Yossi ‘chazzer belly’ Stern Posing for NY TIMES


Shmira is running amok, two of their members are fugitives of the law, their patrol car is not out on the streets for fear of police retaliation and the simple fact that they dont have anyone to drive it!

Yanki ‘the moslem rat’ Prager, why wont he drive it? well, he is upstate hiding from the police.

Yitzi ‘EDP’ Shuchat, why wont he drive it? well, international arrest warrent. need i say more?

Cheskel ‘shmira coordinator’ Ezagui, why wont he drive it? he wont get cought dead in that car (remmber when you told me that when i asked you why you dont drive it?) yet you are a ‘shmira leader’, no? i guess your ashamed of your own mafia.

Yossi ‘chazzer belly’ Stern, why wont he drive it? well, shmira is bringing in the money, so he prefers to stick to his jaguar, the one he owns from blood money of this community.



13 Responses to “Yossi ‘chazzer belly’ Stern Posing for NY TIMES”

  1. Anonymous Says: Says:

    in russia for such ugly face u get 20 years in jail

  2. what? Says:

    what?you dont make sense

  3. Mr. Zee Says:

    Since this yossi stern guy tries so hard to represent the community why doesnt he just proclaim himself the new lubavitch rebbe?

    from what I read about stern, he seems like a real piece of shit.

  4. XOXO Says:

    stern stern always has one thumb up his friends ass

  5. chazer belly ? Says:

    i tel you one thing this fat ugly face looked much beter before he

    associated with the real ugly kozo.

    stern you are a small chazzerel compare to ugly kozoloksky.

  6. rabbi A Says:

    i think
    the real truth
    when it comes YOM KIPP,,
    what are you going to say ‘are you going to be forgivin for the bad you did are you going to mean it when you say forgive me for my sin i hope you think’and do what you want.and not what someone tells you

    one g-d one rebbe the rest is shit

  7. CH Says:

    This must be the first time he sat in/on the car.
    It might even be the first time he even saw it.

  8. Levi Says:

    stern is a lousy plumber and a cheater and a liar.

    he did damage in my house while working on my pipes, and not only did he refuse to pay for the damage he had the nerve to tell me in front of my kids to go f*** myself.

    what a chazzer

  9. Levi Says:

    yossi stern is a con man and a crook. whenever you see yossi stern in public you should punch him in his balls

  10. ??????????? Says:

    whoever owens this site is a big chilel hashem for whoever sees it i use to think you guys are the best now i see all you do is make fun of peaple i think its about time to stop

  11. eli Says:

    yossi stern and his entire family are pigs. his daughters are pigs because they were born from the sperm of a man who eat chazzer

  12. john doe Says:

    seems like yossi stern thinks he came out on top, it was just his luck that shuchat and a few others were not on duty when they beat up a black college student who just happens to have a father whos a cop, and being that one of his fellow coordinators yanki the muslim rat prager is on the run from the law he doesnt have to split the pot 3 ways now more money for more nice things and better restaraunts with better chazzer for his chazzer belly he still has his little jihadist edp’s franticly working and sticking then necks out for him yossi stern is still king of his fantasy world

  13. New User Says:

    i hope chazzer belly yossi stern gets punched in the face

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