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The following is written by a blogger named Shalom Ash on his blog HANOFEL. I like his perspective, becuse it give an honest one. my comments at the end.


I am sick of hearing people blame “SHMIRA” or “SHOMRIM” for the trouble in Crown Heights. Until recently, majority of Crown Heights did not know that there are two separate organizations. The names sound similar enough and people called whichever number happened to be hanging on their kitchen fridge.

Lately, both sides have been acting rather childish, with members of Shomrim posting hate on and Shmira sending out mass emails accusing innocent people of things they would never dream of doing. This must stop.

Both organizations are good ones and have helped peoples in the past. There is no need to close either down or force them to become one. Competition is always good. Part of the problem is that the community leadership does not truly want the two organizations to make peace, they only present it as such.

If Shmira and Shomrim were to have a peaceful competitive relationship then the community leaders would have no one to blame for their own internal problems. The true reason for the lack of police cooperation. It is not Shomrim nor Shmira’s fault that the Rabonim don’t talk or that the community council is in shambles. Even if Shmra and Shomrim were to make peace, I fail to see how that would solve any of the problems. To the police, Shmira and Shomrim is child play compared to the fun they have playing the community council.

Mitzvah Haba BeAveira: no denying that shmira has done good its history, but it doesn’t cleanse nor forgive it for the reason of it even existing. it was started on hate, and lived on vengence, and trived on causing pain and anguish.

Me: i can say it till im blue in my face, but no one will believe me, i can say that i am Menachem Kozlovsky and the reason i started this site was for the action and to try and create a fake war and blame it on shomrim, will anyone believe me?

WIS: anyone that ever stood up to shmira, the stern gang or to stern himself he was quickly and professionally scared into shutting up. WIS is cloaked in anonymity and this gives me the ability to say what is desperately needed to. who i am isnt important, just know that i was in shmira that is how i know the intimate details of all this crap.

Community Politics: it has nothing to do with this. none of the rabonim are crazy enough to go and get involved with either group.

people need to stop accepting messira, it is wrong, it is punishable by death, and there is no justification for it. YOSSI CHAZZER BELLY STERN together with MOSHE GURFINKEL, YAKUM SHATZ, SHNEUR ROTEM, GAVRIEL BROWNSTEIN are all mossrim and are CHAYAV MISSA. no matter how they put it a chazzer is a chazzer and a messira is a messira, how what when and why will never change it.



3 Responses to “bloggers blogging about WIS”

  1. Chaya Says:

    I think that yossi stern and his daughters should be hung from a tree like haman harasha and his sons.

    we do not need a gang of thugs running loose in crown heights.

  2. john doe Says:

    “Lately, both sides have been acting rather childish, with members of Shomrim posting hate on and Shmira sending out mass emails accusing innocent people of things they would never dream of doing. This must stop.”

    I don’t see anything childish about 7 members of the shchuna getting arrested and charged with anything from assault in the 3rd degree to gang assault, assault with weapons to attempted murder. them having to go to court for the last few months all because of the agendas of shmira mesirah’s yossi chazzer belly stern, yanky the Muslim rat prager, and the only one actually at 749 (after shomrim was viciously attacked)leib the meat head skoblo who took out his auxiliary badge and demanded that officers arrest shomrim, the shmirah moissrem used the nazi’s moshe Gorfunkel, shneur Rotem, yakuv Shatz, and Bronstien who were the most vicious attackers in 749, (hey actually jumped out of windows in 749 when officers arrived) to press false charges against shomrim with their story changing constantly until paul the goy huebener finally got it,right as the right wording to have shomrim arrested. so childish? since when is exposing truth childish? oh yea! it is when your in shmira or pro shmira.
    and for the informers there shall be no hope!

  3. Chaya Says:

    someone should build a gallows outside 770 and hang all the shmira members

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