back up, so do u have to make a brocho or not? Maybe you can ask garfinkel the moisser’s so-called “Rov” as to what to do.

  2. mendel Says:

    What about the other residents that live there? Never thought of them?

  3. Now I know... Says:

    Now I know why they hate this site (so much they can’t sleep at night)
    for it exposes the TRUTH and does not let them get away with their usual scams.

    They hate this site because it talks (brings out) the difference between RIGHT and WRONG.

    I hope that in the future W.i.S will be able to expos others that scam, ripe off or even molest our children (I’m sure w.i.s can open a web site just for that),
    If people are doing WRONG we have the RIGHT to know about it.

    Thanks W.i.S
    your doing a great job.
    may there come a day when only EMES/TRUTH is seen.

  4. melady Says:

    maybe the guy was trying to get in to hasofer wich use to be there to get all the mezuzas he can get like this he does not have to walk door to dooor building to building ever think of that he just did not know hasofer moved……………………………….ask your self?

  5. Zevi L Says:

    ever see those houses where 100 niggers all live in at once? well i guess this goes for the ezaguis as well, living like the fucking rats that they are.

    all those scammers with their fake corperations under that address.

    i wonder what jasmin looks like, sounds like a hot name, i bet shes a big fat fucking cunt whore whos been ridden by every yellow pin wearing jihadist! may they all die horrible deaths! YECHI HAMELACH! KISH IN TUCHES!

  6. john doe Says:

    shomrim is created with honest caring and good people with a desire to help and serve the community.

    the shmira is created years later with criminals, scammers, rascist, people who want to be part of a gang to beat up or masser on “anybody who messes with one of them”.

    in wanting to further the need to protect the community at a time when multiple men, woman, boys & girls are being attacked, beaten, and robbed sometimes in broad daylight, shomrim decides to invest in and put into service an official shomrim patrol car.

    shmira gets wind of this and within a few days have a car of their own (mostly seen broken down with hood open on crown heights street corners or annoying residents in their sleep with flashing yellow lights)the car is mostly used to “patrol” the blocks that shomrim members reside.

    shomrim sees a need to place their members in uniform, t-shirts, jackets, and caps, that residents can better identify them in times of emergency.
    within weeks the shmira moissrem are seen on television (in a story set up by rogatsky who is in shmira) wearing brand new shmira jackets.

    there is a website that is pro-shomrim ( and gives up-to-date news and events about shomrim.

    somehow shmira gets a hold of (with an owner and editor that moved out of crown heights years ago) feeding it supposed stories that that they supposedly handled. every shomrim event winds up on the shmais website with name shomrim switched to shmira.

    the list goes on but i’m sure you all get my drift.


  7. ask the hecht shmira about the molester Says:

    I hope that in the future W.i.S will be able to expos others that scam, ripe off or even molest our children

    about time to ask the hecht shmira about the molester part.

    soon to come i hope

  8. the poor litle shmais Says:

    so lets get it straight

    ezagui from shmira mesira called shmais that he needs a mezuza.

    and shmais told him to call chazer belly stern that lives on the same block

    and fat hecht brothers called shmais to call shmira mesira .

    i dont get it .

    shmais did you get it litle shmok ?

  9. the poor litle shmais Says:

    so shmais and the ezaguis are masterbate-together

  10. gooooing down Says:

    nothing is beneath these low life.

    now their mission is to run over some black guy so they can pretend to help him.

    sick, sick, sick.

  11. Just Wondering Says:

    Did any notice, that in the top left corner of the picture, there is a surveillance camera. Now all one would need to do is press rewind and…………

  12. BUSTED!!! Says:


    I bet W.i.S didn’t even notice the camera (other wise he would have mentioned it in the article above),
    So thank to “Just Wondering” for taking notice.

    My question now is, didn’t the police see the cameras there?
    maybe the camera is not in service.
    But how would the so called theft know that?

    I’d like to see the police report (the whole thing could have just been made up and the pictures could be from a different crime and a different time altogether).
    Basic liberal tactics, just throw the story/rumors out to the public and see were it goes (and hope there are people stupid/dumb enough to full for it).

    Thanks to this web site they can’t get away with it.

  13. Seriously Says:

    Rebecca I Chroman, Rochel Sufrin, D Kahan all live there too!

    Why would someone steal something when there is a gate and a camera?

    When the thief is an idiot a drunk, a junky or a million other reasons, but you guys don’t have any of those in Crime Heights. Only sophisticated criminals live amongst you and they would never be that stupid to steal from a door that has a camera on it (sic).

    Your conspiracy theories are so far fetched….Maybe Shomrim ripped it down then called Shmais (knowing that Shmais will do the right thing and advise the caller to contact Shmira) just to make Shmira investigate an act that appears as a hate crime. The fact is it really is a hate crime….Shomrim hate Shmira and will do anything to smear them.

    What’s that you say?….. I’m an idiot for thinking this way? Am I now? So your story makes more sense? I DON”T THINK SO!

  14. it's over for shmira Says:

    It’s not over. But it’s getting there — and shmira knows it.

    you seem to know what really happened there, you speak as if your involved. let me then ask you, were is the tape of this “thief” who is an “idiot” a “drunk”and a “junky”.

    If shomrim did indeed ripe it down then that is what we would see in the tape, is it not?
    if there was indeed a robbery and you (should) have a tape, then why not post it on the shmira site or for all of us to see?

    the only conspiracy i see here is shmira and its no theory.

  15. BUSTED!!! Says:

    “Only sophisticated criminals live amongst you and they would never be that stupid to steal from a door that has a camera on it”

    Well not only, but we defiantly do have a lot of “sophisticated criminals” who live amongst us and this web site is here to expose them.

    When they do these thinks (make up stories) they do rely that the people (you and me) are stupid and fall for their BS.
    They will even go as far as saying that some one stole a mezzuza from a door that 1. a shmira member happeneds to live there.
    2. were there is a camera.



  16. Criminals Beware! Says:

    The Jimmy Justices of the world will be on the prowl looking for somebody to jaywalk and they will be sending tons of video and pictures.I know the big corporations are trying some way to stick advertising into all of this.

    Callers to the city’s 911 and non-emergency 311 lines will now be able to send in photos and video to report crimes and complain about quality-of-life problems like uncollected garbage.

    While hundreds of cities accept text messages to emergency hot lines, New York is believed to be the first with the capability to accept images, officials said.

    By next year, photos sent by bystanders will be made available to patrol cars, and pictures could even be used as evidence in prosecutions, officials said.

    “This technology should put a scare into every would-be criminal, because the chances of getting caught in the act is now better than ever,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

    He stressed, however, that the most important thing to do first when something bad happens is still to call 911.

    Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said major improvements to technology within the department in the past six years have helped reduced crime, which is down more than 3 percent so far this year from last year.

    More than 12,000 new computers have been installed in precincts around the city, technology in radio cars has been improved and the department is better able to share information.

    “When I returned to the department in 2002, I saw that very little had changed as far as technology. We were still one of the world’s leading users of carbon paper and Wite-Out. But that’s changed significantly,” he said.

    It took about 18 months to develop the image software, which cost about $250,000, city officials said.

    The 911 operators will still function as emergency dispatchers, officials said. If the caller says that video or photos are available, a detective with the New York Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center will call back to receive the images. The caller can ask to submit the material anonymously.


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