picture of the day


Now that is how CPR is performed!!!


6 Responses to “picture of the day”

  1. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Now that is how CPR is performed!!!

  2. davis Says:

    can someone explain this photo. i dont get it?

  3. Levi Says:

    To me it looks like a hero holding a thug, probably in Crown Heights, while others just stood and watched. just like the world did when the nazis killed 6 million of us

  4. the RAT Says:

    the RAT beating a black kid

  5. shmira vs. blacks its always 10 againts 1 Says:

    someone just finished explaining to me how hes pro shmira because shmira beats up black people and shomrim doesn’t when i explained to him the the idea and intention of shomrim is chesed, helping a fellow jew. he said that shomrim has to beat up black people and chesed should be left to chaveirim i told him thats not what shomrim is about and mentioned yitchak the edp shuchat who beat up and nearly killed a black kid and now has had to make himself disappear on orders from yossi the chazzer belly stern. well he answered you have to make sacrifices. go tell that to shuchat, if you can find him

  6. Zevi L Says:

    ill tell you what the picture is of, its yanky prager the muslim rat trying to get is tiny little prick into the fat black bitches ass. and ill let you all in on a dirty little secret, thats the same bitch that gave him the clap and aids.

    prager, i wish you get ass raped when the pig squad comes to get you by niggers with big fucking dicks you little cunt. DIE DIE!

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