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Bad people can do bad things and get away with it, but if a good person does one  thing wrong he will be judged worse then the bad.

12 Responses to “Quote of the day!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thats the best quote i heard from you ever.

    You do bad things, yet look how your getting away with it all.

    Shmira, what did thy REALLY do bad, one thing maybe, yet look how you are judging them.

  2. A HOT DAY IN HELL Says:

    Anonymous – 11:28pm

    what did they really do bad? HAHAHAHAH! thats the best one ive ever heard!

    lets ask andrew charles, yosef hellenger, (whatever his first name is) kuzeky, the seven shomrim members and sholom wilhelm. while we are at it lets ask everyone in teh entire freakin crown heighs community… what did shmira REALLY do bad? one thing maybe!

    modeh bimktzat… i only masserd on seven shomrim members, but i swear that shuchat was off duty when he beat the crap out of andrew charls together with saddya hershkopf.

    yeh right, we heard your ranting tyrade and lies.

    you along with all your shmira buddys are BAD PEOPLE, god has a special place in hell for you along with all yourbuddies.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh so now what did i do wrong, that god has a place for me in HELL with them?

  4. nignig Says:

    i want to vomit on prager

  5. its only the begining Says:

    if you think the messira on shomrim was it, your mistaking,
    that was only the beginning, there is more coming.

    shmira is now on top you losses, nothing is taking us down.
    you all shomrim are going so sit and rote in jail while we take whats ours.
    you will be a lesson to anybody that gets in our way!
    we will lock em up.

    so stop whining and take it like men.
    were on top and were staying!


  6. why they hate shomrim Says:

    You must understand printing lies about Shomrim is OK. It’s called “vetting.” Printing the truth about shmira/mishichistim/liberals – that’s called “hate” and bias (and many other names). From web sits like chabad.info [a.k.a. Jihad.info], DH and all the other mishichist web sits, the verdict on the 7 Shomrim members is unanimous.

  7. Shmira messira Says:

    Here we go again the shmira messira patrol is proudly admitting messira! The more they write the more they show their true colors! Bring it on shmira, u guys been trying to dismantle shomrim for upwards of five years now, but you know what it ain’t working, shomrim is still here and will continue to be here till the coming of mashiach!. I know u guys can’t stand it, u guys are jealous and its driving u mad, u guys cant stand the success and therefore will succumb to anything to destroy shomrim, but just as it says regarding the Jews who were enslaved in Egypt that the more the egytians oppressed they continue to grow and multiply! so go ahead and do whatever evil u want shomrim will still be standing and u guys when its all said and done will be the ultimate loser patrol of crownheights!.

  8. history will remember Says:

    The children of the shomrim members will know that their fathers got locked up because they stood up for whats right (they stuck up for a fellows civil rights). They will also know that their father went throw the system because of messira.

    On the other hand the son of mosserim will have to live with the fact that their fathers were sick low life mossrim (which tried to lock up fellow Jew).

    So let’s see in 10 years who can proudly walk with their heads up.
    Shomrim walks with their head up know and their children will too.
    By then it will be to late for the mossrim.

    history will remember

  9. present Says:

    We don’t have to wait 10 years
    the truth is out their now.
    Shomrim can walk with their heads up now (knowing they didn’t do anybody any harm and do only good) and in fact I don’t see any of them looking like it’s the 9th of Av,
    They seem very clam and very faithful that all will g-d willing turn out for the best, they have very good attitudes about the whole thing.

    I personally believe that this case will back fire on the mosserim and shomrim will come out even stronger. I believe this because every day when I stand before g-d almighty and I read the prayers that were set before us, I read ולמשינים אל תהי תקוה etc…

    G-d bless

  10. history will remember Says:

    Desperate shmira is behaving like a heroin addict and trying to get a fix.

    stern/prager/shmira cant’ sleep at night, shomrim and all those that appose anything evil is still out there, they must be stopped at all cost. What ever they try just does not succeed. Now they together with their new friend Leni (the new guy in the 71st) have made contact with the D.O.T. (another messira) to try and bother shomrim and of course since the D.O.T. will be looking around Crown Heights You the CH resident might pay the price, But then again shmira doesn’t care for you all they want is the end of shomrim.

    All is from G-d above.
    Why are they trying to get the shomrim scooters (those same scooters that show up when you need help) off the streets?

    Because as we speak they are trying to fix one up for them selfs, like the one they once had it will look better then it drives (it’s all about the look- like the people driving their automobiles they are empty shells) making all that noise etc… So in order for you to take notice to what they have the shomrim scooters must disappear first.

  11. Person Says:

    who is this new guy leni? Somebody please let us know who we are dealing with. Thank u in advance.

  12. Person Says:

    As a resident of Crown Heights, I would like to extend this comment to shmira and to ” Leni” who ever the hell u are, and to all other shomrim haters:
    Come to terms with it, you tried to shut shomrim down many times in the past eight years with you’re devilish propaganda scheme along with outrageous messira etc. Well looking back it hasn’t worked, u know why? Because none of your claims were legit, and therefore you couldn’t shut shomrim down. Sometimes it would take weeks or even months of torment and anguish but in the end shomrim rose above u and prevailed! They prevailed in the past and IY”H will prevail in the future! I know its hard for u to cope with the fact that you are the inferior patrol in Crown Heights, the Jealousy is driving you mad, as it says in Ethics of our fathers chapter 4 Mishnah 21 :” Jealousy, Desire and Money drive a person out of this world”, and shmira messira is guilty of the three aforementioned ideas:
    1. They are jealous of shomrim success
    2. They desire what shomrim has
    3. They want honor and respect and only have in mind money.
    That explains why u try to make shomrims life miserable. But in the end the truth will sprout and everyone will see, it will be clear as day, once and for all the score will be settled , and everyone will know who the real mossrim are!
    My final thought for the shmira messira, you should know there will come a day as Kind David says in psalms chapter 85 verse 12 :”אמת מארץ תצמח וצדק משמים נשקף” [“Truth will sprout from earth, and Righteousness will peer from heaven”]. Then there will be no hiding under the blanket of “protecting the community” for we will all see!
    And btw, no matter what 774-3333 will proudly hang on my fridge today, tomorrow and till Moshiach comes! Amen!.

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