Yossi Stern’s Fat Chazzer Belly


Yossi Stern\'s Chazzer Belly

Yossi Stern\'s Chazzer Belly

Yossi Stern, Shmira Coordinator, Unit #80, plumber, bragging about his Chazzer belly and his chasing around Black Woman.

A true representative of our community, someone to entrust with the safety of our children? I THINK NOT!


20 Responses to “Yossi Stern’s Fat Chazzer Belly”

  1. wow nice Says:

    we love bellys, thanks for helping us fat yossi.

    i guess his wife isn’t banging him thats why he needs to run after black woman!

  2. go pink belly Says:

    he needs a beating this pig

  3. gang rape Says:

    gang rape yossi, he needs big fat black cock

  4. i love shmira the are mad cute.......... Says:

    you kick ass

  5. how can you do this? Says:

    i feel bad for his wife and kid

  6. Anonymous Says:

    you really are here to “inform” the community as if no one can see that belly through his shirt????
    and by the way if someone wanted there is no question that they could fill up plenty of sites with garbage on SHOMRIM and you know something?
    they wouldn’t even have to make things up.
    unlike this site.

  7. WhoIsShmira? Says:

    Anonymous, you can write your comments from three different names and threaten all you want, but IP addresses don’t lie, you are sad if you think coming here and writing a whole bunch of comments will do you any good!

    Yossi Stern is a Menuvl who brags about all the hookers he screwed and all the chazzer and cheese burgers he ate, and on any day you can see him soliciting prostitution on Bedford and Eastern Parkway sitting in his fancy silver Jaguar.

    Just look how he is showing off that belly! Isnt it hot? :)

  8. the heretical jew Says:


  9. bullshit Says:


  10. chani Says:

    dont be a woss and put up all my comments

  11. how can a picture lie? Says:

    I got pictures of MR. Stern with more than one black girl so don’t tell me this site is making thing up.. next thing you know they will be posted here.

  12. bla bla Says:

    we need more pictures of bellys infact we should have a contest of bellys it’ll be fun

  13. The Heretical Jew Says:

    You asked me if I would contribute information to this site and I refused. So why do you make a link to my site in my name? If you wish to do so do it in your own name.

  14. The Heretical Jew Says:

    ill do as i please oh and so can you!

    on your blog!

  15. The Heretical Jew Says:

    i heard that Mr. Stern and Mr. Prager are gay lovers, is this true i mean it sounds really disturbing i know they are both married with kids

  16. Idiots Says:

    Dont you people have something better to do then mock this man. Why dont you people start to correct your flaws before focusing all your time on ruining this mans life!!!!

  17. herskop Says:

    Hey fucker rememebr that time were you and ur freind robed a old lady after she died a check for 100k and u were suposed to give to u freind but kept it all for urself o gaddi hershcop ur a little fagit what about the time were u droped ur ex wife and kid in a mentil home becouse she wasent putting out to you and fell in (luve) with your new wife or what about the time right before the roits u were jumping niggers on the street hey what about u relaxing in isreal on vac with ur brother for a while couse I had to bail the county I can go on all fuckin day there hundreds of storys about you what about lipshits hacking in to the police raido and warning teenagers in roofs and allys kids that were smokeing POT and lighting fires that the cops r coming etc, go look there’s a new site coming up its called whois_____ yep that’s right its all about you now you will see how it feels to be put in the earth you and your famliy will suffer a lot more then then other people o and we all know ur brother had that news clip from a long time ago so no need how stupid can u get don’t u relize people will hurt u so bad, don’t u relize what ur doing to ur family to your freinds to comunity and to top it all off to your kids yes ur kids are for life becouse of u goddi your a evil scoundrel and payback will hurt 10 times harder

  18. ATT: Says:

    The Heretical Jew IS A JEW WHO BECAME A MUSLIM

  19. Mendy W. Says:

    yossi stern is not religious. he has extra marital sex with nigger hookers and he is a con artist and a theif. nobody should do business with him

  20. Anonymous Says:


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