Quote of the day


“It doesn’t count as an assassination when the victim exposes his own character, and the media simply rebroadcasts the suicide.”


4 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. chnyock Says:

    what is thit brilliant quote referring to?

  2. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    All this web site is doing is exposing shmira for who they really are* (or aren’t), they are the ones doing all the actual damage. The only ones doing any [character] assassination is the shmira to it’s self. [The whole thing about bringing (mixing) Shomrim in to there mess was just another tool for their propaganda to try to distract us.]
    When we look back on (history)to see who destroyed shmira we will come to the conclusion that only shmira destroyed shmira (they are there own worse enemy).
    Every body has free choice to visit this site or any other (I am not forcing any body in any way) on the other hand Yossi Stern a.k.a. shmira is out there stealing our money and putting our lives in danger whether we like it or not.

    *Just like people need to be informed when there’s a scammer knocking on our doors and collecting money for an organization that does not exist (lying and stealing from us).
    Just like people need to be informed when there’s a sexually predator (g-d forbid) dwelling in our community.
    Just like people like to be informed about anything that might do us damage in any way (physically or spiritually).
    Why should these scammers (thefts and liars) get a pass???

  3. redman Says:

    I hope that yossi stern moves out of crown heights- he is an evil troll and a peice of kaka

  4. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    The more comments they right on this site or any other they just incriminate themselves. Every time they went to the media (in the last few weeks) they just further incriminated themselves (every time the news would remind people what they (shmira) did). So please all those shmira members and supporters DON”T STOP, KEEP THEM COMING!

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