Eli Dinnerman with Katz with the red lights running

Eli Dinnerman with Katz with the red lights running

check this one out! while the new inspector in the 71st precinct peter ‘napoleon’ semioneti, who btw is hated amongst all his colleagues, came in to crown heights he empowered the dead and dieing shmira giving them a lifeline and is trying to force shomrim to encoperate them into their respective ranks.

what napoleon semioneti doesn’t know is that whan you wallow with the shit you end up smelling like it.

here is a perfect example, shmira proudly drives around with their patrol car with RED LIGHTS AND SIRENS, and now the addition of ELI DINNERMANS private suv with a RED LIGHT BAR AND SIRENS are seen running wild all over the streets of crown heights.

its only a matter of time before they really screw up and then the NYPD is left with another andrew charles case on their hands.

check out those fancy red lights!

check out those fancy red lights!

all spiffed up with their red lights and police insignia!

all spiffed up with their red lights and police insignia!



  1. anon Says:

    what about osama bin laden the terrorist that napoleon brought to the precinct, trying to cause so much trouble, welcome to world war 3 the precinct commander and his pooch against the rest of the precinct and the jewish community

  2. New Messiah! Says:

    It’s finally here, I can’t believe it!
    A man that can bring the dead to life, Must be Moshiach!

    Now shmira together with the mishichistim (two groups CH and Chabad were long wishing would just GO AWAY) can proclaim together with loud voices (lights, sirens and flags)….


    A great man who has turned (made) evil to good and good to evil.
    Who else can be the messiah?

    [if you are to be found to be a false messiah, may g-d do to you what he did to the other(s) false messiahs that have come before you. Let us say Yekhi Hamelek!]

  3. Stern and Shmokenetti Says:

    what they have in common.

    1. chazzer belly
    2. big mouth
    3. egos the size of their bellies
    4. shik dogs to do their dirty work
    5. both are planing to take this community down
    6. they eat chazzer (stern is the only to make a brocha/blessing, wait the shmok “says” he’s a religious person so perhaps he does make some sort of blessing with stern).
    7. stern and his shmira gang were always anti police (as is even evident from the comments made on this site (and their sites all these years) when it first begone, before the shmok came) and the shmok is also anti police, being that they all hate him.

  4. Hahah Says:

    SHMIRA keep up the good work

  5. What the Hell!!! Says:

    I don’t understand, Shomrim and the police department have been getting along forever now, What in the would happened?
    They got along like a married couple, each had differences but they always worked it out. There were time that shomrim had a misunderstanding with the police but once they worked it out their relationship only got better.
    Shomrim was and is good for the community and the fact that shomrim and the police were getting along was even better for the community. why would Semioneti ruin that relationship “IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX”

    Shmira is bad for our community, The people running shmira are a bounce of gangsters. On what ground is Semioneti taking them in?
    The question is also on the timing.
    How long is that Shmok even here? 3 month, in that time he already past judgment? There has not even been a precinct meeting since he came and from what I recall from the last precinct meeting shomrim and the police were doing just fine.
    My mind boggles!
    Please somebody! W.I.S. or even someone from shomrim (who might know better then anybody else) explain WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!!!!

  6. john doe Says:

    john doe Says:

    August 21, 2008 at 8:15 pm
    as an example of what can happen when you have seriously retarded people in the shmira messira moissrem gang:
    not too long ago a woman was run over by a bus on the corner of lefferts and troy being an EMT i arrived on scene minutes after half expecting to see the woman loaded on an ambulance and rushed too kings county hospital which is about 2 minutes away as i get there i see fdny ems walking away in disgust, i look at the woman and there are about 5 shmira gang members included are yanky prager, yitchak shuchat, yossi stern and others down next to her body doing i don’t know what to the poor screaming woman and thereby blocking hatzolah members for treating the woman (lets not forget about the shmira gang blocking the ambulances with their vehicles which thank g-d shomrim cleared a path for the hatzolah bus)all of a sudden stern gets up from the mingle of the shmira gang and spreads his hands out and begins to say “everybody get baa” when he sees me he shuts up and disappears, well the messira gang should have got back who gave them the right to jump onto the woman thereby delaying transport by serious minutes. who knows its possible that the woman could have been walking on two legs today if not for the messira murderers thinking they’d be heroes somehow.
    to clarify: a shomrim member witnessed the accident and immediately called for backup and requested Hatzaloh asap while taking off his own shirt to attempt to stop the bleeding at the same time yitchat shuchat was walking by and called his gang buddies (who needs Hatzalah when you have shuchat the EDP EMT around)when Hatzaloh showed up the shomrim member backed up only too have the shmira messira fill the vacuum blocking Hatzolah and delaying transport of a critical patient. who gave them the right? yitchak shuchat never so much as put a band aid on a human being let alone treated a critically injured patient who made yossi stern and yanky prager medics? these are questions that need to be answered to the lady whos gonna roll around in a wheelchair for the rest of her life shmira messira gang stay home you all do more harm then good by just breathing.

    looks like the shmira moissrem are aiming to compete with Hatzalah, Eli Dinnerman works for assist ambulance which along with being in a gang probably inflated his ego enough to have him buy a ready made official looking emergency vehicle.



