Why is no one discussing how Stern used to shtup Libby Lieder when she lived on top of Sunshine? He had no shame, he would walk in to her building and come out an hour later all smiley. Many many times we heard him brag about how he gave it to her good and what a man he is. His wife is a grubayan who weighs at least 350 lbs and for years he has shtupped around b’farhessia. She is so insecure about her grubkeit that she feels lucky to even have a husband so she keeps quiet about her husbands prusta behavior while she yentas about everyone else. His daughters??? HA! They have been slutting aroung since they are 12. In fact his oldest daughter told her friends how her Uncle Mendy (also an animal) showed her how the “birds and bees” work. She claimed they didnt go all the way but he showed her Metzizah B’Peh mamish. Why is the community not outraged about adultry and incest? Or are we too busy making Channina the Chazzer a hero? Such a boosha! Yasher Koach on this website. Finally someone with guts AND brains is standing up for whats right. I just came across this, I live out of town, but I am behind you 1000%. Keep up the fantastic work, what you are doing is actually a kiddush Hashem because you are showing the world that there are real Fruma Yiddin who know right from wrong and that we will not sit back and allow such filth to represent us in the goyisha velt. Chazzak, my friend, may Hakodesh Boruch Hu give you the strength and courage to continue your amazing work.



  1. Tom Dansh Says:

    is it true that after stern was sick of F—ing her he strted pimping her out to other people? that what I’m hearing……………. its dicusting thing to do this guy makes me puke…

  2. no no its not okay Says:

    this guy should be hund by his Dick for haveing sex with a married woman. if this isn’t wrong than what is?

  3. honey money Says:

    I got to say that I love this site because all the bull shit that goes up, and I don’t believe it but I love to hear it because its so funny!! BUT WHAT IS BIRDS AND BEES? AND WHICH DAUGHTER GOT HEAD, OR WAS IT THE SON? OR IS IT BULL SHIT?

  4. you think its over who's wife is next, your mine? let's chop his stick befor someone els gets hurt..!!!!!!!!!! this guy is a lieing son of a bitch A CHAZZER BELLEY GANEV Says:

    fuck him

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