Yitzhak Shuchat really got screwed…


This sums it up Arrest Warrant Issued in Crown Heights Bias Attack” Yitzhak Shuchat is now wanted internationaly, Shmira Mesira really scapegoated him. YOSSI CHAZZER BELLY STERN HOW DOES THIS MAKE YOU FEEL?

From 1010wins:

Arrest Warrant Issued in Crown Heights Bias Attack

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — An arrest warrant has been issued and an international search is on for the man accused in the bias crime beating of a young black man in Crown Heights in April, 1010 WINS Juliet Papa reported.

Sources said Yitzhak Shuchat, 25, a member of the controversial Shmira Civilian Patrol, fled to Canada after police released his sketch in May in the attack on Andrew Charles, 20. Charles is the son of an NYPD detective, and is now believed to be in Israel.

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes compared the group to the Crips and Bloods street gangs.

Shmira members take note of this, you could be next.


6 Responses to “Yitzhak Shuchat really got screwed…”

  1. Levi Says:

    Webmaster, you are responsible for letting this get all around. If G-d Forbid anything happens to him then there will be blood on your hands too and not just the people you “accuse.” .

  2. HUBNER Says:


  3. to Levi Says:

    the next time Shuchat hits a Jew IT will be on your hands!

  4. CH Says:

    Who would take responsibility if there was a riot and many people would get hurt if not killed because of his (and the shmira’s) actions?
    This is not the first time that shmira beat random* people up in the street (Jew and Non-Jew) it was a matter of time till they got caught.
    They have acted with no responsibility, no care to the reactions of their actions.

    The fact that he ran away is enough for me to convict him.

    * Even if not random you can’t just beat people up especially when you are trying to be an official group that represents the community. On that note, this that the community counsel did not denounce their actions (and maybe even close them down) could have sparked an actual riot (never to late, they did it once they will screw up again).

    I’m getting carried away talking about facts, let’s distract you and make this incident a shmira Shomrim issue.

  5. Truth Says:

    “then they will have to answer to the mayham that will result of all this”,

    Because of what the shmira did we almost had a riot we already have “mayham” (g-d should protect use that there should not be one in the future) putting all our lives in danger. When I say “all” I mean all the Jews in New York and even out of N.Y. This highly controversial Shmira is what we call a Rotefe, they could have caused many Jews to get hurt or even worse.
    They are out of control and must be shut down!
    If you are nice to the cruel you will end up being cruel to the nice.
    This our lives we are speaking about.

    Comment by CHDov — June 4, 2008 @ 12:28 am (Theyeshivawould)

    The Reply (look how they bury them selves).

    CHDov you are a phony. “If you are nice to the cruel you will end up being cruel to the nice.” That is exactly what you are breaking, when you claim we must not beat up these animals who attack us. That is being kind to the cruel, and encourages them to attack again. Beating them is the only language they understand, and if they knew that every time they raise their hands against a Jew it will be cut off they would think twice before doing it. Yasher koach to whoever did it, and our prayers are with him that he will not get caught – even if he is a member of that gang of shmira hooligans And anyone who would think of massering on him, you know what is the din of a mosser, and that din still applies every bit as much today as it did 50 and 60 years ago.

    #9 asks what if it were the other way.

    First, it’s not the other way. We are not neutral observers, who should rule the same way no matter who the parties are. We have a duty of loyalty to our own, which means first and above all that we must not take the word of this boy against a yid.

    Second, crime from yidden against goyim simply does not happen. It’s never been known to happen, and there’s no reason to suppose that this once was an exception. Man sometimes does bite dog, but not nearly as often as it’s claimed. Far more likely that this boy wasn’t innocent, that he was doing something that resulted in a well-deserved punishment.

    Third, it already is the other way, every day for nearly the past fifty years. There are black-on-Jew crimes in Crown Heights all the time, and most are not caught. Why is this one incident so all-fired important, why does it deserve so much effort to solve it? It should go to the bottom of the queue of crimes to be solved.

    And that answers #13, who thinks “Now that he is assembling grand jury, the blacks feel they are taken seriously and they are less likely to take violent action on their own.” What exactly have they been doing for the past nearly 50 years? They ARE taking violent action, just as they always have been. CH Jews have been under siege for that long, with incidents just as violent as this one a regular occurrence.

    Comment by Milhouse — June 4, 2008 @ 2:27 am

  6. Levi Says:

    ch is correct !

    i want to punch yossi stern in the balls

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