    And in (the first) Three weeks that he was here (which two of those he took off on vacation) he was able to come to a conclusion?
    In 3 weeks he figured out how to salve all the problem in Crown Heights?
    In 3 weeks he was able to reform/change a group which are known to be gangsters and anti police to “goodies two shoes” who are so loved and caring? In 3 weeks he was able to take a good group of people and paint them like criminals?

    WHO NEEDS RABBONIM WHEN YOU HAVE Semioneti OR AS I OVERHEARD SOME ONE IN 770 TODAY REFER TO HIM AS THE FAT SHORT SHMOKENETTI. (it has a good catch to it, I have a feeling it won’t take to long until his real name is forgotten).

    I for one am ready for a new inspector, he hasn’t even started and he already is swimming in shit. What mess is he going to get us in to next? You came you saw NOW GO!!!!

  8. Dictating my life??? Says:

    “trying to force shomrim to encoperate them into their respective ranks.”

    Who the hell does he think he is, how can he tell me who I can help?
    If I joined shomrim then its shomrim I want to be in.
    If I joined shomrim thats ran by the Hershkops then that the shomrim I want to be in. I’m a volunteer Ill do what I want (as long as I don’t brake the law you can kiss my 8$%).

    Of course shmira wanted peace they were dead (even when they were “alive” they were dead) they had nothing to loss. why should they not jump on any offer that would bring them back to life.

    On the other hand Shomrim is a great powerful organization which spent years building it’s self up (always finding ways to be better stronger and faster to help out). Shomrim has every thing to loss by “joining” or making [a fake] peace. Why should they?
    If I don’t want to patrol (or change someones tier) with any one individual because… (what ever reason I may have, it doesn’t even matter) it’s my right. You know? “RIGHTS” the things the police are supposed to be protecting.
    The next thing you know this Guy will be dictating to store owners who they can hire.
    Hell be dictating to Tztaka/charity organization who should run them (which in essence thats what shomrim is, an organization that does Chessed were ever needed).
    Is he going to tell me which Charity boxes i’m aloud to bring in to my home?

  9. a proude shomrim member Says:

    please, please i beg of w.i.s. do not take this out of hand. shomrim has and will allways work hand in hand with the NYPD. the problem here is that the shmira in a quest for first place had and continues to maser and put down shomrim. shomrim and the community will continue to work with the NYPD to make it a safer place.

  10. Gangster Says:

    this man is dangers!
    he’s not a cop
    hes a gangster!

    why else would he be hanging out with fellow gangsters?

    I beg who ever is on top and may be reading this.

  11. Crown Heights resident Says:

    To the honorable inspector:
    Shomrim are good people (thats why they joined shomrim to begin with).
    The people that run shomrim have given their life for it (i’m not going to go in to praising them, those who have been helped by them in the last 18-20 years know what and who they are).
    They are good and forgiving people, if you extend a hand to them they will in return extend a hand to you.
    They have been getting along with NYPD since their beginning, there is no excuse for treating them in this manner, either help them do what they have been doing (and that is helping and giving a hand with the very heavy loud and responsibility that you must cary every single day) or don’t get in their way. If I [a resident of our community] called them then that means I need them. You get in their way you are getting in our [the community’s] way.

    It’s never to late to start over.
    Crown Height needs [people like] Shomrim.
    Crown Heights wants [people like] Shomrim.

    We hope you will do the right thing for all of us.

    a life time resident of Crown Heights.

    G-d bless America
    G-d Bless NYPD
    G-d bless Shomrim
    G-d bless Crown Heights

  12. lifes to short Says:

    shmira is going down,
    I hope they enjoyed their small, Short (and fat cigar smoking) Reawakening
    But the party is now over, time to go ways again, this time stay down.

    sit little doggies sit.

    some body throw a stick so the new guy Leni can go fetch.

  13. History repeated lets learn from it Says:

    The circumstances are surely tragic when the day a Jewish king dies is declared to be a holiday.

    But this, too, occurred in Jewish history. This happened on the 2nd day of Shevat. The king was Alexander Yannai, one of the last of the Hasmoneans, and the circumstances are recorded in Megilath Taanith. We shall briefly relate the story of this tragic king.

    Alexander Yannai was a son of Yochanan Hyrkanos, son of Simeon, a son of Mattathias (Matisyohu), the son of Yochanan the High Priest. Thus, Alexander Yannai was a great-grandson of the first Hasmonean, who, together with his heroic sons, fought against the Greek King Antiochus. Their self sacrifice for the Torah and for the Jewish people, resulted in the truly delightful and inspiring holiday of Chanukah.

    Alexander Yannai, like his father before him, did not follow wholeheartedly in the footsteps of old Mattathias. In his youth, he had received a military and very Grecian upbringing. He was sadly lacking in the spiritual upbringing so necessary for a Jewish king, especially one who was, in addition, a High Priest.

    Yannai inherited the royal crown at the age of 23, after the early death of his older brother Yehudah Aristobulus. Yehudah Aristabulus was the first of the Hasmoneans who was not satisfied merely with the title “Nasi” (Prince) and had himself crowned as “king.”

    As Yehudah had had no children, Alexander Yannai (according to Jewish law, which requires yibum or chalitza) married his brother’s widow, the Queen Shlomith Alexandra.

    Yannai felt close to those “modern,” “aristocratic” circles who called themselves Tzedukim (Sadducces) who were in no small measure influenced by the Greek culture. Opposing these were the Torah-true Jews, the “Prushim” (Pharisees), at the head of whom were the Tannaim, who strictly followed the Torah and Massorah handed down to them by the Anshei Knesset Hagdolah (Men of the Great Assembly), who received the Tradition from the Prophets and Elders, all the way back to Moshe Rabbeinu.

    It is, therefore, not surprising that the young king, already from the start, failed to find favor in the eyes of the Jewish people. The people were also quite tired of all the wars which his predecessors had waged in order to extend their rule. And when King Yannai began his rule immediately with new wars, the people regarded him with even less favor.

    At first, there was no open split between the king and the people. Yannai had hoped that the leaders of the Pharisees would agree to compromises. His brother-in-law, brother of his wife, was the famous Tanna, Rabbi Shimon ben Shetach, the Head of the Sanhedrin (Highest Court), and one of the main spiritual leaders of the people. But Rabbi Shimon ben Shetach, understandably, refused to compromise in matters as important as Torah and Halachah.

    Just the opposite, he slowly removed from the Sanhedrin those members who were not worthy to hold such an important post, and who had been installed there by the king’s father.

    When King Yannai saw that he could not “do business” with his brother-in-law, nor with the other spiritual leaders of the people, and not wishing to lose the support of the rich circles, he began, openly, to identify himself with the Sadducees. The result was that relations between himself and the people became extremely strained.

    The split came through a tragic event in the Beth Hamikdosh during Succoth.

    Yannai, as Kohen Gadol (High Priest), conducted the Service in the Beth Hamikdosh. One of the special services on Succoth was the “Nisuch Hamayim” (Pouring of the Water) on the Altar. According to tradition, together with the pouring of wine which took place during the whole year, a pitcher of water, which had been joyfully drawn from the Spring of Shiloah, was additionally poured over the Altar on each day of Succoth.

    This service was, connected with the ceremony of the Drawing of the Water, known as “Simchath Beth Hashoevah,” and was an annual event during Succoth, which was carried out with great celebration.

    When the High Priest was handed the pitcher of water to pour over the Altar, he poured it out on the ground instead, as the Sadducees bad refused to accept this tradition.

    Seeing what he had done, the assembled worshippers in the Beth Hamikdosh were infuriated, and began showering him with their Ethrogim.

    King Yannai became so frightened at such open rebellion, that he ordered his non-Jewish soldiers to attack the people. This they did, killing six thousand Jews in the court of the Beth Hamikdosh.

    After this happening, the people began to hate King Yannai more than ever. There were many uprisings against the King, and he mercilessly crushed the rebels with the help of his paid army. This, in turn, led to further rebellion and bitterness among the people, resulting in six years of bloody civil warfare.

    As they did not have the military power to fight against King Yannai, many of the leading Pharisees fled the country. Among these were Yehudah ben Tabbai and Shimon ben Shetach, the Nasi and Av-Beth-Din of the Sanhedrin.

    They did not return until after the death of King Yannai, when they resumed their former positions.

    King Yannai reigned for 27 years, the greater part of which he devoted to wars in which he succeeded to extend the borders of the land. However, the people remained bitter for his cruel behavior towards the Talmidei Chachamim (scholars), and he was named “The Hangman.”

    Alexander Yannai died at the age of 59. When he realized that he was at death’s door, he ordered the arrest of seventy Elders, the main spiritual leaders. He then gave an order to the Chief of the prison that when he would die, they should be put to death, so that instead of celebrating the king’s death, the people would be mourning the death of their spiritual leaders.

    However, Queen Shlomith Alexandra happily decided to spoil the king’s cruel Plan. When the King died, she told no one about it. Instead, she took off the King’s ring and sent it to the Chief of the prison with an order in the King’s name to free the Elders. Only after their release from prison did the Queen make known that the King was dead.

    Because of the miracle of the release of the Elders, the Sages designated that day, the 2nd day of Shevat, as a holiday, when no fasting is allowed and no Hespeidim (eulogies) are made.

    The people, who were so thankful to old Mattathias, and his brave sons, the first Hasmoneans, who were ready to sacrifice their lives to preserve the purity and holiness of the Torah and spiritual Jewish life, were deeply disappointed with the descendants of the Hasmoneans, who, sadly, did not follow in the footsteps of their ancestors. The later Hasmoneans had other aims, their own interests, rule and power. Their irresponsible leadership brought about not only the loss of their kingdom, but also ruin to the land and, finally, the destruction of the Beth Hamikdosh.

    Despite all the terrible times they lived through, the Jewish people remained spiritually strong, even stronger than before. They threw off all alien influence and ideology of the Sadducees, who, in time, disappeared entirely. Some of them returned to their original Jewish source, others became assimilated and lost to the Jewish people.

    The Tannaim and Sages remained the true spiritual leaders of the people. Thus, the chain of Torah and Massorah from Sinai remained whole and strong to this day.

  14. CHER Says:

    Is this guy nuts, is he trying an open war with Crown Heights?

  15. Person Says:

    To all u shmira members out-there: you guys might be all proud of yourselves , you drive the Messira car around, and now this Dinerman fellow is showing his pledge of aliagiance by making his SUV part of the shmira Messina force. So let me let you in on something the second you screw up or get in trouble you will have no back, stern will dub you guys as ” off-duty” and therefore will rid himself of the responsibilty and heart-ache, in the mean-while he wil show you much sympathy in your pain, and he will tell you that shomrim massered on you and that he can’t help you, just like he did to poor shuchat he cut him loose and blamed on shomrim. You’ve been warned! Dont cry and say nobody told you!

  16. lights and sirens Says:

    Big lights!
    Big sirens!

    But is there anything behind it.
    Who’ s controlling those lights?
    who’s making all that noise?



  17. to lights and sirens Says:

    right on right on!!!!

  18. Seriously Says:

    Hey John Doe….
    The terrible accident that you witnessed on August 21, 2008 must have been awful.
    Just a question… How come the Police didn’t take Yitzchak Schuchat into custody? After all he is a wanted fugitive and it would have been easy for the Police to apprehend him considering that he was on scene administering first aid to the victim.

    So, please explain to me why they didn’t!

  19. copy cats Says:

    today Tuesday the 9th of September 2008 reported this story (follow link), were you see a shomrim member (with the help of Hatzola) helping a non-Jew who got hit by a mini van making big Kiddush Hashem.

    Let’s see how long it takes for shmira messira to (some how) have the same article (of a shmira member helping the helpless etc..) with pictures etc…
    Were the title will be “shmira the heroes save the would from coming to an end”.
    And let’s not forget all the comments they will add in by themselves.
    “shmira is the best, only call shmira 221-2301”
    “shmira rocks shomrim sucks, only call shmira, we have 100 units 221-2301”
    “shmira is the best, shomrim sucks, shomrim wants to be like shmira”
    Bla Bla Bla etc… etc… etc…

  20. john doe Says:

    Hey John Doe….
    The terrible accident that you witnessed on August 21, 2008 must have been awful.
    Just a question… How come the Police didn’t take Yitzchak Schuchat into custody? After all he is a wanted fugitive and it would have been easy for the Police to apprehend him considering that he was on scene administering first aid to the victim.

    So, please explain to me why they didn’t!

    your statement is absurd i wouldn’t call what shuchat was doing first aid! oh and this particular incident happened before shuchat beat up a citizen it happened awhile ago before Aug 28.

  21. antimessira Says:

    john doe, you don’t know?

    The reason shmira messira massered on shomrim for 749 is because they knew that a couple of month later shomrim (according to their propaganda) was gonna masseir on them.
    it doesn’t make sense but your an idiot if you don’t believe me.
    when your fighting Jihad you don’t make חשבונות-calculations, you don’t think you just say, and when you fighting a war who has time to look at his watch.
    in case you don’t knew shmira invented the first time machine that is why they can change the past and look in to the future.

  22. nothing here to see Says:

    shmira is just an empty shell

  23. Leni Says:

    Please, understand I’m Really a good person and i mean well the reason i am acting this way is because___________

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